Always Regard Oneself as a Genuine Practitioner

A Dafa Practitioner

PureInsight | January 24, 2011

[] Recently, I have been remembering to recite Dafa books. I’m greatly touched by one of the principles in the books. Master has always taught us in Zhuan Falun that we must regard ourselves as genuine practitioners. This teaching appears throughout the book from Lecture One to Lecture Nine. When we first start the practice, we are able to become Dafa practitioners only when we change our mind and regard ourselves as genuine practitioners. Afterwards, Master will give us all the things that are necessary for practicing cultivation. After that, Master expects us to regard ourselves as genuine practitioners at all times and cultivate ourselves until reaching consummation.

In my experience over the past years, I constantly failed to immediately remind myself that I am a Dafa practitioner when I encountered conflicts and tribulations or when my vital interests were at stake. Rather than behaving according to the principles of Dafa, I behaved more like everyday people. I was led by the attachments of everyday people and I did not keep my mind in the state of a genuine practitioner. I instead handled matters according to my own attachments and habits that had been formed in everyday people’s society. Consequently, I wasted many opportunities for improving my character. Afterwards, I felt very regretful and I examined my behavior according to Dafa to see what was wrong with me.

First of all, it is very important for me to remind myself right at the onset of facing any conflicts that I am a Dafa practitioner. When realizing this, I will naturally think of doing things according to the principles of Dafa. When facing any conflicts, I will not strike back when beaten and will not swear back when sworn at. I remember that a practitioner will never seek anything from the secular world and will not fight with other people for any vital interests. I understand that studying the Fa well is the basic foundation for a Dafa practitioner to cultivate well. This is not only something to say but to actually do. If one forgets the principles of Dafa when facing conflicts, how can one follow those principles to handle conflicts? You can tell that a practitioner has not been studying Dafa well if he or she cannot realize that he or she is a Dafa practitioner when a conflict suddenly arises. Master has always emphasized this point that we must study the Fa well. But I did not always realize it until today. I feel very regretful about it. But there is a saying that one is “never too old to learn and never too late to change,” so I’ll try my best to study the Fa well from now on.

When I was detained in a labor camp because of my practice of Dafa, I was nicknamed “Falun Gong.” The nickname always reminded me of behaving as a Dafa practitioner at all times. However, I hadn’t studied the Dafa books well before being detained and I had no opportunity at all to study them in the camp. I only remembered some poems from Hong Yin (The Grand Verses). Consequently, I couldn’t always do things according to the principles of Dafa and eventually I was unable to completely negate the old forces arrangements and persecution. Although I did not make any major mistakes, I left stains on my cultivation path.

We must at all times regard ourselves as genuine Dafa practitioners. We must study the Fa well in order to rectify our every single idea, thought, word, and action. This will in turn help us rectify all sentient beings related to us. We must do the three things well until reaching consummation to return to our original true selves with Master.

I just want to remind and encourage myself and share my cultivation experience with fellow practitioners.


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