Master Soul of Lao Ren Departs His Body to Seek Help: A Revelation

A Mainland Dafa Disciple

PureInsight | April 13, 2013

[] My friend, have you ever seen the master soul of a person? I did, and it was during the daytime not too long ago. Not only did I see, but we talked while walking for a stretch.

One morning in November this year, I ran into fellow practitioner Sister Xue in our community. Sister Xue told me that her husband Lao Ren was terminally ill and was in an intensive care unit in a hospital. He was in a coma for a week with no hopeful sign of getting out of it, and she was preparing for his bereavement. She told me she would come to my home to get Master’s new article. About 4 o’clock that afternoon, when I headed out to do something, I was surprised to see Lao Ren sitting in front of the school gate. Upon seeing me, he waved his hand to greet me with a smile on his face. I was filled with wonder: even if he was out of coma, he couldn’t possibly be sitting beside the street. Was it his master soul?

Four or five days later, Sister Xue came to my home and told me Lao Ren was recovering but he still fell into a coma from time to time. I told her to ask him to recite the nine words of truth (“Falun Dafa is good, Truth Compassion Tolerance is good”) and beg for Master to save him. Sister Xue said she asked him when he first fell ill, but he said he would rather die than to recite. I then mentioned running into him on the street the other day. Sister Xue said it was impossible: He had been in the hospital all this time and I must have made a mistake.

A few days later, when walking around on the steps of my courtyard, I saw Lao Ren again. He was sitting on the long bench below the steps, talking to an old man. Because I was busy I did not go down to inquire but in my head I thought it was unbelievable.

Two or three days later, as I was going to get some groceries, I saw Lao Ren again, vigorously walking toward the exit gate. I thought I had to talk with him to see what was going on. So I quickly caught up with him and said, “Hello! You seem to be walking quite vigorously!”He said: “No problem with walking, but I have difficulty with breathing.” He pinched his throat with his hands while speaking. I asked him again: “Have you been in the hospital recently?” He replied “No, not in the hospital”. By that time we had already passed the gate for some distance and so we split up. Telling this to my spouse back home, we were puzzled even after pondering over it many times.

Four days later, an announcement of death was posted on the gate: “Somebody died from a disease. Incineration will occur in the morning the day after tomorrow”. The deceased person turned out to be Lao Ren. I went to Sister Xue’s home the next day; she was not at home but her son was. When I told him I ran into his father three times in the past ten days, and he immediately responded: “Oh! What you described is exactly like my father’s situation in the hospital. His leg was very strong, kicking away his quilt all the time, but he had difficulty breathing and kept pinching his throat. ”He also said that he had been accompanying his father in the hospital.His father never left the hospital bed since entering the hospital twenty days ago up until his death. He then asked me if I had met his father during the night. I said all our three meetings were during the day. He then asked me if I met with him in a dream. I again said no and that I met him in the yard and on the street. He also asked me if I had an illusion. I said no; it was very clear and real, and I even spoke to him! Sister Xue’s son and others were all stunned and he said: “It seems that Buddhas, Gods, and spirits do exist, it’s impossible to doubt!”


Upon returning home, I talked about this again with my wife, who said that he must have been suffering in hospital; why else would his master soul linger around instead of looking after the flesh body? Suddenly my spouse said “Other than Sister Xue, we are the only other Dafa disciples Lao Ren knows. As he once vilified Dafa and Master; was it that he became enlightened to everything during his moments of death? He might have known he had committed serious sins and thus, must have been looking for you to save him. If you had told him to sincerely recite“Falun Dafa is good, Truth Compassion Tolerance is good”, and had helped him to withdraw from the evil party, his master soul would have been at rest.” However at the time, I had only thought that it was strange, and thus missed this point as I was consumed by the strangeness. Still, another reason for my inaction was human perception: I thought that I would be telling him in vain , although Sister Xue had already advised him many times , he still continued to slander Master and Dafa viciously.

I exchanged views with fellow practitioners on how to make up for this, and we all agreed to help him withdraw from the party. Sister Xue happened to hold the same view and she also said that Lao Ren was severely tortured by the disease during his last few days. With a stomach tube and catheter inserted in his body, he could neither move nor speak, and he kept pinching his throat because of dyspnea. It was horrible to see. At that time she once again told Lao Ren to recite sincerely “Falun Dafa is good, Truth Compassion and Tolerance is good” and to plead for Master to save him. Lao Ren then nodded. After the funeral, Sister Xue dreamed that Lao Ren went to a temple with someone even though he had never believed in gods or gone to temples in his life. From then on, he probably started the path of believing in gods and cultivation. Another day Sister Xue dreamt that Lao Ren was beaten violently by several men in black; and they also demanded money from him.

