Amazing Dafa Cultivation Story: Part Four

A Dafa Practitioner

PureInsight | April 22, 2013

[] Even though Dafa practitioners cultivate themselves within the ordinary societies of this world, Master is meticulously taking care of each practitioner from other dimensions. I’d like to share with fellow practitioners some of my amazing cultivation experiences.

I used to be a member of the Buddhist Pure Land sect in the 1980s. I was twenty something years old at that time and was full of curiosity about the universe and life itself. I simply had too many questions, so I often visited temples to seek answers from the residing monks. Once while I was visiting a temple, the head of the temple came and asked me to stay there. I agreed and stayed in the temple for more than half a month. Every day, I would go to the main worship hall to recite various Buddhist scriptures with others, and afterwards, I would help perform some ceremonies. I was greatly puzzled by many of those mysterious words in the scriptures and didn’t know or understand how to advance in my cultivation.

In early August of 1994, Honourable Master went to the northern city of Harbin to teach the Fa. I was fortunate enough to learn of the event and attend His Lectures. I had finally started practicing Falun Dafa. I read the book Falun Gong a couple of times and eventually got rid of all my Buddhist scriptures and books and then left the temple. All of the monks and lay Buddhists that I had come to know around that period of time criticized me and labelled me as a traitor. I didn’t mind being labelled as such as I was immersed in happiness while cultivating Falun Dafa. My celestial eye was opened right at the very beginning of my Dafa cultivation, and as a result I was able to see Falun in various colors. Some of the Falun were transparent, some were golden, some were white, and some were full of color. Some Falun moved like tornados, some moved like giant wind mills, and some turned like spinning tops.

In July of 1999, the evil old forces started to brutally persecute Dafa practitioners. One day, I suddenly saw with my celestial eye many pigs and dogs fighting with each other fiercely on the ground. I also saw some monks approach me and grasp my hair forcefully. I realized that those were manifestations of the degenerated old forces in other dimensions.

One night during the year 2000, Master rendered a very vivid dream for me. In my dream I was climbing a mountain together with some other practitioners. We were pulling grass out along the way, and the grass was poisonous. After we reached the summit of the mountain, we were astonished to see a golden ladder leading high up into the sky appear right in front of us! I couldn’t see the far end of the ladder. I realized that the poisonous grass that I had been pulling out from the ground were actually my own attachments. Only after I had gotten rid of all my attachments would I see the path to divinity. How merciful the Honourable Master is!

Sometime during the end of 2002 and the beginning of 2003, I started to develop an attachment to wondering when the persecution was going to end. I kept asking myself this question. My thoughts and behavior began to slacken off and I gradually reduced myself to the state of an ordinary person. I didn’t want to study the Fa, and I didn’t feel like doing any truth clarification work either. Just around the moment when I was about to completely give up, a fellow practitioner sent me an email asking me to go and visit him right away. I felt a little confused so I went to visit him. As soon as I got to the practitioner’s house, another practitioner who was there said to me with a straight face, “Hey look at you, why are you wearing clothes with so many holes?” I immediately understood that Master was pointing out my cultivation problems. I had lots of gaps in my cultivation. From that day onward, I understood of the seriousness of cultivation and treated myself like a true cultivator once again.

In 2007, I had to leave my hometown because of the persecution and started wandering around the country. I ended up in a place more than one thousand miles away. One day while I was doing the sitting meditation, I began to notice with my celestial eye that one Dafa material center in a faraway city was full of dark clouds and there were some giant serpents slithering around; the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) bloody red flag (the flag of China) was waving around and swords and knives seemed to be everywhere. The dark clouds were so deep that it was difficult to see through them. I understood at once that the material center must have been under surveillance by the CCP, so I immediately made a long distance phone call to a fellow practitioner in that city and told him about what I had seen and asked him to move everything out of the center. Fellow practitioners in that city cleaned up the center right away, and the potential losses were thus reduced to a minimum. I also noticed from my celestial eye that one particular fellow practitioner’s room was in a complete mess. I was not able to tell the practitioner about it soon enough and the practitioner was later illegally kidnapped by the evil forces.

Sometime during the year of 2009, I still had not completely let go of my desire toward my wife. One night I had yet another very clear dream. In the dream, I was separated from my wife by a bridge between us. My wife and I were looking at each other. There was water over the bridge (indicating lustful sentiment) and there were fish swimming around in the water (indicating flesh desires). All of a sudden, my child ran to me and I saw that my son’s eyes were blind. When I woke up the next day and discussed this strange dream with my wife, my wife said that the water and fish in the dream might indicate fortune for the family, but I disagreed. A few days later, my son fell from a sofa while playing, and his left eye was injured seriously. It took more than half a month for him to recover. Without Master’s protection, I couldn’t imagine what the outcome could have been. Cultivation is a very serious matter. One cannot make it if one is attached to lust.

One day during the summer of 2012, I was on my way to a fellow practitioner house to help out with some house work. Before I got there however, I first stopped at another practitioner’s house. I noticed a small hole about an inch in diameter in the ceiling of this practitioner’s room where she had placed Honourable Master’s portrait. Grains of sand were falling out of the hole every now and then, the sand appeared yellowish and very fine grained. Suddenly, I saw something like the tip of a yellow weasel’s tail. I told her what I had seen, and she immediately asked her son and husband to go and catch the animal from another room. When I arrived at the other practitioner’s house and told the story, I learned that she was right in the midst of worries about her daughter’s marriage. The evil forces were apparently everywhere.

Fellow practitioners really need to work together in doing the three things as a whole; we should cooperate well and improve ourselves together as one body. Master is worried for us, and in most instances cannot directly or plainly tell us what to do or how to go about it—we are allowed only hints here and there. Around the same period of time, I also saw another practitioner’s immortal infant. The immortal infant appeared like a teenager and was sitting nobly on top of a wreath made of lotus flowers. The serenity and holiness of the immortal infant was beyond words. Beautiful, colorful clouds and jewellery like sparkling lights surrounded the immortal infant—something beautiful beyond this world indeed!

There are still many other similar stories, and I simply can’t list them all here. The hints given by Honourable Master have always been wondrous in nature and filled with inspiration. It’s very hard to describe such hints in human language. I just want to alert fellow practitioners to keep up your righteous thoughts and righteous understanding. Only through solid Fa study can we rest assured that we won’t deviate from the correct path.

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