Sentimental Love

A Dafa Practitioner

PureInsight | September 23, 2012

[] Love, hatred, and revenge are all part of sentimentality and being human. In the human world, revenge and hatred are regarded as negative human behavior, while care and love are emotions to be praised. If someone is said to lack emotion that person is looked down on. If someone is said to be full of love, that person will be upheld as being congenial, good, and kind. There is nothing wrong with such notions in the human world. Humanity is supposed to be maintained in such a way.

Now, from a divine perspective, sentiment is nothing, love is nothing. People believe they are in this human realm to live a happy life. But so-called happiness is actually nothing but some ethereal human experience for people lost in a maze. As a matter of fact, we’ve fallen from a higher realm.

Cultivation begins here in this human world, and here we cultivate amongst ordinary people. It is relatively tough to free oneself of human sentimentality and attachments to emotional love. Nonetheless, as long as we are determined in our hearts, Honorable Master has already paved a way for us to follow. Along the way, our seemingly complicated human relations will turn out extremely straightforward. Master is always guiding us from above; in the middle are all fellow practitioners and below are sentient beings that we need to rescue. From a cultivator’s point of view, the only thread that has tied us together is nothing but predestination. Such predestination also includes people dear to us, our families, and friends. They’re here to be saved, not to be regarded as our fellow practitioners, unless they start to cultivate as well.

My husband and I married 20 years ago and we have a son. More than 10 years ago, the three of us decided to cultivate Falun Dafa. Then a few years ago I came across a fellow practitioner’s story about detaching from lust. I wanted to do the same. However, it still took me several years to get rid of the attachment. I once dreamt that right before I fell from higher realms human lust was forced into my body. Those wicked beings were laughing at me. I was simply helpless.

In recent years, my cultivation practice has been more diligent. One night I had a dream. In the dream, I was in my teenage years running wildly along with one of my girlfriends. We ran so fast, yet we were not tired at all. Later, when we stopped, my friend asked me: “Are you going to get married?” I replied: “I choose to live a life of celibacy.” After I woke from the dream, I wept for quite a while. My husband inquired why and I told him about the dream. He said we needed to get rid of this attachment to human emotion and lust. From then on, my husband and I gradually became more detached from this desire and subsequently we experienced a state of elevation.

Miraculously, our family also became even more harmonious. Love is one kind of sentiment, hatred is yet another. Being free of attachment to affection, all hatred or grudges began to wane as well. Whenever we ran into a conflict, my husband and I would both look inward to cultivate ourselves. Any conflict is treated as an opportunity for us to cultivate. My sister (who is not a practitioner) once told me: “In our big family, only your family never runs into conflict,” proving yet again the power of Falun Dafa cultivation practice.

In retrospect, the fact that we married to have a family was predestined. We must have agreed before to cultivate in a group. In the human world, it’s taken for granted that people start families out of love. In this human world, we are surrounded by both positive and negative elements at all times. For a very long period, I kept this thought whenever I was sending forth righteous thoughts: “I don’t care for any human notions of fame, power, and sentiment. I just want to get back to my original realm. I want to assimilate to Zhen Shan Ren, the ultimate characteristic of the universe.” I noticed that after I had been doing this for some time, another layer of my human skin peeled away.

Still, immersed in a world of human sentimentality, I understand the only way out is to practice the Fa and study the Fa. We have to constantly cultivate ourselves to cleanse our bodies and minds. All the deities are watching over us. We must do well at this final stage of our cultivation path.

Last year, a fellow practitioner asked me to visit a friend of his to clarify the truth. I went to visit the fellow practitioner’s friend and right after I entered the house, the host was watching pornographic TV programs. The next morning, when I got up, those TV images were still vivid on my mind. I tried very hard to forget about them, but I couldn’t. I suddenly remembered to call for help from Honorable Master, and I did just that. Immediately, the wicked scenes were immediately erased from my mind.

Affection towards my son has been the most challenging attachment to cultivate away. Even though my son is also a fellow practitioner, as his mom, both my husband and I spent numerous times trying to plan his future. As a result, my son had run into many unnecessary trials and tribulations. He has been excellent in almost every aspect, yet, during one particular period he became very bad. I almost thought that he had fallen down below the base line. I again asked Master for help and Master hinted to my son and let him see how bad he had become. My son soon realized the error of his ways and said to me: “Mom, I am filled with evil karma, I am going to die.” I said to myself, Dafa is serious, Dafa has its own standards. If one is not up to the standards, then let him die. A few seconds later, my son jumped up and said: “I have been reborn!” In actuality, a body full of dirty karma had just died, and a new body had arisen as a result. I now understand that only after I let go of my affection to my son will the dirty karma on my son’s body be cleansed. My son was in fact saving me.

I am still sometimes concerned about my son; but I realized as my concerns slowly began to wear away, I was also gradually elevating.

Right now, the most urgent task for us as practitioners is to save sentient beings. Every person we know has come to us due to a predestined relationship. I can sense more and more clearly this predestination, realizing we have to save those whose lives are intertwined with ours.

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