Saving Sentient Beings With More Compassion

A Dafa Practitioner

PureInsight | October 3, 2012

 [] Insufficient compassion and not enough pure heart to save sentient beings have been reflected through a few things that happened recently. During truth clarification, human hearts and wild thoughts are constantly exposed.

Because my uncle’s home is 1000 miles away, which makes it hard for me to visit him easily, I decided to go to meet him on a summer holiday.

I got off the train, got on the bus, got off the bus, and there was still a long walk. It was raining and the road was muddy. I was walking a long distance carrying bags and presents bought for my uncle’s family and passed several houses until I finally arrived at my uncle’s address. After a short greeting, I started to talk about the fact that Dafa is good, that the three withdrawals from the CCP could guarantee his safety, but he didn’t believe me, and even repeated some gossip on the issue. I thought what he said was not going to do him any good, so I didn’t let him say any more. When he raised his voice, I raised my voice too in order to drown him out. When he was arguing with me, I wanted to persuade him, but at that time, I realized that my competitive mentality had emerged. When the family saw me off, I told them again to do the three withdrawals, and although they seemed to agree, I felt that in reality they were reluctant and that their agreement did not come from their inner hearts.

On my way back, I felt very depressed. I felt sad not because he didn’t understand the truth, but because of my own complaining attitude. I thought: “In order to save you, I came from very far away, traveling across mountains and rivers, I was tired (and had a grudging mentality). I bought presents (with my heart full of my own interest) for you regardless of my own slender means. I haven’t even taken a sip of water at your home, however you still said something bad to me (this was my unbalanced mentality). Whether you will be saved or not in the future, it will be not my business, that is it, I have a clear conscience (the fulfilling tasks mentality)…” My mind was boiling over with these thoughts.

Later, I suddenly realized my mistake: measured by Revered Master's Fa, where is the great compassion in me?! I have done this simply because of the mentality of accomplishing tasks. I was afraid of having a guilty conscience—maybe I will be regretful in the future for not telling him the whole truth. All of these thoughts are centered around “ego.” How big is my selfish mentality. Now I shall expose the truth, exterminating or even uprooting the cause of my lack of true compassion. By purifying oneself, and thereby expanding one's capacity, great compassion will be generated and sentient beings will be saved in better ways.

In addition, in the office, teachers always like to talk about students. For example, Zhang is like this and Wang is like that, etc. They frequently complain about students’ laziness, their disrespectful attitudes toward others as well as their irresponsible behavior, etc. Sometimes I am involved in this kind of talking. As a practitioner, there are higher standards and requirements. How can we do things the same way as ordinary people do them?

Although sometimes you feel that what you have done is benevolent, perhaps it is because you have higher expectations of others, and so you cannot relax. Not only should you be careful about your words, but more importantly your heart should be pure. Every thought should relate to Dafa! Only by doing so can you be compassionate to other sentient beings, make them feel harmonious and sweet and cause them to be saved. Otherwise, they might feel like complaining and accusing you. In that way, how can we melt the blockage in their hearts with our compassion and save them?!

Let us cultivate ourselves well and save sentient beings with more compassion!

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