A Promise

Wu Chen

PureInsight | February 3, 2011

[PureInsight.org] Two years ago, I offered to provide some money to the local truth-clarification materials production site. Although the practitioner there said enough money was available, I still planned to give some. One reason was that I felt guilty thinking myself not diligent in cultivation, as well as not doing the three things well, therefore I wanted to contribute.

When at the bank to withdraw money, I was told my password was incorrect. I tried several times and it still did not work. I had to change my password using my ID card, but my workplace had collected our ID cards for some paperwork. So, I told the practitioner that I would give her the money later.

After getting back my ID card, something came up in my family and I needed money. I ended up using the money I had originally planned to contribute to the site and gradually forgot my promise.

I began to dream of evil police agents coming to my home. They were searching my personal belongings, including my computer. They were furious, claiming I owed Dafa money, however, they left without taking anything.

After waking, I realized that I should have had stronger righteous thoughts to prevent the evil from bothering me. This dream continued several times, but somehow I always forgot to stop the evil.

On the other hand, I knew that the evil dared to come because I did not fulfill my words, and it thus took advantage of my loophole. Nonetheless, I did not further look within, thinking it was a voluntary donation and the material production site did not need money anyway. Plus, I could fulfill my promise sometime in the future.

After a while, the bad dreams happened again. This time, the evil arrested me and interrogated me, asking, “Do you know why I arrested you and put you here?” Surprisingly, in the dream I answered with confidence, “Yes, I know. It is because I owe Dafa money.”

After this dream, I was completely clear-minded and realized the seriousness of the matter. A few words of mine could be taken advantage of the old forces, who charged me as owing Dafa money and harassed me for a long time. And if we are unable to fulfill our sacred vow made to Master, what consequences would follow?

There is a Chinese saying, “A king does not casually make remarks.” That is, he only speaks things he means, and there is no room for kidding around. That is how someone in everyday society would act.

Each Dafa practitioner will have a great responsibility in the future, being responsible for sentient beings in his dimension. If we causally say things but do not act accordingly, we are deceiving gods and the old forces can easily take advantage of it by persecuting practitioners.

From this, I realized the seriousness of cultivation and what the word “promise” really means. Therefore, in the future, I must cultivate my speech well. This is not only for things related to Dafa, but also true when interacting with everyday people.

Finally, I fulfilled my words several days ago and donated money to the material production site. I had found my attachment of a casual attitude when dealing with such serious things and can let go. We have to discipline ourselves strictly with Dafa’s principles and act truthfully. Only then, will the evil have no excuse to interfere.

Translated from: http://www.zhengjian.org/zj/articles/2011/1/2/70694.html


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