Eternal Gratitude to Master

Liao Yuan

PureInsight | January 24, 2011

[] I began to practice Falun Dafa in 1999. Looking back at my cultivation path of more than 10 years, I am often in tears. My gratitude towards Master is beyond words. I often tell my family that no matter what happens, even if it is something undesirable or unexpected, it is always due to my own poor cultivation. It is I who fail to meet the requirements of the Fa and who disappoints Master. It has nothing to do with the Fa, and it does not mean that Master has abandoned me, either. It is just because I am an incapable student.

I was physically disabled prior to practicing Falun Dafa. Within a month after my cultivation, my health miraculously recovered. I have thus always had a deep admiration for Dafa and Master. To me, Master is a divine Master, and Falun Dafa is a divine cultivation system. Deep in my heart I know that my life will forever belong to Falun Dafa. There is an ancient Chinese saying that, after receiving a drop of favor, one should return with a continuous stream. There is also another saying that, a truly big help is beyond thankfulness. Since my life was saved by Dafa, and I can never do enough in return, my life belongs to Falun Dafa. At that time, I didn’t have a deep understanding of the Fa, but my faith in Master and the Fa was pure and sincere. Even after the persecution started later, although there were all sorts of lies, I never had any hesitation following Master or any thoughts of giving up the practice. From my own experience, I was clear who was right and who was wrong. Officials at different levels, from the township to the county level, came to visit me one after another. Upon leaving my place, they often said, “Not only have I failed to transform you, you have almost transformed me. So you can practice at home and please don’t go outside.” Hardly any one of them came to me a second time.

When looking back, I realize that although my faith in Master and Dafa was simple, it was indeed from my heart and thus indestructible. It was my determination without any questions that made me pass all those tests, one after another. Master took care of me and didn’t allow those people to continue harassing me. When thinking of this, I am often in tears.

When overhearing a notice on July 19, 1999, that the communist regime would ban Dafa on a large scale on the next day, I felt very bad. It was as if my life was over. I decided to go to Beijing to appeal for Falun Dafa and to tell people that it is totally wrong to ban Dafa. I would tell them the benefits of Falun Dafa from my personal experience. I took a bus to Beijing and throughout the trip I had all sorts of feelings in my mind.

While waiting for next bus, I saw a person sitting there by the road. We talked with each other and he asked me if I was going to appeal. Then he said, “Seeing so many people traveling to the same destination, it has to be an appeal. However, there could be checkpoints ahead to block people like you. Maybe a detour in the corn field would help.” I listened to him, but did not pay much attention to what he said. We boarded the bus after it came. Not long afterwards, a group of police officers and government officials stopped the bus and asked us to get off. I was worried and right at that moment saw a large area of cornfield nearby. Remembering that person's words, I went into the cornfield. To my surprise, the communist regime had set up many checkpoints, and the traffic was stopped for inspection no less than every 10 li (5 kilometers). Then I asked Master for help so that I could go to Beijing to appeal for Dafa from my personal experience. With that thought, from then on, none of the inspection staff talked to me or even looked at me.

After arriving in the provincial capital, there was more difficulty waiting for me. The police agents treated every passenger like a criminal and required everyone to have an ID card to buy a ticket. I didn’t have ID card with me and was very worried. Then someone needed to return two tickets to Beijing, so I obtained one from him. In the waiting room at the train station, the number of the police agents was about the same as the passengers. One agent found that I didn’t have an ID card and yelled to his coworkers, “This person has no ID card!” But nobody responded, and after a while, he walked away. When the train was approaching Beijing, the atmosphere was intense again. Groups of police agents, whose faces appeared almost deformed due to nervousness and anger, were checking the passengers one by one for tickets and ID cards. After one agent found that I didn’t have an ID card, he also yelled to his coworkers. Again, none of his coworkers seemed to hear him or be willing to do anything. I made it through again.

Finally, I arrived in Beijing. When stepping out of the train station, I saw police agents assembled on both sides of the walkway with batons in hand, checking everyone for tickets and ID cards. Having learned from recent experience, instead of walking forward nervously, I appeared relaxed. When they were about to check my ID, someone called out something and all of them turned their heads to look. I took that opportunity and walked away.

Many practitioners in my area were traveling to Beijing to appeal at that time. They were all stopped at different points en route, except me. The local officials were upset and confused. Since Jiang xx's regime had linked Falun Gong with the officials' performance, income, and future, they had exhausted resources to block practitioners. How could I, under that circumstance, make it to Beijing?

I am sharing my experience here, not to show how well I did, but instead I want to express gratitude towards Master's care. My trip to Beijing validated the mighty virtue of Dafa and the compassion of Master. That experience laid a foundation for my later efforts to validate the Fa. I gained confidence and had the courage to do many things from then on. I will write down more of my experiences later on. Here, I just want to share that once we can break through our human notions, we will witness the greatness of Dafa and are capable of doing anything. On the other hand, if we are hindered by our own notions and have insufficient faith in Master or the Fa, we are creating problems for ourselves that prevent us from validating the Fa.


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