Master Is Right Beside Me

A Dafa disciple

PureInsight | April 26, 2013

[] During more than 10 years of cultivation, I never met Master. But Master is right beside me, accompanying my road with miracles.

1. Master uses melon to get rid of my attachment

In regards to eating, I do not think I have any big attachment. When I am home alone, I seldom cook dishes and I usually just prepare something simple to fill the stomach. Some practitioners said “You should still pay some attention to nutrition.” I replied with a smile, “We are practitioners, how could we talk about ordinary people’s nutrition? Master has taught us the Fa about this, hasn’t he?”

But I do have some attachment in eating fruits. I like eating tangerine during the winter and melons or watermelons during the summer when they are easily available. In the spring I always buy the fruits each time I went to the market to clarify the truth, I have thus unknowingly formed an attachment as I was buying more and more melons than I can possibly eat.

One summer morning in 2012, I bought more melons again. In a dream that night, I saw a bean-sized black spot on the melon as I was about to eat it. The black spot expanded quickly as I was carving it out, turning the melon into a black ball - like a big poisonous pill. I realized after waking up that I had formed an attachment to eating melon and that any attachment is a poison which is harmful. I must get rid of this attachment.


After breakfast the next morning, I noticed there were only two melons left and decided not to buy any more after eating them. As soon as I started to eat, a thick odor similar to farm pesticides caused me to feel sick. I instinctively spat it out and I wanted to vomit but couldn’t. The melons smelled so good when I bought them, yet today they tasted like farm chemicals. I threw away the melons and recalled Master’s Fa:“So when it comes to eating, it’s not right to be attached to any kind of food, not just meat. Some people say, "I just like to eat this." Well, that’s another desire. A cultivator doesn’t have that kind of attachment when he gets to a certain point”(Zhuan Falun, lecture 7). “If there’s a certain food you just want to eat, when you truly cultivate to the point when that attachment should go, you won’t be able to eat it, and when you do eat it, it won’t taste right.”(Zhuan Falun, lecture 7). Thank you Master for the compassionate revelation. I realized the attachment of eating melon must be thoroughly removed and I never bought melons after that.

In the blink of an eye, autumn arrived and autumn melons again appeared in the market. I saw the fruit vendor, and the smell of melon filled my nostrils. I thought: who knows if autumn melons are contaminated by pesticides? But it’s none of my business; I don’t want to eat them anymore. I looked at the melon indifferently and moved on.

Even this one little thought was seen by Master. During the night I had a very clear dream: I was standing in front of a big pile of melons the road side. Master bent down to whisk a melon and then went over to the other side to whisk another. Then he came back and picked up the melon he whisked the first time and handed it to me. I received the melon with two hands and said excitingly: “I receive what Master gives.” After waking up, I realized: Master knew I thoroughly got rid of the attachment to eating melon in this dimension; thus in another dimension, Master selected the best melon for me. I also realized that not only should the attachment to eating be dropped, but so are all other human attachments. “Can you bring to heaven the things deep down inside that you cannot let go of?”(Essentials For Further Advancement,’ True Cultivation’

By dropping human attachments and the worst things in this dimension, Master will give us the best things in other dimensions. The more that is put down, the more Master will give to us. It’s really like this!

Thank you Master for the compassionate revelations. I will always remember Master’s Fa:“I’ll tell you a truth: the whole process of cultivation is a process of constantly getting rid of human attachments”(Zhuan Falun Lecture 1). ‘Ordinary people have those ordinary pursuits of theirs, but we don’t go after that. And we don’t care for what ordinary people have. But what we have, that’s something ordinary people couldn’t get even if they wanted to’”(Zhuan Falun Lecture 4).


2. Master changes Chinese typing methods for me

One day in March 2013, a fellow practitioner told me that several Chinese typing methods were not safe for use. One of them was called the Sougou typing method that I had been using for the past few years. I don’t know how to change to a different method and I don’t want to disturb fellow practitioners. I therefore decided to wait for my daughter to change it at the end of the month.

When I got home that day, I turned on the computer to open a document using the Sougou method. I suddenly noticed that the Sougou icon was gone and replaced with a different icon. I clicked the new icon and four to five typing methods appeared. I selected one of them - “Google typing method” and it was very easy to use. This was really “‘Cultivation is up to you, gong is up to the master.’ All that you have is that goal, that thought, but it’s really the master who takes care of it.”(Zhuan Falun)

The next day I mentioned this to a fellow practitioner, and she said she was also using this typing method. Everyone was amazed. I thanked Master from the bottom of my heart. Only by doing the three things well can I repay Master’s grace.


3. Master helped me to go up the steps

One day in November 2009, I went to clarify the truth on the streets. It was rather warm and drizzling for a while when I left. Upon arriving home, the weather had become cold and the ground was very slippery and icy. When I went up the steps from below the viaduct, one of the steps in the middle was higher than others and I just could not go up. The ground was so slippery that I could neither go up nor go down and I was frightened of slipping. At the time I had my foreleg bent with my back leg straight, just standing there, unable to move. I decided to wait for someone to help. After a while I couldn’t endure much longer; my legs were getting tired and my arms were even more tired - I was holding the handlebar of the bike with one hand and carrying the frame of the bike with the other. If I were to give in, I would slip down, fall to the sidewalk, roll to the car lane, and the result could be too disastrous to think about. Just at this crucial moment, I felt both myself and the bike move up slowly. Following the bike upward, I dared not look back and breathed deeply. After arriving at the rest platform in the middle, I took a long breath and prepared to say “thank you” to the one who had helped me. But no one was behind me when I looked back; there was only me standing on the rest platform. Immediately I started shedding tears as it was Master who was protecting me!

I did not dare to climb the steps above me again, so I waited for someone for help. At that moment, two women came down in a hurry. While going down the steps they said, “.We saw you were stuck in the middle, so we quickly came over to help you.” I expressed my gratitude; however, no matter how hard the three of us tried, we could not push the bike up. At this time a man came up and said: “Let me do it.” Of the three of us, none of us said a word; we retreated backwards, and left the bike to him. After ascending to the viaduct, I thanked them and then clarified the truth to them. All of them did the three withdrawals.

On the path of cultivation, there have been countless miracles. Today I have narrated several of them to prove Dafa’s extraordinariness.

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