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PureInsight | March 25, 2013

[] Some practitioners have “yearnings”in their hearts.I want to share my understandings about such phenomena with fellow practitioners. If there are deficiencies, please give corrections.

From what I have seen and heard, the yearnings are for the persecution to end earlier, or for the time of the Fa Rectifying the human world to come sooner.

As I see it, different people have different understandings. If there were human thoughts lurking behind these understandings, they are signs that our hearts are not pure, no matter to what extent they exist. Seen from a cultivator’s standard, it’s an omission.

In daily life, if you use dirty hands to meet people or handle materials, anything touched by your hand will for sure be more or less contaminated by the dirty particles. Similarly, if Master’s three requirements are done with impure hearts, it not only reflects unsteadiness in personal cultivation, but will bring our own impurities into the three things. This may result in direct or indirect losses.

As for myself, there is more resentment than yearning in my heart.

What I resent frequently is firstly my mother. She always does silly things causing a bad and complicated home environment, stigmatizing Dafa, and creating difficulties in truth clarification. Secondly, I am young and living in the capital city. I feel that working is a burden, and I can only practice outdoor, and this is hard as there are mosquitoes in the summer and penetrating wind and snow in the winter. I resent the fact while amidst the hardship of maintaining normal work and life; I have to find time to fit in the three things.

When I read the sharings of fellow practitioners and compared them with myself, an even stronger sense arose that I wasn’t really doing the three things well. Overcoming deficiency is what cultivation is about, I ought to be more diligent and do the three things better. Rationally I thought that way, but in front of me were all these difficulties. My personal state fluctuated between good and bad, and what resulted was endless resentment after resentment.

Thus, when sensitive words such as “doomsday, return, and consummation” were read recently, I thought maybe I was buried in resentment and had no time to yearn. But during righteous thoughts I realized fellow practitioners’ yearnings and my own resentment all have to do with the “sufferings” in cultivation.

From my point of view, the above thoughts would not exist in a qualified, true disciple who diligently strives forward in the Fa at every moment keeps the missions of Fa Rectification in mind, cultivates solidly, and does the three things steadily .

In contrast, caring about the difficulties in cultivation in an excessively negative and one sided way can lead to yearning, resentment, and the vague feeling that cultivation is “painful”; thus ignoring personal insufficiencies, and evading the responsibilities that one has to face and shoulder.

The source of “pain” is the attachment to self: fussing about one’s expenditures in Fa rectification, meticulously calculating one’s expenditures in the past and present versus future gains, weighing one’s ability to endure at every moment, this kind of calculating and haggling with a selfish heart. By making ego the top priority and weighing “losses and gains”, suffering becomes particularly protruding, thus generating “yearning.”

In fact, when calmly thinking and looking at things from a different angle, there might be better understandings.

1. Karma is the Origin of all Suffering

Ordinary people rest for 8 out of 24 hours everyday. Through a lifetime of rushing about, haven’t they experienced the fickleness of human emotions? Haven’t they endured freezing winter and sultry summer? Aren’t they suffering hardships?

Rather, no practitioner works 24 hours a day without sleep. But contrastingly, they are looked after by Master at every moment. They have Fa’s principles to guide them; they have an environment to share and communicate with each other. Isn’t this “fortune”?

If a cultivator dares not face or is unwilling to bear the most fundamental sufferings, then what is “cultivation”?

2. Where is the Dignity of Dafa Disciples in the Fa Rectification Period?

Cultivating in the Fa Rectification is a once in an eon opportunity. We should follow Master’s Fa with a pious and cherishing heart in order to truly solidly cultivate ourselves and save sentient beings. All things encountered on the path of cultivation are arranged meticulously by Master for his disciples; how can they be distinguished as good or bad? What are the standards to distinguish between good and bad?

When facing difficulties and tribulations on the cultivation path, if instead of striving forward with righteous thoughts, we harbor layer upon layer of unrighteous human thoughts, then where is the dignity of Dafa disciples in the Fa Rectification Period?

3. Proactively Facing or Passively Enduring?

Difficulties will definitely accompany self-cultivation and saving sentient beings. In my point of view, “how much I did” or “how much I can do” is not as important as “how great are my responsibilities”.

I think if we often question ourselves like this and change our angle in looking at issues, then the inadequacies of the past and difficulties of the present can all be overcomed by a cultivator’s more steadfast will and determination. Fulfilling responsibilities bestowed to us in Fa Rectification to the largest possible extent, sparing no efforts to do everything well regardless of their extent of importance: these are the greatest glories.

On the contrary, when enduring passively and harboring a dirty selfish heart, we are separating from the power of the Fa. Our difficulties are amplified, and Dafa’s beauty and magnificence cannot be manifested.

4.Treasure the days together with Master

What are we yearning, and what is so worthwhile to be yearned?

Is the yearning for the persecution to end sooner so the world’s people can all see clearly the nature of the evil, choose a promising future, and Master and Dafa are eulogized by all celestial beings?

Is it yearning for yourself to hand in the answer sheet of Fa Rectification in a dignified, imposing and completely honest way?

Fellow practitioners, those who always talk about or conceal in the mind “the end”, please calm down!

If we count down from the “end date”, no matter how far it is, one thing is for sure: The number of days that Dafa disciples can stay with Master in this world will decrease by one every day. Then which should we choose: cherish the days with a thankful heart, harbor an impatient heart and “yearn”, or vaguely “resent?”

With the lapse of time, every exercise in the morning; every righteous thought on the hour; and every chance of clarifying the truth is decreasing. With every day that passes there is one less day left.

As such, should we calculate how much we spend, endure, suffer or get tired? If one still cannot let go, please engrave Master’s grace in your heart, and engrave it deeply and firmly devote yourself to fulfilling every bit of your oath.

Lastly, I would like to share with everyone a recent Fa teaching of Master:

“The principles of the Fa-rectification won’t change on account of things that occur in the human world. Cultivating and saving people are Dafa disciples’ magnificent missions. I hope you will do well with the things that remain. There’s not much further to go on the path to divinity” (Stay Clearheaded)

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