Doing the Three Things Certainly Is Not the Cause of Persecution

A Dafa disciple in Washington, DC

PureInsight | September 19, 2012

[] I am a Dafa disciple who obtained the Fa outside of China, and since obtaining it in 2004, I had never returned to the mainland. On the fifth day of the 2010 Chinese New Year, I got a phone call from my brother and sister at home. They said that our 85-year old mother had been hospitalized and that the hospital had declared her to be in critical condition. At the time, I was unmoved and only made frequent phone calls to send my regards. But shortly thereafter, my father too was hospitalized, and with serious illness. This time, I could not avoid taking any action. He was not my biological father, but my younger siblings were with me, the oldest being the only exception. None of them were cultivators. If I were not to return this time, it may have led to a misunderstanding and affected their being saved.

What was to be done? I thought: “Everything is decided by Master, everything is entrusted to Master.” In my heart I said to him: “In this situation, a disciple must return, but whether or not it is possible is Master's decision.” With this, I began arrangements to return to China. Obtaining a visa went smoothly, and when I bought the plane tickets, it happened to be April 25. My son and I printed out the tickets and asked an American friend to send us to the airport in Washington. The flight was at noon.

We passed through the security line and entered the terminal gate area. Unexpectedly, we were notified by the gate agent that our tickets did not show up in the records; there were not even passenger numbers. There was no choice but to get back on the road and go home. Luckily, my American friend was still there waiting. He said: "I just thought you may still need me," and "Hey, maybe this is your Master's arrangement." (He is not yet a cultivator, but a friend of Falun Gong.)

Getting home, I immediately called the travel agency and explained the situation. Our tickets were confirmed and were changed to the same flight the following day. That evening, I went and took part in sending forth righteous thoughts in front of the Chinese Embassy to commemorate the events of April 25.

The next day, everything went as planned and we departed without incident. When arriving in Beijing airport, there were no searches. In the twenty days of travel in China, I was even able to clarify the truth to and do the Three Renunciations to quit the Communist Party for people on the plane and in taxis.

I will not go into too many details. These events made me reflect deeply. I knew quite well that it was indeed Master's arrangement; Master had removed the tribulation. Upon thinking about it, had the tickets really not existed online, how could they have been printed out? Very clearly we had the tickets in hand, yet they did not show up in the airport's records. Even our American friend had said, "Maybe this is your Master's arrangement. If you had gone that day perhaps there would have been security personnel waiting at Beijing airport when you arrived.”

In short, it was all very miraculous. Master had protected his disciples. Perhaps it was because at that very moment, and concerning that very matter, I had had righteous thoughts that coincided with the requirements of that level, and thus Master could help. It was indeed a case of "when disciples have ample righteous thoughts, Master has the power to turn the tide" (Hong Yin II, “Master-Disciple Grace”).

In America over these few years, I have always been active in public. When doing the exercises in front of the National Air and Space Museum, at the beginning fellow practitioners said there have always been people from the Chinese Embassy taking photos. I had a totally indifferent attitude towards this and continued to do the exercises and pass out truth-clarification materials. Often I would write articles, all with my real name, which were published in the Epoch Times. Since 2007, I have been in programs on Sound of Hope radio giving interviews, all with my real name and location. From an everyday person's point of view, my name should have long ago ended up on the evil Party's blacklist, yet I was able to return to China without hindrance. Moreover, I was always in contact with everyday persons clarifying the truth with my true identity, but never encountered any sort of interference.

In doing the Three Things with righteous thoughts, there are none who dare to persecute us. Only when we have attachments or loopholes will we attract persecution. As long as we follow what Master has said when we do things, Master can do anything for us. Since then, I have paid more attention: whenever something occurs that, when judged from an ordinary person’s stance, is bad, I know that there must be some fault within myself. One must deeply search inward; there is no way around it. In this way, one can steadily walk the path of Fa-rectification and saving people.

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