My Humble Understanding of Righteous Thoughts

A Dafa Disciple

PureInsight | October 6, 2012

[] I haven’t truly walked on the path of Dafa cultivation for very long. However, along the way I’ve encountered many events that have allowed my understanding of righteous thoughts to become more and more clear. First, I’ve always wanted to pick up a pen and write Fa-validation articles, but various excuses deterred me. Yet, I’ve seen how lots of aged practitioners overcame various difficulties in writing articles to validate the Fa. Second, Master arranged for me to read so many books, so I shouldn’t waste the opportunity to validate the Fa. Even though I hadn’t truly been a part of Dafa, I still experienced Master’s immeasurable compassion. Master has sacrificed so much for me through all the obstacles in my life.

I clearly remember back in college when a meeting was held and all the students were required on the following day to sign their names on a banner slandering Dafa. At the meeting, I decided I definitely wouldn’t sign it and that night I kept thinking how to get out of it. I thought over and over again but couldn’t come up with a good idea. The next day, I went to study hall as usual but didn’t pay much attention to my dilemma. No one called me to sign the banner, not even later that evening. At the time, I wasn’t very diligent, thinking Master saw my firm belief towards Dafa and helped me out. Back then, I didn’t have any idea what righteous thoughts were. In retrospect, I realized that even if we have just a few righteous thoughts, Master still helps his disciples.

During the first month of my son’s birth I had lots of time to study Dafa. I treasured that period and attentively studied lots of Fa. In that month, I read all of Master’s different lectures and realized how much I had missed. My mother came from our hometown to help me with my family, so I studied the Fa and had discussions with her. I was truly immersed in Dafa so I didn’t worry too much about everyone’s advice against reading too much after the first month of delivery. I kept my notebook with me all the time and studied the Fa whenever I could. Master is compassionate. My eyes never felt uncomfortable from staring at the computer screen for a long time.

This was very unlike the first month when my eldest child was born, when I only read from time to time and my eyes hurt a lot. Back then, a very strange event occurred. For a few nights while in bed I experienced something pressing down on my back, paralyzing my body. I wanted to scream, but no matter how hard I tried, no one could hear. I struggled to stay awake but my eyelids always grew heavy and I was fatigued and couldn’t control my consciousness. When this thing came I would get goose bumps. I tried very hard to keep awake by reciting the Fa, but it didn’t seem to have an effect. The next day, I called out to Master in my mind, “Master, save me!” Then that thing immediately ran away. The next night dreamt that Master was teaching me how to send forth righteous thoughts. I then practiced sending forth righteous thoughts with my mother. On the third day, when I felt that the thing return to my bedroom, I immediately remembered that Master said in his lectures to call out Master’s name in the face of danger, which is also a test of our faith, so I yelled in my mind, “Master Li Hongzhi, save me!” That thing never appeared again. I recounted this story to my mother. We’re both very thankful for Master’s benevolent salvation.

I didn’t know any practitioners living nearby and I really wanted a copy of a Shen Yun disc to show my children but I couldn’t get one. I thought that watching Shen Yun from a very young age would be very precious for my children’s growth. I went to work at 7:30 am every day, leaving the house very early to ride the subway. One morning, my husband went downstairs with me on my way to work. He saw a Shen Yun disc on top of a bicycle across from the elevator door. I also saw it and went to get it with a feeling of gratitude toward Master and fellow practitioners that I couldn’t put into words. I just had that one thought, and Master helped me. From then one, my children began watching Shen Yun performances. My daughter would copy some dance movements, and my mother-in-law would also watch a bit. I sent her a righteous thought in my mind, “This is what you’ve been awaiting for ten million years. Keep watching, mother-in-law!” I played this precious disc many times.

My husband always distracts me when I send righteous thoughts and isn’t very supportive when I study the Fa. He would always make trouble whenever he could. One night, he kept working in the living room so I sent forth righteous thoughts from the bedroom at midnight. He immediately came over to make trouble, grabbing my hand. I sat there without moving, thinking to myself, “Master, help me.” Almost at the same time, the phone in the living room rang, so my husband went to answer, muttering, “It’s so late. Who’s calling?!” As soon as he got there, the phone stopped ringing. He went directly back to work and didn’t come back to bother me. I kept thanking Master over and over again in my mind. Actually, most of the time, Master is just seeing if we have the heart for sending righteous thoughts.

In Zhuan Falun, Master said, “Matter and mind are one and the same.” I was thinking, “If I could be full of righteous thoughts every day, bad substances would have no way of getting near me.” As a result, every day on my way to and from work, I would always recite from Master’s Hong Yin, as well as “Falun Dafa is good, Zhen Shan Ren is good,” or other verses. The moment a bad ordinary thought popped into my mind, I would become alert, deny it, and continue reciting. Sometimes as I recited, tears would cover my entire face. I know that my knowing side is extremely grateful that Master hasn’t given up on me!

When my first article was published on, I saw that fellow practitioners had written “Dafa Disciple” as the author. I was very honored and ashamed at the same time. I am still very far from meeting a true Dafa disciple’s standards. I hope that through my diligence, I can confidently say in my mind that I am Master’s good disciple, that I am a Dafa disciple.

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