Cultivation Story: A Field of Fa

Wang Haotian

PureInsight | December 14, 2010

[] In one high celestial dimension, there is an endless field of Fa. Looking from above, one can see the field is inside a gigantic golden lotus flower plate. A healthy array of shoots grows in the field. A closer look reveals that each shoot grows inside its own individual, small lotus flower plate. The roots of these shoots are also shining gold because they were created by the Fa.

This field is indeed gigantic. It is divided into many zones based on color: red, orange, yellow, green, sky-blue, blue, purple, colored, and colorless. These zones correspond to various nations and ethnic groups on earth, while each shoot corresponds to an individual Dafa disciple.

As time goes on, many shoots have learned of their origins. Some perceived themselves as something inferior to their prehistoric existence of nobility and dignity. Egotism and a feeling of superiority began to arise in some shoots. Lonely and aloof, they alienated themselves from the other shoots, especially when seeing shortcomings in the human world—the vulgar remarks, mean behavior, and prejudices. These shoots thought they were something special since they were created by the Fa. Therefore, deep in their minds they had negative thoughts and notions of pride and prejudice towards the world’s people who needed their help.

These subtle thoughts, when amplified by certain bad elements, led to these shoots being in a “pulled-up” position. These shoots, filled with pride and prejudice, were influenced by bad elements, and suddenly they grew taller. Seeing themselves taller than the other shoots, they became complacent about their own importance. Such situations were common and each area had shoots of this kind. However, the “pulled-up” shoots soon found their roots exposed outside the lotus flower plate and these shoots began to wither. Out of anxiety, they begged the Lord of the Cosmos, who had sowed the golden seeds, for help.

Master appeared in the sky sitting majestically on a golden lotus flower plate. He stepped down from the lotus flower plate and moved towards the field of the Fa. One God said to him, “Lord of Kings, there are already countless important things regarding the Fa-rectification that have kept you busy all the time. These are just some plain old shoots. Why do you come in person to fix them? With your boundless power, wouldn’t it be more efficient to remove these shoots with a wave of your hand.”

With compassion and sympathy, Master said, “If these shoots are able to grow up healthily, many sentient beings in the cosmos will benefit from them.” Then, Master went into the field of the Fa and exerted power on these shoots so they could continue to grow. In that endless field, Master went here and there replanting the shoots with exposed roots.

Seeing this scene, I was touched. When looking within to examine my shortcomings, I suppressed my human notions and enlightened that it was actually Master who made the effort to eliminate my dangerous human notions. Master did that for me so that I could grow more healthily.

When I felt happy about having the title, “Fa-rectification period Dafa disciple,” Master showed me he was indeed more concerned about how many sentient beings could be saved through this process. As a being recreated by the Fa and thus able to assist Master with Fa-rectification, I ask myself, “Am I firmly rooted in the field of the Fa in order to save sentient beings?”

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