Joy’s Pearl

Zi Di

PureInsight | January 22, 2012

‘A boy's gift to his teacher’

[] I have something that is very precious. I remember vividly how I received this treasure.

One summer, the parents of a little boy heard that I was a good teacher and sent their son to my class. This boy was average academically, but I recognized that he had many good qualities, such as being kind, peaceful, innocent and intelligent.

One time, we were doing a play and needed a celestial maiden, but there were no girls in the group. I let the boys discuss who could play the role. However, no one volunteered. They thought playing a girl was psychologically challenging and furthermore, the role had too many speaking parts. While everyone was in a heated discussion, the newly-arrived boy said: “I can give it a try.” Everyone laughed. “Playing a girl? Ha! Ha! Ha!” I nodded and said: “Thank you very much. Since you are always happy, how about we call you Joy from now on?” The kids were excited and called aloud: “Joy, Joy, your name is so good!” Since then, the kids called him “Joy.”

In the play, Joy not only did a good job playing the part, but he also made a headdress out of cardboard painted in bright colors, which was very pretty. He memorized the words for his part with great diligence. His enthusiasm motivated everyone and the monotonous English class became interesting. The success of the play really excited the kids. They started to like Joy and looked forward to Joy’s presence in school. When they heard his father’s car arriving outside, the children often said happily, “Joy is here!”

At that time, the Udumbara flower showed up in our classroom. I clarified the truth to the students and told them how the CCP persecuted good people. Joy became very serious. He said: “Teacher, I believe Falun Dafa is good and I hope that the CCP will die!” Many children raised their hands to tell the truth about the evils of the CCP. I was moved by the power of those innocent voices.

From then on, Joy was very interested in learning about Falun Dafa. His intelligence rapidly grew, as if it was waiting to hear the Truth in order to fully develop. He often scored 100 percent in English. His father was very happy and even recommended the neighbors' children to come to my class. Even though Joy lived farther than the other kids, he was never late, nor absent from school.

One time Joy told us that he always recites, “Falun Dafa is good,” and that the Udumbara bloomed on his bedroom window. The second year, when we talked about personal experiences of “Good begets good and evil begets evil,” Joy told us a story.

Joy’s father loved seafood and one day bought a lot of clams. After washing the clams in water, Joy found one on the ground that was still alive so he put it in a fish bowl of water. He told the clam every night, “Falun Dafa is good.” One morning, a month later, Joy found the clam on the floor instead of in the fish bowl. He went over to pick it up and a pearl fell out of the clam. He showed us the pearl. All the kids looked at the pearl in amazement and clapped their hands. The pearl was pink, smooth and beautiful.

Joy came over to me with the pearl in his hands and said, “Teacher, this is a gift for you.”

I replied, “No, Joy, you keep it. It is a gift from Dafa and a reward from Heaven for your kindness.”

A few months later, Christmas arrived. Joy put the pearl in a beautiful gift box as a Christmas gift to me. Not long after that, Joy’s father changed his job to another city and Joy left our school. He left me a letter and a Santa copy. “The Santa may not be very good looking, but I paid for it with my allowance. It is filled with my gratitude to you. It is you who made me understand life and how evil the CCP is.”

I cherish the pearl which will always remind me of the story of a boy who showed me that kindness can transform our lives into harmony and happiness.

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