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PureInsight | March 19, 2013

[] Last weekend, we went to a nearby town to distribute Shen Yun information. It began to snow as soon as we arrived there. We split the routes among us and I started with one region by carrying one box (400 copies) of pamphlets. As I was wearing sneakers, they soon filled with snow and water. Then I slipped and fell down on the ground and my pants then got wet. Although my shoes and pants were wet, I did not feel cold; instead my whole body was very warm. I finished the first region in about two hours and then proceeded to make my way to the second region. There was a school between me and the second region; by passing through the school playground it saved me a long detour. By then, a practitioner called me asking if I needed more materials. I said, yes, and he drove by and gave me another box of materials. I finished the second region and then the third region. I looked at the time and it was already about three o'clock in the afternoon.

When I arrived at the fourth region, the temperature was already below freezing. I did not see the thin layer of ice on the road and slipped over. After I got up, I did not feel any pain and continued on. After a while, I fell again and my knees hit the ground, but I knew I would be fine. So I stood up and recovered immediately. I was not tired, either. We stopped at five o'clock when it was dark. By that time, I had almost finished my box of pamphlets. When getting into the car, I found that my pants and shoes were already frozen with ice, which I did not notice earlier, nor did I feel cold. We finished delivering nearly 9 boxes of pamphlets, of which I delivered almost four boxes. Although I had been busy from 9 am to 5 pm, I did not feel tired at all. One practitioner said it was like a miracle.

In “Stirred by Reflection” Master wrote:

“Righteous thoughts each step of the way,
Divine beings are present in this world.”

Later, I heard quite a few tickets were sold that evening. The patrons were very interested and hardly needed any further introduction. Here I would like to share one poem from Master and hope we can all do well:

“Following Master

Massive, powerful figures,
they gathered for the Great Current
Assuming different social statuses,
and different occupations
Dafa disciples are one body
Following Master in Fa-rectification,
working against sinister tides”

(Hong Yin III)

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