Helping Watch a Neighbor’s Store During the Chinese New Year

A Falun Gong practitioner from Henan Province

PureInsight | October 6, 2012

[] My family runs an interior decorating business next to a store that sells all kinds of power tools. It is a perfect arrangement since we usually buy whatever we want when a need arises. The store owners are from another area and each year they would return to their hometown for about two weeks to celebrate the Chinese New Year. But, before leaving they would have to find someone to watch their store.

Watching a store to protect goods from being stolen seems like an easy job. But, with several hundreds of thousands of items to protect, it’s hard to find someone who is honest and of good character. If several hundred items were to go missing, no one would know and if a big item was stolen, nothing could be done if the culprit put the blame on someone else. It is really hard to find a person that would not steal from them. In the past, they would ask a teacher that they had a good relationship with to watch their store.

One year before the Chinese New Year, the store owner asked me: “From now on can you help me watch my store during the Chinese New Year? Here’s the key.” I refused immediately, saying, “No, no. What you sell is just what we need. In case you lose something, it’s hard to tell who to blame.” The owner replied, “We are very clear about what kind of people you are. To tell you the truth, I only trust you Falun Gong practitioners!” Thus I accepted his key. From that year on, we’ve helped watch their store during the Chinese New Year, until the year they left for another city.

To be honest, we watched their store over several years and have never taken even one single bolt. That’s because we are Falun Gong practitioners assimilating to Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance, and truly following our great Master Li Hongzhi’s teachings to become better people. The hostess of that store told me on many occasions how much she admired Falun Gong practitioners.

The reason they trusted us so much, being neighbors over several years, is that they knew we never took advantage of anybody. For example, I once borrowed 500 Yuan from that hostess, and I had already returned the money to her. However, after a while I couldn’t remember whether or not I repaid her, so I took another 500 Yuan to her. She said, “Haven’t you returned that to me already?” I told her that I couldn’t remember and asked her to recall carefully. I said if I borrowed money from her in an emergency but made a mistake in not returning the money, then I would hurt her very much. She said, “You always think of others. Everybody else always thinks of themselves, yet you always think of others. The other day when we walked on the street together, you returned the money to me. Do you remember now?” Then I recalled.

Similar kinds of situations have happened many times. Others see our merit and understand Falun Gong practitioners are truly good people. When the evil persecutes us, these people immediately take a stand and speak for us. For example, one time when the evil cops came to look for me, that hostess indignantly said, “She is really a good person who never commits bad deeds. Why are you looking for her, again?” The evil cops could not say anything and left dejected. Another time, the “610” office (a spy organization specifically for persecuting Falun Gong, similar to Hitler’s Gestapo) organized an event to oppose Falun Gong. They intimidated all kinds of businesses and public institutions, schools, and the jobless to sign up for a parade. The hostess is Christian, and the church also organized Christians to wave small flags, shout slogans, and parade the streets to poison the minds of the people. She told me, “Even our children asked me not to participate in the event. Falun Gong practitioners are the best people. They never commit bad deeds. I will never take part in those events.”

Later, they gave their store to us and moved to the Provincial capital to do business. Every year, they come back to visit us. Their new business has become more and more prosperous, and now they’re multimillionaires. This is their reward for understanding the truth, telling right from wrong at critical moments, and treating Falun Gong well.

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