Seen From Other Dimensions: The Strong Power of Sending Righteous Thoughts

A Dafa Practitioner

PureInsight | March 12, 2013

[] Recently I had an unstable mentality when sending righteous thoughts that I had not experienced before. Sometimes I persisted as if I were just completing a task, rather than doing it by heart, which made the energy sent out fail to achieve its ultimate effectiveness. By studying Master’s scriptures, I understood that no matter whether it’s a new practitioner or a veteran one, as long as we have a stable mentality, our righteous thoughts are powerful. Below were some scenes I saw when sending righteous thoughts.

Once when sending righteous thoughts on an hourly basis, as soon as I calmed down I saw ethereal clouds full of Buddhas, Daos, and Gods. There were male Buddhas and female Buddhas, Gods with human bodies and phoenix tails, and many other different deities with diverse images. They were all getting rid of evil elements with righteous thoughts. The global event of sending righteous thoughts on the hour is not only practitioners clearing out evil, but also numerous righteous deities in the vaults of all heavens who were also helping Master rectify the Fa and wipe out the evil. The scene was immensely significant, great, and spectacular!

Another time when I was sending righteous thoughts, I saw a green dragon flying out from my own dimensional field. Once the evil had perished I saw how the dragon changed himself into a God in black armor. He flew and thrust at a Gorgon with a spear, killing it by the cliffs. Other demons and ghosts were scared when they witnessed this. They scurried away like frightened rats in all directions.

Along with an increasingly stable mentality, the power from my sending righteous thoughts was getting stronger and stronger. Once on my way to work, I saw a group of evil beings who had flocked together, so I locked on and eliminated them by sending righteous thoughts while riding my bike. A few minutes later they were all destroyed.

During sending righteous thoughts, I saw that the abilities sent out could destroy various evil factors by changing into a bomb, sword, net, rope, and so on, according to the features of the evil. Sometimes they were also gathered into images of practitioners with unmatched power to eliminate the evil.

When I saw some evil men on the Internet who had taken advantage of Master’s photo to do evil things to slander venerable Master and Dafa, I just sent a thought, locking on to the evil factors behind them, completely eliminating and destroying them.

One time I was on duty at noon yet still managed to send righteous thoughts quietly without holding the hand postures. The Buddha Law’s divine power sent at that time was in the image of a “glaring Vajra guardian god,” and it was the strongest one that I had ever seen before. When eliminating the evil it was tremendous and all conquering! I also understood that during the Fa-rectification period, whether or not beings are respectful to Master and the Fa is the standard that measures whether a being will be kept for the future or not; the degree to which all sentient beings of the universe respect Teacher and the Fa is the truest embodiment of their character.

There are a lot of experiences about sending righteous thoughts, which are far too numerous to list individually. Every practitioner has his own different scenes and insights. I realize that sending righteous thoughts is also to exercise a practitioner’s ability of using divine powers with undisturbed attention and a strong will. When doing well, disturbances from external factors become minimal. A practitioner’s righteous thoughts and righteous actions will get much firmer, and it’s also a process of cultivation and improvement for practitioners.

By sending righteous thoughts with a calm mind, I witnessed that every righteous thought sent by practitioners was very powerful. Their power was just dependent on whether or not you believe in Master’s Fa and having a stable mentality.

Due to my own cultivation status, I couldn’t be completely quiet when sending righteous thoughts. As a result, I’ve only seen bits and pieces, and I haven’t been able to see the whole process of thoroughly eliminating the evil and write it down systematically. Some images from past incarnations were also jumpy and incoherent. But seeing this in itself is actually Master’s merciful hint and encouragement towards my lack of diligence. In the future, I will definitely do the three things well, harmonize what Master wants, and make more efforts to further advance on the great way of cultivating righteous Fa!

I also hope that all practitioners are able to understand and harmonize with each other, proactively cooperate in sending righteous thoughts globally four times each day, and harmonize better and become one body, a true one body!

This is my personal experience, and my understanding is limited. I welcome merciful corrections from fellow practitioners. Thank you!

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