A Record of Reincarnation: This Life Cycle and Its Karmic Relationship (Preface)

Tongfei Tianyu

PureInsight | February 3, 2011


A Journey in the Winter

This is the first day of the year 2011, and three of us are dining in a restaurant. My brother Ahwen who is drinking and smoking says with frankness, “I haven't drank for a year and this wine tastes really good. Today, let us toast to our happy times and talk freely about life, society, and history...”

Soon afterwards, he sent the two of us to a train returning to my hometown. It was a snowy day.

My brother Ahwen is an interesting person. He owns a construction company and likes to read as well as think about life. One day, he talked to us with sincerity, “Tianyu, you are a boy of a high caliber and I respect you. How about you work with me from now on? I promise that I won't fight with others anymore and I won't end up in a labor camp again. Meanwhile, I also hope you could be more realistic. Needlessly to say, it is a good thing that you believe in Falun Gong. Still, you do need a basic means of making a living. After all, without feeding yourself first, how can you take good care of other people?” I smiled and said, “I will certainly live a reasonable life. More importantly, I will definitely take good care of other people at any price.”

About a year ago, before my arrest, I only had one hundred yuan RMB (about $15 US). To help an elderly person abandoned by his children and leave him with a positive impression of Dafa, I had no choice but to starve myself. Nobody and no torture could change my will. Why was it? It was because selflessness has no precondition. In fact, because of that, I almost died in a place far away from my hometown. Nonetheless, I have no regrets, since even if I had died, I would have passed away with happiness. Some time ago, I set up two rules for myself. One is that, on the path of pursuing selflessness, I must insist on financial independence and saving sentient beings with no preconditions. The second rule is that, any money I have, or anything I have, will go to someone who needs it. Selflessness is the goal of my life. To understand my past, present and future, is something I have been thinking over ever since I was young.

Later, I was arrested and detained. Despite being at a detention center or labor camp, I always maintained my righteous beliefs and compassion, and played my role as a Dafa practitioner. In my spare time, or even when I was doing labor, my mind was not idle. Other than reciting the Fa or sending forth righteous thoughts, I was thinking over the issues of life, matter, and the universe.

In the face of a test of life and death, I was able to let go of myself and really put sentient beings at the front of my mind. Because of that, my mind was wide open, with an influx of the unlimited wisdom of the universe. At the same time, I was able to travel with various enlightened beings (Jade, Bilian, Biyuan, Biyun, etc.), to explore the boundless cosmos across various times and space.

One year has passed and now I roughly understand the origin of my life (at my current level). After reviewing the process of my birth in a heavenly mountain until today, I came to understand the karmic relationship behind those arrangements.

Therefore, today I would like to write about life, and the process of a sentient being's thinking. With that, I hope everyone will cherish Dafa even more. In other words, let us be more responsible for ourselves and be responsible for what we have experienced in the past.

This series is divided into four chapters:
1. Karmic relationships that started in the heavens
2. Descending from one level to another
3. Reincarnation in various life cycles
4. Thinking over our current incarnation

One thing I would like to point out is that, unveiling the “karmic relationship” is not the purpose of this series. Rather, it just serves as an introduction that brings us the truth of history. Right now, in this life, I have the determination and courage to explore wherever is needed. My life exists solely for validating the Fa. All things associated with that may ebb and flow accordingly.

If you do not believe in this record, you may simply consider it as a story.


Translated from: http://www.zhengjian.org/zj/articles/2011/1/7/70838.html


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