After registering Lao Ren’s Party withdrawal, we told his master soul with our thoughts: 1. Sincerely acknowledge your mistakes to Dafa’s Master and mend your ways; 2. Recite sincerely the nine words truth; plead for Master’s salvation; 3.You have been withdrawn from the party; and you are safe now. When sending righteous thoughts after that, I saw a very healthy face full of smiles, waving his hands to send us his greetings. When it disappeared, a little boy emerged, sticking his head out to wave his hands at me. Since then, Sister Xue has never dreamt of Lao Ren. We knew that Lao Ren’s life was saved in the end; his soul could now live peacefully.

From this matter, I realized deeply that as Dafa disciples, when possible, we should persist in clarifying the truth, even to those who have always refused the truth and the belief of Gods and Buddhas. Dafa disciples only look to save people; we don’t have the right to easily give up on someone. Every chance may be the last chance which, if missed, may lead to endless, irreparable regrets.

This incident contains at least three revelations for ordinary people:

First, Gods and Buddhas really exist; atheism really is cut throat heresy. If Lao Ren was not poisoned by atheism and had believed in Gods and Buddhas earlier, he would never dare to vilify Dafa and slander Gods and Buddhas, nor would his master soul leave his body in a haste, looking everywhere for help. Since Gods and Buddhas really exist, then reincarnation and karmic retribution should also be real. Then that means all the things said by Dafa disciples: goodness will be rewarded and evil punished. Belief in Gods and respect Buddhas, kindness toward Dafa will be rewarded with blessings, and making the three withdrawals from the CCP will ensure salvations are all true!

Secondly, it’s a celestial principle that goodness will be rewarded and evil will be punished. For goodness sake do not believe in the propagandas and rumors made by CCP and follow the evil party to look upon Buddas, Gods and Buddha’s Law with hatred, or persecute Dafa disciples. For no matter what human beings do, they must face the consequences. The retribution for good and evil is like a shadow following one’s body with perfect accuracy. Then who is in charge of this perfectly accurate scale? None other than the ubiquitous Gods and Buddhas. Just think about the horrible suffering Lao Ren endured before his death and the dream-conveyed scene where he was violently beaten in the nether world. Didn’t he bring this on himself with his slandering and vilifying of Gods and Buddhas? If he did not believe the heresy of atheism and had respected Buddhas and Gods, would he then be so severely punished by heaven?

Thirdly, be quick to recite “Falun Dafa is good, Truth Compassion Tolerance is good” and register for oneself and one’s family the three withdrawals to secure safety; and do not miss another chance. When Lao Ren was alive, Sister Xue advised him many times to treat Dafa benevolently, recite “Falun Dafa is good, Truth Compassion Tolerance is good”, and withdraw from the evil party to secure safety. However, he just did not believe and refused to recite and withdraw from the evil party. It was not until just before his death, when he was suffering more than he could bear, did he realize that he had committed deadly sins by slandering Buddhas and Gods With haste, his master soul then went out to seek help while he agreed to recite “Falun Dafa is good, Truth Compassion Tolerance is good.” Though in the end Lao Ren was saved without mishap, he still suffered through much pains and left too many regrets for his relatives and friends. If he had accepted what Dafa disciples told him earlier, would this have happened?

A former secretary of the evil party who has passed away once appeared in a Dafa Disciple’s dream pleading to be saved and to be withdrawn from the evil party as quickly as possible. He said the King of Hell had announced both in words and in bulletin that one should quickly find the Dafa disciples one knew before death to seek help to do the three withdrawals. Once done, one will be led to a better place; otherwise, one will be cast into hell to suffer. Maybe some people will say: If I don’t see it, I won’t believe it. But there is a Chinese saying: rather believe it to be truth than not. Upon buying a car, who believes that they’ll eventually have a car accident? Yet everyone buys car insurance immediately. People’s lives are more precious than cars; why not secure safety by doing three withdrawals quickly? To put it another way: you will not need to spend a cent, what is the reason for not doing it?


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