One Must Be Vigilant During Cultivation

A Dafa Practitioner

PureInsight | October 6, 2012

[] In recent discussions with some practitioners, I’ve noticed that becoming fatigued while studying the Fa, sleeping while doing the exercises, letting your hand fall while sending forth righteous thoughts, and other similar situations are quite severe among some practitioners. Although they basically know this state isn’t good, they never really take it seriously, causing them to be unable to break through over a long period of time. I think these circumstances are a big problem and are a testament to whether practitioners are truly cultivating or not. In this article, I hope to remind fellow practitioners not to take these issues lightly.

Dafa’s most important feature is that it cultivates the master consciousness and allows the master soul to obtain gong. It is Master rectifying the Fa from the very core, correcting the inadequacies of the old universe, exhibiting Master’s compassion and wisdom. Dafa cultivation is cultivating the master soul. All the Falun, layers of qi mechanisms, internal mechanisms, and the seeds of tens of thousands of abilities, divine powers, and living entities are all placed on our master soul; they are all formed on our master soul. Master explains the process clearly in Fa lectures. Of course, the subordinate soul obtains gong and improves with the master soul. But these things of Dafa will definitely not be placed directly on the subordinate soul. And because the master and subordinate souls both share the same body, some low level subordinate souls may interfere with our bodies. Moreover, some subordinate souls were purposely assigned by the old forces to cause negative effects. There are also all kinds of factors at different levels that will interfere with our cultivation. If we don’t vigilantly and rationally deal with these most basic problems, the outcome is hard to imagine, especially for those who have long had the problem of not cultivating vigilantly. There have been lots of these lessons that have become quite painful and bitter.

There was a veteran practitioner in our area who obtained the Fa before the persecution began. Everyone thought he was very diligent in cultivation and very active in clarifying the truth and in distributing materials. He made quite an impact on our practitioners. But, after a severe sickness karma tribulation in 2004—which was labeled as diabetes—his vision slowly began to deteriorate. This continued all the way until 2009, when he basically became blind. He even became unable to control his bowel movements. In the end, just when he turned 61 years old he passed away, being dragged away by the old forces. His death caused a level of negativity in our local area and created disturbance among practitioners. Some practitioners thought that this practitioner was so diligent, studying the Fa and sending forth righteous thoughts over ten hours a day, attending the Fa study site even though his eyes almost couldn’t see, and going out to distribute materials. How could he just pass away? They didn’t understand. They later learned from this practitioner’s family that in 2002 and 2003, he found a job that required working long hours every day, causing him to fall asleep every time he did the exercises. He later quit the job, but his exercise state didn’t change much. He woke up at midnight every day to do the exercises, which was quite early, but not long after sitting in meditation he’d fall asleep. Snoring and slouching became common occurrences, as did his hand falling or closing while sending forth righteous thoughts. Practitioners in our Fa study group mentioned this to him, but he didn’t want to hear it. We cultivate our master consciousness. However, in this cultivation state, how could his master soul control his body? In his last few days, when I went to visit him, I could clearly sense that his master soul was so weak that it couldn’t control his body. Sometimes his subordinate soul would directly come out and have conversations. As the saying goes, it takes more than one cold night to form ice three feet thick; problems that have developed over time are very difficult to correct. Although I accompanied him in studying the Fa and sending forth righteous thoughts, he became so weak that he had trouble remembering one line from Hong Yin.

I’m bringing up this issue because I’ve noticed that there are other practitioners in this state. Some have become so severely interfered with during group Fa study and sending forth righteous thoughts that they read the wrong words. However, when we stop reading, they immediately wake up. They haven’t been able to break through this state for several years! This is very dangerous, fellow practitioners! The old forces are intently watching. They’ve never relaxed their interference and persecution against Dafa disciples. It is just that sometimes their methods are hidden and aren’t easily detectable. We must treasure this opportunity to cultivate Dafa, treasure Master’s endless compassion, and treasure our lives.

The above is my personal understanding. Please point out anything that is not on the Fa.

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