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PureInsight | February 3, 2011

[] My elder sister invited me for dinner the day before yesterday. Upon returning home, I could not open my door. I thought to myself, “This door is usually unlocked. Why did I lock it this time?” Reflecting on recent occurrences, I found many human notions of mine. Here I would like to share them with everyone.

On the surface, it is a locked door in this dimension. In fact, it reminded me of the barriers on my cultivation path. That is, I can no longer let everyday incidents interfere with my cultivation—one of the most important things for me. Recently, my wife and I visited her hometown, and she hoped to stay there for a few more days than we planned. I was unhappy, thinking: “You are already married, how can you still be so attached to your own family?” With anger, I came back by myself. Obviously, this is human sentimentality. More importantly, how can I be so disturbed by it? Dafa practitioners are currently putting all their efforts into saving sentient beings, but I am still acting like this. Thinking of this makes me ashamed of myself.

Another attachment of mine is wasting time. In my spare time, I like to read news or visit blogs on the Internet. This is in fact a reflection of my human notions. There are many things going on in everyday society: today some corruption cases were uncovered, and tomorrow an earthquake took place... how do they relate to my cultivation? Many things in this world are transient in front of genuine practitioners. Now it is time to let go of all these attachments.

I have met with many practitioners, but not all of them are genuine practitioners, and not all of them truly cherish Dafa. There are many practitioners who, although they started to practice prior to July 20, 1999, have stopped practicing. This is very pitiful. When a sentient being has started to cultivate and later gives up, this is the biggest regret and sadness. Dafa is boundless and there are different requirements for us at various levels. I have to constantly improve myself and not slack off.

During the path of cultivation, we will be enlightened to Fa-principles at different levels one after another. In this process, we cannot let our human notions block our path. Was it accidental that my door could not be opened today? This may imply that my heart was not opened. From now on, I will make more effort at studying the Fa and looking within. I believe that as I constantly make progress, the doors at different levels will be opened. When reading practitioners' sharing articles on the Internet, I was often in tears. Practitioners are fulfilling their prehistoric vows with tears, blood, and life. When thinking that there are so many practitioners who are improving themselves just like me, I felt warmth and happiness. I want to thank Master for his compassion and caring. I will walk the remaining path well and do the three things well.

When we want to open our heart, we can achieve that.


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