A Dafa Disciple in China

PureInsight | April 26, 2013

[] Two years ago, Practitioner A, a very influential person in my area, passed away. This caused quite a commotion and brought about a negative impact on Dafa. In our discussion, we decided to record our experience so that others can also learn this lesson and continue to walk righteously on their path. Below are a few issues raised in our discussion.

1. The attachment of ease

Some practitioners pointed out: Practitioner A was very diligent when he rented a house, but once he bought a new house, he installed cable and internet and sometimes watched ordinary shows. His attachment of ease came out and he wasn’t as diligent in cultivation as before.

2. Financial

Last year, Practitioner B, another practitioner in my area had illness karma, so practitioners went to collectively send forth righteous thoughts. Practitioner B’s house wasn’t far away, so one could bike there. Some people decided to travel by carpool instead of travelling on foot, and Practitioner A’s car was used at the time. Some practitioners didn’t want Practitioner A to lose out, so they decided to take 500 yuan from the materials center’s funding and give it to him. In ordinary people’s principles, one doesn't want to take a present which is from someone who is ill because it is treated as bad luck. We are practitioners and use the Fa to evaluate situations: can we really touch the funds from the materials center? Clarifying the truth currently needs an enormous amount of investment! Wasn’t our decision harming Practitioner A? Practitioner A also didn’t realize the severity of the action and accepted the money. In these few years, Practitioner A didn’t properly handle the money that other practitioners gave him. Although he didn’t misappropriate the money and was still using it for truth clarification materials, he always had an attachment for money. In these years, he has been severely harmed by financial circumstances: his car was stolen, he had to pay for the accident in a car crash, and he was blackmailed several times. Everyone sympathized with him and thought he was having a difficult time in cultivation because he was bearing a lot. No one realized it had to do with his attachment to benefits.

3. Sleeping while sending forth righteous thoughts

Some practitioners pointed out this occurrence: Practitioner A reminded everyone that it was time to send forth righteous. However, while sending forth righteous thoughts, Practitioner A’s palm would frequently fall and become limp. Sometimes he would even breathe heavily in his sleep. Whenever someone pointed it out, he would say he was too busy yesterday and didn’t get enough sleep or that he was busy the previous days. No one really gave it a second thought. Among practitioners, if there is anyone whose palm falls while sending forth righteous thoughts, everyone must immediately and compassionately point it out. Said practitioner should also immediately look inside and quickly fill the gaps so as not to give evil a chance to exploit anything.

4. The issue of “no second discipline”

Last year, Practitioner A’s relative passed away and the family wanted to have singing priests (a spirit salvation ritual in our area) but no one was available. A relative invited Practitioner A to help sing. Other practitioners felt that it wasn’t right. Wasn’t this disobeying the Fa when it comes to “no second discipline”? Practitioners advised him not to go. Practitioner A said this was cultivating in accordance with the state of the ordinary society, so he went. Once he came back, his illness became worse and worse.

5. Complying with evil

A good friend of Practitioner A (also a practitioner) was arrested when trying to clarify the truth. In the prison, the other practitioner never complied with the evil. However, Practitioner A gave money and signed his name to try to bail out his practitioner friend.

6. The collective body has a gap

“Dafa disciples are one body/Following Master in Fa-rectification, /working against sinister tides” (“Following Master”, Hong Yin III). In this critical time period in the Fa rectification process, every practitioner has great influence. Evil’s persecution on fellow practitioners is actually a persecution of Dafa. There have been quite a number of incidents in our area the past few years. There were seven practitioners who passed away! When a fellow practitioner has an illness or massive tribulation, everyone must collectively send forth righteous thoughts, this isn’t wrong. However, when the effect isn’t as good as anticipated, the entire body as a whole must look inwards. Why is this? Some people want to get instant results, some follow the crowd, and some are even numb and helpless. There is little discussion about the Fa and a lack of diligence in doing the three things well. There is also a barrier among practitioners. These are all examples of not treasuring the cultivation opportunity. Master says, “Neither heaven nor earth can/block my road of Fa-rectification/But disciples’ human hearts can” (“Troubles”, Hong Yin III). If we don’t eliminate our human attachments, how anxious would Master be for us?

Fellow practitioners, please cherish this fleeting divine opportunity never to happen again! I will conclude with a section of Master’s Fa from What is a Dafa Disciple for mutual encouragement: “I hope that you all cherish yourselves, cherish others, and cherish this environment that you have. Cherishing the path that you travel is cherishing yourselves.”



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