A Dafa Practitioner’s Death-Escaping Story

A Western Dafa Disciple

PureInsight | March 29, 2013

[PureInsight.org] I am a Falun Dafa practitioner. I have had some amazing experiences on escaping from life-threatening accidents that I’d like to share with everyone.

Firstly I was involved in two separate car accidents. The first accident happened about two months after I started to practice Falun Dafa. No one was injured in that accident - while my car was ruined, the other party’s car was not damaged at all.

In the second accident, a car was heading toward me at high speed, an invisible wall suddenly appeared between me and the other car came to a sudden stop. Neither my car, nor my body had a scratch.

When the policeman came over, he couldn’t understand what had happened. Considering the other car hadn’t hit my car, why was the other car’s front bumper damaged? And, if my car was hit, why wasn’t there a single sign of damage on it?

In the third occasion, I was standing on top of a ladder as high as a two-story building cutting tree branches with a motorized trimmer. It was still day time, and the trimmer was just filled up with gas, and could be used for at least two hours.

As I was stepping down on the ladder, the next thing I remembered was being suddenly awakened by my dog. It was pawing me, in an effort to pull me up. The front of my shirt was covered with the dog’s paw prints and it was ripped in a couple of places. It was getting dark, and I couldn’t remember what had happened, and why I was lying on the grass. The motor trimmer was very close to my side and it had stopped with the fuel tank emptied. Fortunately, it didn’t fall on me. With great difficulty, I managed to find my glasses in the grass a few metres away. I had no idea how my glasses were thrown so far away. I only felt my back was hurting and I could have fallen on some gravels.

I had a feeling that the back of my head was swelling, and it was hurting really badly. When I touched it, I found that the spot was swollen and bruised. My skull was really painful. I felt wobbly and disorientated. My legs felt like they were not touching the ground. However, I was still able to stand up. Although I was a little disorientated at that time, my main consciousness was still very clear and sharp. As I always firmly believe in the power of Master, I started to send forth righteous thoughts and to do the sitting meditation exercise to deal with the tribulation.

In the following three days, I had difficulty driving, and it was almost impossible for me to work as usual. I was starting to lose my memory. Thus, it was quite easy for me to forget things.

Some of my friends at work told me that I must have fractured my skull, and that the fractured bone pieces might have cut through the blood vessels, which could explain the blood coalesce and soft swollen the back of my head. They also mentioned that since I had fallen from such a height, even if I had not suffered many broken bones, my head still could have experienced some kind of severe percussion from the shock. There were simply too many cases where people had fallen to death from such heights.

As my company had bought me a health insurance cover recently, many of my colleagues asked me to go to the hospital right away otherwise my insurance cover could be invalid.

I did not follow their advice as I firmly believed there was nothing to worry about, because only Dafa have saved my life. So, every single day after work, I practiced the exercises and sent forth righteous thoughts.

On the third or fourth day after the accident, as I was doing the sitting meditation exercise, I entered into a very deep meditative state, and suddenly, I saw Master. Master recalled my memory to let me observe exactly what had truly happened that day.

The old evil forces had realized that they couldn’t directly ruin Dafa practitioners’ human bodies. They, however, wanted to use the ladder and the trimmer to take away my life. On that day, when I was about to go down the ladder, from another dimension, the dark hands of the old evil forces suddenly pushed the ladder. As a result, my foot missed the ladder and I fell to the ground in a free-fall with a body weight of about 200 pounds.

Right before I was about to reach the ground, Master suddenly appeared. Master extended his arms out to break my fall. My body, then, rolled from Master’s arms to the ground. Because I had fallen from such a height, the speed at which I reached the ground was so fast, I lost consciousness upon impact.

During my deep meditation, Master gave me a hint: everyone, even those Dafa practitioners who have already cultivated very well, could not have survived from such a fall, without Master there to save his/her life. By making me miss the ladder, the old forces were trying to take my life. Master, also, hinted that I should use my divine-powers to heal myself. So, I commanded all my cultivated particles to attack the blood clot and to repair my wounds. I observed the cultivated particles busily doing their jobs for a while.

After I had finished the sitting meditation, I touched the back of my head, only to find that there was no longer a bump, pain or itchiness. I no longer felt any dizziness at all. My memory quickly recovered, and my mind was unusually clear. I felt much more energetic than I had been before the fall.

I want to sincerely extend my gratitude to Master. I have become even more firm in my belief of Master and the Fa. Furthermore, I have a greater respect for Master and the Fa. Thanks again for the Master’s blessings.

Translated from: http://www.zhengjian.org/node/115166


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