Everything Is a Sentient Being: Story About a Shaver

A Dafa Disciple

PureInsight | April 13, 2013

[PureInsight.org] Chinese New Year has passed and four of us practitioners gathered again to start our everyday job. We usually used a practitioner’s cell phone to set alarm, but one day he accidentally placed it in a cabinet. As a result, we missed both the morning exercise and sending forth righteous thoughts. On the next day, after sending forth righteous thoughts at midnight he put the cell phone next to his pillow, hoping it would wake us up at 3:30 AM for morning exercises. When we were still asleep however, there was a loud noise nearby as if something was rotating. We turned on the light and found it was my electric shaver, the time was 3:20 AM. We were surprised that an electric shaver could work as an alarm. Nonetheless, we thought it might be a coincidence. For example, maybe one of us pressed it and the switch was turned on.

Two days later, similar things happened again. Not long after I finished charging the electric shaver, it began to make a noise at 5:55 PM. Time to wake up and send forth righteous thoughts as a group. One practitioner’s son saw the miracles both times and he asked me if I did something special to the shaver. I said no! He checked and found it was just a regular shaver. In the end, he was convinced and said, “This is really miraculous”.

Another day, the shaver called us again to send forth righteous thoughts at 5:55 AM. We discussed this and came to understand that everything was a sentient being and it could work as a Fa implement once we use it wisely. Another thing we realized was that the shaver knew practitioners in my Fa-study group that did not do well in sending forth righteous thoughts and was worried about it. In fact, many of us were distracted or even fell asleep when sending forth righteous thoughts. That was why the shaver reminded us to send forth righteous thoughts more and remain diligent.

Translated from: http://www.zhengjian.org/node/117042


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