Respect Master and the Fa When Handling Minor Details

A Dafa Disciple in China

PureInsight | April 22, 2013

[] This morning I went to group Fa study, and when I walked through the door, I saw a fellow practitioner wearing a set of red, thinly threaded clothes. They were really inappropriate. At that moment I suddenly felt I wanted to complain, thinking, “What kind of appearance is this!? It’s not decent at all—this is not respecting Master and the Fa, and looking at it from another perspective, there are male practitioners in the room!” When I asked, “Why are you wearing this kind of clothing?” she seemed to not see anything wrong with it. She said she dressed in a similar fashion at home—her family is in the retail business, and she deals with a lot of people. It goes without saying that practitioners have to strictly adhere to even minding minor details and establish a good image in society. Even with common, ordinary clothing, there should be modesty. From this I realized there is a portion of practitioners who haven’t realized that they wear inappropriate attire, with some even thinking it’s normal. The reason for this is mostly because of the wicked CCP’s use of degenerate morals to destroy China’s divine culture, and in the process, change people’s normal, everyday actions. The purpose was to destroy mankind.

There are also some Fa study groups where, while studying, practitioners prepare themselves a drink, and drink while studying. Superficially, this seems to be a trivial matter, but from the perspective of respecting master and respecting the Fa, I think this is not at all a trivial matter; at the very least it is far too relaxed. We are studying the Fa of the universe, and haven’t we all heard that when the gods in the heavens hear Master lecturing on the Fa, they are kneeling? If we aren’t mindful of this aspect of respecting master and the Fa, then the old forces will take advantage of this omission to persecute us and inflict hardship on our cultivation. Even today, some practitioners have from time to time adopted the bad habit of folding their legs. Also, more than once we’ve seen in fellow practitioner’s homes Master’s Fa portrait hanging on the wall, directed at the bed in the bedroom. They would lay on the bed with their feet pointed directly towards the portrait. I felt really uneasy in my heart when hearing this. Afterwards I mildly cautioned the fellow practitioners, and to this day I don’t know if they’ve corrected themselves or not.

Recently, I enlightened that a poor living environment directly affects how well we do Dafa activities. There was a local practitioner who was preparing to establish a new truth clarification resource center in his home. He was a retired teacher, and had a good cultivation foundation and technical skills. Both he and his wife practiced cultivation. Our initial expectation was that there wouldn’t be any problems with the site. The equipment was brought to his house, debugged, and then we had him make a few materials—everything was working properly. Two days later, he used coded writing to tell us that the machine had encountered some problems and asked us to come look at it. The practitioners found there were no problems with the machine and the motor was still operating normally. They then told him that he must first look within himself for problems when the machine malfunctions. After a week, the practitioner again sent a short message saying something was wrong and asked us to come. Once again, after the practitioners examined the machine it seemed to have fixed itself. At this point something caught the practitioners’ attention—the main problem was that the living environment there wasn’t good. The practitioners discovered that there was large cabinet attached to the couples’ bed frame with two small piglets living inside—humans and pigs were sharing the same bed. There was already an odor in the room. How could this be okay? As it turns out, the machine didn’t want to perform divine work at this practitioner’s house. So the machine was taken to another practitioner’s home where he used it to print weekly truth clarification materials and it worked perfectly fine. It appeared that only after cleaning up the environment did the machine want to work.

There was once an article on Minghui saying that wearing pyjamas while studying the Fa was inappropriate. After all, would you meet your boss wearing pyjamas? And that’s even more so for underwear. I hope from today forward, fellow practitioners will make sure to pay attention to these seemingly trivial matters—do not commit wrongdoing after wrongdoing. Having witnessed this issue, I also looked within myself, and noticed that I too had some factors of not respecting Master and not respecting the Fa. Sometimes when I studied the Fa, I would sit with various poor postures or think about other things, and when I sent forth righteous thoughts at midnight, I did so covered by a blanket. These things must be immediately cultivated away; we shouldn’t knowingly make mistakes. Fellow practitioners, let us cherish what Master has suffered for us, and on our continued path, treasure the remaining time like tens of thousands of gold pieces. Harbor higher wisdom, be disciplined on minor matters, save more people, and vigorously advance forward.

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