Sublimate Through Solid Cultivation

A Taiwanese Practitioner

PureInsight | October 6, 2012

[] I had the honor to attain Dafa in 2002. I was deeply impressed by two words in Zhuan Falun—“Solid Cultivation.” Both my mind and physical body changed greatly after continuous Fa study and practicing the exercises. This thorough remolding of my being was like the process of reincarnation, and led me on the holy path of cultivation.

After reading Master’s new scripture, “What is a Dafa Disciple?,” and understanding the importance of truth clarification and the salvation of sentient beings, I recited the scripture proficiently to remind myself of the mission I must accomplish. Reciting combined with reading the Fa made Dafa deeply rooted in my heart and helped me to do the three things well.

1. Saving sentient beings through clarifying the truth

In the process of persevering to clarify the truth, I encountered many sentient beings with various mentalities. Righteous thoughts from the Fa saved the predestined ones.

Once when advising a young man to withdraw from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) over the phone, he asked me what my age was. An attachment of mine arouse and I was afraid that he might not be willing to listen to me, so I avoided answering his question and instead talked about what I wanted to talk about. He then said suddenly, “If you dare not tell me your age, then you can stop talking. From the sound of your voice, I guess that you are an old lady. Get a younger person to talk to me!” Though I was quite upset at that moment, Dafa fortunately rectified my attachment in no time. The top priority is to save people, and human thoughts should be put down. One sentence suddenly occurred in my mind and I spoke peacefully, “Young man, thanks for respectfully calling me an old lady, you must know the truth of the saying ‘if you ignore an old person’s words, you will suffer losses immediately’.” Taking advantage of this opportunity, I told him the glory of Dafa and the truth about it and that I was a disciple of Falun Dafa myself. He then changed his attitude and quit the CCP. He also showed traditional Chinese etiquette in his demeanor and said thank you to me politely.

Of course, those who were deeply deceived by lies were many. But I did not give up on them provided they would accept my calls. Sometimes I would clarify the truth to them more than ten times or even dozens of times, with the highest record of 40 times. Usually this kind of person would understand the truth in the end, and they would then be like a living media to clarify the truth to those who are deceived around him or her. If someone picked up the phone the first time, but then refused the second time, I did not give up on them either. I would dial again and if they answered the call, they would understand as well in the end. In fact, there were lots of these kinds of people.

It was common for me to be cursed at when calling people. There were all kinds of situations, like speaking to me rudely, saying frivolous things or obscene and dirty words, intentionally asking whether I was male or female, and even calling me elder brother, sir, etc.. All of these were tests pointing directly to my human heart. My capacity could be enlarged by improving my xinxing. Every phone call was a test for me; it was a process for me to get rid of my human attachments.

When clarifying the truth in person at scenic spots in Taiwan and facing mainland Chinese people deceived by the lies, I found that when I was cursed at, or facing various other abrupt situations, it was vital to keep a pure mind and put down all human thoughts, especially when in front of many people. Every time when I encountered predestined people, I would give them a paper lotus flower or other small thing that would give them good fortune.

When making phone calls to China on the Taiwan rescue platform, I felt there was selfless and silent cooperation among fellow cultivators. This formed a powerful cohesion among us and frightened the evil and improved our rescuing of fellow cultivators. The rescue platform rarely had holidays throughout the year; fellow cultivators sorted through cases every day and posted them on the platform to make everybody clear about them. Fellow cultivators also posted feedback of their phone calls in order to help others learn and do better.

Some people who understood the truth would provide crucial phone numbers to us and recently there were also people who used their true names to withdraw from the CCP after knowing the truth about Falun Gong from Wang Li Jun incident. In rescuing people urgently, all of us worked even more proactively together to make phone calls with the common objective to save people. Practitioners’ feedback were posted one after another. Once the mobile phone numbers of people involved in an incident of persecution were disclosed, new feedback would be posted again. Even until midnight there was still new feedback. With cooperation as one body, the news of fellow cultivators being rescued was often seen.

2. Tests of character

After getting rid of fear at an earlier stage of my cultivation, Dafa awakened the benevolent, good thoughts inside me and rectified my human notions formed in ordinary human society. I was able to help sentient beings in Mainland China to understand the truth with a peaceful and benevolent mentality. At that time, I thought that I could treat strangers with benevolence, and that I must also be able to do the same with fellow cultivators, relatives, good friends, and all the predestined people I came across.

In ten years of cultivation, through keeping firm righteous thoughts and firm belief in Master and the Fa, I successfully went through disease karma ordeals. Once when my body was in extreme pain and I was unable to sit, I recited Master’s scriptures and pleaded for Master’s reinforcement in my mind. When the pain eased up, I sat up to study the Fa and sent righteous thoughts to fill my mind with the Fa. Although my human body suffered great pain I was still able to do what I should as a Dafa disciple. Going through more than ten days of intense suffering, I emerged from it with my heart and body feeling holy and pure under the vast and mighty Buddha’s grace of our revered Master.

I was once also faced with the dilemma of being homeless. I had been living with my mother. At that time, as my mother could not take care of herself, my elder brothers and their wives decided to send her to an elderly person home and pay the fee by selling the house. Though my mother had repeatedly advised that the house should be left for me to live in, you can never know how things will go. So I left my home of more than 50 years with my son accompanying me. Though reluctant to leave, I knew it was not my true home. I thought it might be a turning point in my cultivation. From then on I did not have to take care of my mother and could spend more time working on Dafa-related activities. A fellow cultivator provided me with a temporary home and in the same year I joined the rescue platform in Taiwan. In the early winter of the next year, I saw 15 udumbara flowers on a branch at my home and I still remember the thought in my mind, “These flowers seem to be udumbara flowers! They really are udumbara flowers!” It was just as if I was led over to them. Soon after that, I found udumbara flowers growing in succession on different things. In this golden age when Falun Dafa is widely spreading, I have the honor to see this auspicious flower; I would like to sincerely thank revered Master for His encouragement.

Character is improved step by step with continuous Fa study and solid cultivation. Before cultivation I often experienced injustices and when I was misunderstood, I would try my best to explain. This kind of character trait once made me deeply hurt. I changed this mentality after taking up cultivation though. One time a fellow cultivator spoke to me for more than ten minutes pointing out my shortcomings. Surprisingly, I did not say one word to justify myself, but instead listened with a peaceful mind and searched inside myself for my shortcomings and what I should pay more attention to. Carefully following Master’s teaching, contradictions were resolved and my character improved. Now I live without worry and cultivate in a loose and comfortable environment. I thank our revered Master for giving me a new lease on life.

The above are just a few experiences from my cultivation; I’d like to share them by writing them down.

As my cultivation level is limited, please kindly point out any shortcomings.

Thank you revered Master! Thank you fellow cultivators!

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