We Need to Practice the Exercises Well

A Dafa Practitioner in Mainland China

PureInsight | April 2, 2013

[PureInsight.org] It’s been a while since I started to notice that certain fellow Falun Dafa practitioners didn’t seem to do the exercises well enough. Some practitioners didn’t practice the exercises every day. As a result, those practitioners began to show signs of aging. Some of these practitioners had been struggling with disease karma for a sustained period of time. There are many reasons behind such apparent physical health issues. Not practicing the exercises well on a regular basis, I think, is certainly one of the reasons, and it is something we should not neglect. I’d like to share with everyone some of my personal experiences regarding this issue. Please correct me if my understandings have shortcomings.

Honorable Master says in the The Great Way of Spiritual Perfection, “A person’s gong won’t increase if he merely does the exercises and fails to cultivate his character. Meanwhile, a person who only cultivates his character and doesn’t perform the exercises of the Great Way of Spiritual Perfection will find the growth of his gong strength impeded and his innate body (ben-ti) unchanged.”

From my own personal experiences, I feel that whenever I slack off on the exercises, my physical body will start to be tired very easily. My celestial eye is open so I can see through this physical dimension and observe things in other dimensions. While observing in another dimension, I can see that the flesh body of a human being is being contaminated by dirty dark materials every day. Today, the moral standard in human society has fallen greatly and people tend to accept all kinds of degenerated notions without thought. Such degenerated notions are actually just the manifestation of those dark materials in other dimensions. Human beings have already greatly deviated from the original path set forth by heavenly beings that created this “three realms” world in the first place. Even for Falun Dafa practitioners, their bodies in different dimensions made up of different particles are somewhat polluted. If a practitioner has not completely assimilated his or her notions with Falun Dafa, the energy fields around them still seem murky. If we don’t study the Fa every day, if we don’t do the exercises well, or, if we don’t study the Fa wholeheartedly, our bodies in other dimensions will gradually become heavily contaminated by those dark materials. The fields around our bodies will appear like rubbish dumps; they appear murky and filthy. From a very low celestial eye level, one can observe that those fields are filled with dark greenish ghostlike clouds. If such clouds are surrounding a Falun Dafa practitioner, such a practitioner is usually susceptible to disease karma or interference by demons that are bent on ruining Falun Dafa.

From studying the Fa, I have realized that a Falun Dafa practitioner’s physical body is a Fa vehicle in this human world that should be used to rectify the Fa and save sentient beings; the body itself is not a private entity only entitled to the practitioner. We are rectifying the Fa, we have come down from numerous universes as representatives for all those sentient beings in those universes to assimilate ourselves into the Great Fa. With help from the boundless power and mercy of the Fa, we are here to save all those sentient beings that have been lost in this human world, so we have to take care of our physical bodies and place strict requirements on ourselves in our daily lives.

Once, I had to work overnight. Every morning at 8:00 am, I would arrive home from work and practice the second exercise (Falun Standing Stance). At first, I felt very sleepy. But I made up my mind and didn’t want to give up. I started to continuously recite Honorable Master’s words, “It’s hard to endure, but you can endure it. It’s hard to do, but you can do it” (Zhuan Falun). One day, I felt extremely sleepy when doing the standing stance, and I immediately began to recite the Fa. While I was reciting the Fa, I saw an evil spirit approaching me. The spirit had a red face; its feet were also red, it was wearing a dark cloak, and its hair was terribly messy. The spirit was holding a dark incense-burning furnace that it was blowing hard into. Apparently, the spirit was trying to make me sleepy with the ashes from the furnace. As I recited the Fa, my body started to shine brilliantly and the red-faced evil spirit immediately withdrew itself to a far-away site. It was still wandering around over there and it didn’t show any intention to leave. I continued to recite the Fa, and then I saw Honorable Master’s Fa-body appear. With a simple wave of the hand, the evil spirit was gone and nowhere to be seen anymore. The whole process lasted for about 10 minutes, and after I finished the exercise, I went to sleep for about 3 hours. I woke up later to feel completely refreshed; my mind was crystal clear, and I felt very energetic. It was much better than sleeping for a whole night.

My experience confirms what Honorable Master said in “Lecture at the First Conference in North America:” “Have you ever thought of the fact that practicing cultivation is the best form of rest? You can obtain the kind of rest that can’t be obtained through sleeping. Nobody would say, ‘The exercises are making me so tired that I can’t do anything today.’”

I practice the exercises on a regular basis. I practice the standing stance exercise for two hours. My physical body is very healthy. My skin appears very delicate. Fellow practitioners have on many occasions told me that my skin feels as smooth as refined pottery. At work I can easily hold objects as heavy as 265 pounds with my hands and 330 pounds on my shoulders. At the same, I take human pleasure very lightly and maintain my bodily essence well. Sometimes I don’t have to eat or drink much for a whole week, or even two weeks, yet, I still have no problem at work and continue to live a normal life. My body feels elevated; my mind is clear and sharp. When I send forth righteous thoughts, the power that radiates from me is very strong. I feel I can sufficiently and fully utilize the power bestowed on me by the Fa.

