Articles for PureInsight 10th Anniversary: “One Thought”

A practitioner in Mainland China

PureInsight | January 24, 2011

[] How powerful is one thought of a practitioner? Here from my own experience, I would like to share that one thought from us can have a magnificent effect as we assist Master with the Fa-rectification.

Raindrops Stayed Away from Practitioners

There was a lot of rain in northern China during the summer of 2010. This, however, did not impede practitioners' efforts in saving sentient beings.

One day when coming back from city C, I planned to visit city B on my way home. A practitioner in city C said, “The weather forecast said it would rain today. How about staying here for one more day?” I said “No, thank you. It will be just fine.” In my mind, I hoped the rain would not come since there were so many things to do. The clouds in the sky appeared lower and darker, with the wind blowing stronger, as if the rain would come at any time. The bus came and the conductor asked us to hurry onto the bus. By then, the sky was even more cloudy and the conductor said to the bus driver, “Hurry up! Otherwise we will be wet on the road. The weather forecast said we would have heavy rain today.” I was thinking, “It will not rain. Or, it can rain after I arrive home and go to bed.” Then I arrived in city B, shared some understandings and sent forth righteous thoughts. By then, the sky became clear. I finished the things that I had planned and on the next day and also went to visit a practitioner who was recently released. Through discussion and sharing, I could feel that he had recovered well and his cultivation state was good. After I finished various things and went to bed in the evening, the rain suddenly began to pour down. By morning, the rain still continued—this rain indeed came at the right time.

The weather forecast predicted rain for the next three days. One practitioner from a neighboring county called me, saying that a practitioner from another region had come to learn computer techniques. Looking at the rain outside the window, I was wondering what to do. At 10 am, that practitioner called me again, asking what my plan was. I told him that the rain was too heavy and I hoped it would stop by noon. Thinking that the practitioner had made a lot of effort and travelled a long way to learn computer techniques, I indeed hoped the rain would stop. At 11 am, the rain stopped and I left home on a motorcycle after lunch. The clouds were very dark with occasional raindrops. When riding on the motorcycle, I thought the rain would not come and it indeed did not rain until after I arrived at my destination. Then at 4 pm, it began to rain again. After we finished, the practitioner from another region left in a car, and the rain stopped again. After some further discussion, I also left, thinking that it would not rain. The clouds were very low and dark with a few raindrops, but it did not rain. After arriving home and having dinner, the rain poured down with lightning and thunder.

When traveling to another county one day, which was more than 60 kilometers away, as soon as I rode half way and passed county F, it became very cloudy. I was wondering if I should return to county F and stay at a practitioner's place. Then, in thinking that Dafa practitioners’ time is very precious, I decided to continue. As I rode the motorcycle further, I found the road was already wet with some rainwater. I slowed down and found that, although the rain had stopped, many people were still wearing raincoats. When continuing on the road, I suddenly noticed that the rain stopped in advance wherever I passed by. Thinking about that, I was very touched.

When arriving at my destination, I found the sky there was clear and sunny with no rain at all. I talked with a practitioner there, who had just returned home after finishing something else. She said, “We are doing the most righteous thing. Whoever interferes with us is committing bad deeds.”

One Thought Saved an Elderly Person in a Coma

There is another miraculous incident I want to share. It is about my 80-year-old aunt who lives in the same village as me. One day, she fell down from a chair, which caused an injury to her head. She was already in a coma when other people found her. She was immediately sent to hospital, and the doctor at the hospital said it was too late and suggested to prepare for her funeral. The best-case scenario, according to the doctor, was that my aunt would have to live in a vegetative state from now on. Her family thus brought her back home and continued to administer her with an IV injection. Since my aunt was dying soon, her family notified relatives and began to prepare for her funeral. Thinking the funeral would occupy me for several days amid my already stretched schedule, I was thinking that she would not die. When I went to visit her, my aunt improved. She gained consciousness after a few days, and after a few more days, was able to speak and eat. Many people were impressed by this, while I knew that my one thought had played an important role.

I have encountered many miraculous incidents like this on my cultivation path. From them, I have realized that we have to be clearer on our responsibility. As we are fulfilling our missions, many beings—both in heaven and on earth—are assisting us. We have no excuses to slack off, but need to be more diligent and do everything well.


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