Chinese university student’s third time watching ShenYun: respecting god from heart

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PureInsight | April 7, 2013

[] ShenYun’s fifth performance brought down the house on March 9, 2013. Mr. Liu was an audience member from Shenzhen, China. As a junior in college, he is now studying finance at the University of Newcastle. In order to watch ShenYun for the third time, he came all the way from Newcastle to London. He was deeply moved and found that he actually respect god very much from the inner heart.

“I cannot think of a more suitable word to describe the show except for beautiful. I do not want to describe it with modern language which, can be regarded as a desecration. Just because of its unique beautiful features, I watch it every year. ” Mr. Liu said, “The show demonstrates a kind of beauty which is totally different from Western art. It is the epitome of traditional Chinese culture. Even when I was living in China, I never saw such beauty. Despite China’s five-millennia culture, it was not until I went abroad that I see a genuine Chinese culture. ”

Mr. Liu first found out about Shenyun in 2011. He felt he was keen to watch the show after browsing relevant information online, so he went immediately to London to watch it. He came again to watch it in 2012, and in 2013, he had a stronger sense that he must come to watch Shenyun.

Mr. Liu sighed that it was not until he watched Shenyun that he found respect for the gods coming from his inner heart. He said, “Though I was brought up in China, I was not much tainted by atheism. I was very lucky in this regard. In fact, I respected gods very much since my childhood, though I did not realize it at that time. But after watching Shenyun, this consciousness grew into a strong respect for gods.” Mr. Liu said he was in touch with Falun Gong practitioners since childhood and had some neighbors who were practicing Falun Gong. They were true believers in gods; he felt they were very kind and warm people. It’s because of this that he was not affected by atheism too much.

Mr. Liu thinks that Shenyun’s tours around the world are very good, as genuine traditional Chinese culture can hardly be seen in China and overseas. He said, “China has a history and culture that lasted for more than 5,000 years which foreigners know little about, in fact many Chinese people don’t quite know it either. I think it is fortunate that the whole world gets to know the genuine Chinese culture through this show. Now mainland China and countries overseas are inundated with modern culture; even culture from the Western Renaissance has been forgotten by many people. I hope Shenyun can have more touring groups to perform in the world.”

Mr. Liu believes that traditional culture is very important to people. He read ancient literature and knew that ancient Chinese people stress “benevolence, righteousness, propriety, wisdom and fidelity.” “Ancient people paid particular attention to honesty and endurance. Modern people have forgotten these virtues, they fight each other when it comes to personal interests, and show a lack of humility.” He stated that he saw a kind of rectitude in the show, “Take the Tang Dynasty’s dance as an example. Every male showed much rectitude, and females appeared tender. Modern women are mighty while in the past females were very subdued. If people can have rectitude, a kind of cultural return can be achieved.”

Chinese Overseas Student: Tears Shed When the Curtain Opened

Ms. Li was an audience member from mainland China. She couldn’t help bursting into tears because of the show. She said excitedly, “I started to cry as soon as the curtain opened.”

One year ago, Ms. Li came to Britain as a postgraduate student. She told the reporter while sobbing: “I was overwhelmed and felt like crying. I don’t know why, I just felt moved. The moment the curtain opened, I burst into tears without a reason, it’s quite strange.” As she spoke these words, she nearly lost control and cried again.

What Ms. Li was talking about is the first scene, “Descend.” In this sacred scene of heaven with boundless glory, beautiful fairies are seen dancing on the clouds. Layers upon layers of law wheels extended boundlessly into the depth and expanse of the universe. The compassionate call of the Lord of Buddhas came from beyond the vault, many gods descended to the world with the Lord of Buddhas and created thousands of years of glory in human world.

While wiping tears from her eyes, Ms. Li continued, “Actually I heard about Shenyun previously, someone gave me DVD at home and I watched it. Last year I came to Britain to study and there was live show so I booked ticket.”

Ms. Li stated, “It is a different feeling watching the live show, which is breathtaking even from the beginning. It is quite enjoyable in the middle part, but when I saw the great Buddha appeared in the last scene, I was amazed. The whole backdrop was a big portrait of the Buddha, exalted. I think it’s quite good to practice Falun Gong, and I have a good mind to practice Falun Gong right now.”

The last scene Ms. Li referred to was called Mercy of the Buddhas and Gods. The scene demonstrated to people: Gods and Buddhas will open the gate leading to the new era for those who can keep the benevolent thoughts in their inner heart, making them move towards their new lives.

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