With continuous Fa study and looking inward, I feel my mind can easily remain calm and focused as my xinxing is being improved. When I do the sitting meditation, I always try to do it as long as possible. Sometimes I will practice it twice at night. When doing the meditation, I used to observe that at the very beginning my flesh body looked like it is made up of water-like material. As my xinxing improved, my flesh body appeared like vapor mist. I also have observed that all the living organisms in this physical world are made up of negative elements.

The immediate result I have experienced from the sitting meditation is that my mind is always calm and relaxed and my heart is filled with compassion for others. There are often very few improper notions in my mind. Sometimes when I am at work some colleagues would come to ask me for help. Right after they came however they would forget what to ask. It would take a while for them to remember what their questions were.
There is a male practitioner who had been struggling with his inability to concentrate when sending forth righteous thoughts. Once, he came to send forth righteous thoughts together with me. Afterwards, the practitioner told me that he felt very well, he was able to concentrate from the very beginning, his hands and body remained motionless, and his thoughts were calm and clear. He exclaimed how wonderful it was to reach such a concentrated state of mind.

There is also a female practitioner who had been struggling with disease karma in her legs for almost half a year. She was having difficulty walking and she was unable to rectify the Fa well. I had a talk with her and we both looked inward. Afterwards, we started to send forth righteous thoughts together to clear out the disease field. We sat together for one hour and then the she got up from her bed and tried to walk. Amazingly enough, she could walk without any problem and was filled with happiness and said: “How wonderful it is. My legs are good now. This again shows the power of Dafa!”

When I had a business trip to the southern China, I ran into a young male practitioner. He started to practice Falun Gong in 1999 and after the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) persecution of Falun Gong began on July 20, 1999, he ran into difficulties practicing with other practitioners. Since he was just beginning to study Falun Dafa when the persecution started, his personal cultivation foundation had not yet been laid out firmly. He later went to a southern city to work. Influenced by people around him he behaved just like an ordinary person and indulged himself in human lust. After some initial talks with him, he decided to get back to practicing Falun Gong. However, I observed from my celestial eye that his physical body was severely damaged through those years of his indulging lust. His urinary system was seriously infected, and his two kidneys appeared bloated. His liver was also showing infection and appeared bloated, and there were many viruses in his blood. His skin as well as his mouth had ulcerations. When observed from other dimensions, I could see that his fields in those dimensions were clouded with tremendous amounts of karma, and there was simply no light in those fields. Many winged creatures that looked like those vampires in western movies were flying around. They had pale skin and dark red eyes, and four sharp teeth protruded out of their mouths over their lips. They would scream sharply as they flew around, and some were eating human corpses. I briefly described these terrible scenes to the practitioner and he felt very anxious and asked me what to do. I told him that the only way out was to genuinely practice Falun Dafa!

We then decided to live together in an apartment. We would study at least one lecture of Zhuan Falun every day. We sent forth righteous thoughts at the set times. We practiced the standing stance for two hours and the sitting meditation for more than one hour every day. The practitioner spent most of his spare time studying the Fa and looking inward and strengthened his physical body by doing the exercises on a regular basis.

The practitioner started to improve quickly. When I was doing the standing stance together with him, I began to see that many of his bodies that were made up of karma in other dimensions were dying off. Those fields that used to be filled with clouds were starting to clear out. When the practitioner was reciting the Fa, many Faluns would shoot out from his mind and in turn generate numerous mini golden Faluns that would chase those winged creatures. Countless such creatures were caught with fire and started to fall from the sky. Gradually, the practitioner’s fields in other dimensions appeared brighter. As he was assimilating more and more into the Fa, those fields appeared more and more clear. I could see green forests and mountains. Ravenous rivers began to appear calm and smooth. Fields began to be filled with sunshine and full of lives again. In just a few months, this practitioner’s physical body began to recover from weak to strong, his face changed from greenish dark to rosy and shiny, and his weight increased from around 150 pounds to 220 pounds.

Today, this young practitioner can practice the standing stance exercise for more than four hours. Many of the employees in the private corporation where he works have already quit the CCP or its affiliated associations because of his Fa rectification and truth clarification work there. Some of his colleagues even invited him to their homes to clarify the truth to their families. One female colleague of his not only quit the CCP herself, buy she also helped more than 10 other people quit.

From the perspective of the three realms, it can be seen that among the various walks of life in the human world, an ordinary person is simply doing the job while a wise person is really creating the jobs. As Fa-rectification Dafa disciples, we are acting like the wise person in helping to create a brand new universe while guided by Honorable Master. Our cultivation is laying a foundation and environment for future sentient beings to abide by and live in forever. The significance and importance of each Dafa practitioner’s cultivation is immense.

In the end, I’d like to cite Honorable Master’s words from “What is Cultivation Practice” in Essentials for Further Advancement to help guide us further in our cultivation: “Only when you are studying the Fa and cultivating your heart and mind in addition to the means of reaching Consummation—the exercises, and truly changing yourself fundamentally while improving your xinxing and elevating your level—can it be called true cultivation practice.”

Translated from: http://www.zhengjian.org/node/114325


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