My Understanding After Studying the Lecture “20th Anniversary Fa Teaching”

Falun Dafa Practitioner Fu Ming from China

PureInsight | September 19, 2012


I. Master Helped Me to Realize a Compassionate State
When Master published the “20th Anniversary Fa Teaching,” I immediately studied it twice that night. I was confused when I saw that Master again talked about the “three thousand chiliocosms.” Master has talked about this twice in Zhuan Falun, and once each in Zhuan Falun (Volume II), Zhuan Falun Fajie - The Law of Zhuan Falun Explained, “Teaching the Fa at the Fa Conference in Australia (1999),” “Teaching the Fa at the Founding Ceremony of the Singaporean Falun Dafa Association,” “Teaching the Fa in San Francisco,” and “Teaching the Fa at the Conference in Europe,” a total of at least nine times. Why does Master repeatedly talk about this? What is he trying to enlighten us on?

I thought about it for quite some time but had no answer. I brought this up in the group Fa study. Some fellow practitioners enlightened on the principle how Master is trying to increase the volume of our minds. I felt that it made sense, but I didn’t have that feeling of a sudden realization. When I got to the following several paragraphs, Master said, “This universe is so vast—how many beings are there, going from the macrocosm to the microcosm? And how many particles make up each being? Within each particle there are worlds, and that entire plane is composed of simply countless universes. And how many gods’ worlds are there within? … I sometimes think that while an individual being might seem quite trivial, each has its own life story. Some are solemn and stirring, some are complex and full of twists and turns, some are joyous, some are painful, and some are compassionate or kind, each having the different traits of that being. I really cherish them. But, such lower lives aren’t valued by the Kings or even greater Gods of different planes of the cosmos. This is something determined by their state of being. They only see the overall standard as important. A particular being or groups of beings in larger expanses don’t count for much to them, for [those gods] are just so large.”(“20th Anniversary Fa Teaching”)

I suddenly understood why I was so “sensitive” to Master talking about the “three thousand chiliocosms.” It is because subconsciously, I also don’t value small beings and this mindset is the same as the Kings of the old universe. But this is not what Master wants! Once I realized this, I felt that I was embraced by a strong energy field and my body was extremely big and comfortable. Tears filled my eyes. It is hard to put that feeling into words. It was a dignified yet compassionate feeling.

At the same time, I realized that Dafa is all-encompassing. On the one hand, Master talked about how the universe is unimaginably large; and on the other hand, Master talked about how each tiny being is a volume of history. “As for how massive the cosmos ultimately is, suppose we considered a massive universe that consists of a trillion layers to be one domain, and then grouped a trillion of these one-trillion-layer domains together—we could then call this trillion one-trillion-layered domains a particle of air. Such particles permeate the conference hall here. Although that amounts to a massive number of universes, this is still but a small, insignificant particle in just one dimension of the universe.” He also said, “I know full well that beings, in whatever realm they may be, are the same: each appreciates how beautiful life is. The Three Realms are an exception, of course.”

I enlightened to the principle that the old universe’s Fa isn’t all-encompassing, and one reason for that is, those Kings and Lords do not care about the small beings and thus there exists “formation, stasis, degeneration, and destruction,” and they would destroy whatever is below them when they become bad. Master said, “‘The Buddha Fa’ is an insight into all mysteries. It encompasses everything and leaves out nothing—from particles and molecules to the universe, from the even smaller to the even greater” (LUNYU). Hence I realized Dafa is all-encompassing and so are the Fa principles that Dafa disciples enlighten to. This is what Master wants.

I also deeply felt the importance of studying the Fa and group Fa study. In the energy field of group Fa study, we can read the Fa with a pure mind. Once we reach a certain level, Master would hint to us the Fa principles. As long as we are doing things following Master’s requirements, we would gain a lot.

II. Utilizing the Fa Principles We Enlightened to, Clarifying the Facts of the Persecution
Since I enlightened to the principle of valuing the smaller beings, I also enlightened that I need to clarify the facts to children, as well as the people who have mental issues. Master has talked about how those foolish people might have a special background; they purposely made themselves foolish in order to not make karma in the world. Just a couple of days after I realized this, an ordinary person who’s into public welfare asked me to help two young children and their mother, who were more than 600 miles away. The eldest child was 7 years old and the younger one 5. Their mother had mental problems. I knew that Master arranged for me to save these predestined people and so I gladly went.

On the train, there were two babies less than one year old sitting next to me. I whispered in their ears, “Falun Dafa is good” and they both smiled at me. Once we got to the welfare institute, the local officials were accompanying us the whole time and I didn’t get a chance to just talk with the children and the mother alone. Thus I asked Master to help me. Later, the older child went to the restroom and the mother and the younger child went to bring toilet paper to the older child. I followed them and outside of the restroom, I said to them twice, “Falun Dafa is good.” It was magical. It should be the first time they had ever heard these words but they didn’t look confused or surprised at all, and all nodded to me as if they understood it. I asked them, “Have you remembered it?” They nodded again, and the older child happily waved at me. After I walked out of the welfare institute, there was a girl who once had cerebral palsy, which left her with mental issues. I said “Falun Dafa is good” to her. To which she replied, “Hm.” It was not an “Hm?” but a very firm “Hm.” On my way home, I had tears in my eyes for a long time. I was so thankful for Master’s compassion and Dafa’s miraculous power and also felt extremely happy for these several vulnerable beings.

Above is just my personal understanding. Please kindly point out anything inappropriate.

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