Miracles That Have Happened During My Cultivation Process

PureInsight | December 31, 2011

[PureInsight.org] I am a young Dafa practitioner, and I have experienced many miracles during my cultivation process. The following are several examples provided for mutual advancement in cultivation.

Studying in the dark, yet it was bright as daytime
Several days ago, Mum was writing articles on her computer, and I studied Zhun Falun after finishing my homework. After studying for a while, it began to get dark. A thought flashed through my mind: “Do I need to turn on the light? Forget it. Don’t turn it on.” Regardless of how little my thought, Master knew it. He made a bright ball of light so that I could see. I continued to study the Fa. It started to get even darker, and the light ball seemed dimmer. Master’s Law Body then got down and stood by my side. His light circle was as bright as daytime. Mum was amazed when she entered my room, “Daughter, don’t ruin your eyes by trying to read in the dark” I told her that with Teacher here, with the Fa here, the Buddha Law is boundless and omnipotent.

Master’s Big Hand led the way while spreading the truth at night
One day, Mum prepared around 70 flyers getting ready to distribute them at night. After we finished dinner, it was close to 8 p.m. Mum decided to distribute them nearby as it was a dark night, we didn’t intend to go too far away. Mum and I walked to a big district. To avoid wasting the flyers, Mum told me to respectfully ask Master if He could point out people with predestined relationships for us. We walked and distributed the materials. Wherever Master’s big hand pointed, that’s where we went and distributed our materials. Recalling where Master guided us to, they were really remote areas or alleys. These were places where fellow practitioners had hardly covered. Perhaps people there had a slim chance to come into contact with the truth, Master saw it and guided us there.

Falun pushed the homeroom teacher’s head aside
Previously the first graders at my school were forced to join the Communist Young Pioneers. The school told the whole staff and students to line up at the playground to attend the evil ceremony. I was in the second grade and didn’t join the Communist Young Pioneers, so I was forced to line up and wait for the end of the evil ceremony. As usual, I intended not to salute and not to open my mouth taking an oath. However, with a glimpse, I noticed that my homeroom teacher was right by my side. What if she found out that I didn’t raise my hand? Master knew my thought. He made a big Falun push the teacher’s head aside. Her head naturally turned to the other side, facing the opposite way from me; consequently, she did not see me.

A polygraph appeared before my eyes
I was studying the Fa with Mum. When we were reading “Gathering Qi” in The Eighth Talk of Zhuan Falun, I didn’t understand what a polygraph (lie detector) was, so I asked her. She said that it was a kind of instrument capable of monitoring any lie. Then, my Third Eye saw a kind of instrument, rectangular, with clips at two poles of the leading wire, together with electronic pens and papers for drawing lines, and there were also several buttons, etc.
After a while, while reading “The Ability of Remote Vision,” I got confused again. Master used a vivid example to make me understand. I told Mum that I could remote-control things without using my eyes. She was interested upon hearing his, and asked me to remote-control her lost electronic car back. In an instant, I saw Mum’s attachment to showing off was as large as a bowl. I said, “If I remote-control or move your electronic car back, once you told other fellow cultivators, our supernormal abilities will disappear forever, as your mentality of showing off hasn’t been given up thoroughly. Follow the course of nature. The Primordial Spirit of your lost electronic car has returned to heaven, anyway. So don’t worry.”


Translated from: http://www.zhengjian.org/zj/articles/2011/10/22/78137.html


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