Please Be Diligent

Qinpiao Tianwan

PureInsight | March 14, 2013

[] Recently I’ve read several articles on the Clearwisdom and Pureinsight websites, in which practitioners described what they saw concerning Fa-rectification in other dimensions. Many of them mentioned that time was limited, and that Master had extended the timeline again and again. In “20th Anniversary Fa Teaching”, Master said, “Things that are not done well will impact things later on, but this overall time frame cannot be extended. This isn’t a matter of Master being compassionate or not. The reality is, in the end, if anything that has been saved or re-formed is not what I want or does not reach my standard, it will have been for naught since it will have to be destroyed. This time cannot be exceeded. So, for the beings that cannot be saved, that’s just how it is.” In my understanding, although we may not have done well in the past, Master has continued to pull us along the way.

Time is indeed very precious. However, when my human notions surface, I often become attached to everyday chores and the amusements of ordinary people. For example, during the recent holiday season, I often thought about buying some delicious food or and I would give myself breaks from the work I was doing. On Christmas Eve, a practitioner sent me an electronic card to wish me “Happy Holidays” and I also replied with one. Then, the practitioner told me that she was having dinner with many other practitioners. At that time, I was doing a Dafa project and while reading her reply, I suddenly felt very lonely. I knew it was due to my attachments, because I had been living abroad for several years and I did not recall having such feelings before. It was already past midnight when I finished the project. Upon returning home and turning on the computer, I saw an email in which a practitioner sent me a link to the Shen Yun Symphony Concert. I had planned to make some truth-clarification phone calls to China, however, I still clicked the link and began to watch even though I had seen it before. Then I was in tears. Because of these human notions, I did not feel worthy to stand in front of Master and sentient beings.

In “The Closer to the End, the More Diligent You Should Be”, Master said, “Actually, if you think about it, the cultivators of the past didn't dare to slack off for even a second, and that was when it took an entire lifetime to complete the journey. So how can Dafa disciples--who are to achieve the Attainment Status of a being who is saved by Dafa and who have the most convenient cultivation way--not be even more diligent when they are given this most glorious honor of Fa-validating cultivation in a brief cultivation period that passes in the blink of an eye?” All we have is from Master and we have no choice but to remain diligent. If we indulge in everyday life, we would bring loss to sentient beings.

When I made phone calls to China afterwards, I felt myself surrounded by compassionate energy and I could not hold back my tears. I told myself that no matter what happened, I would not slack off in my cultivation anymore.

I would like to conclude my sharing with Master’s words in “Teaching the Fa at the Conference VII” – Teaching the Fa in the City of Chicago. “This instant is precious beyond measure. Completing the last leg of this journey well is what's most magnificent.”

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