What a Western Practitioner Experienced in Concentration: Master’s Wisdom

A Western Dafa disciple

PureInsight | April 17, 2013

[PureInsight.org] This sharing is about what a Western Dafa disciple experienced in concentration during the fifth exercise late at night last December.

The Dafa disciple saw that the principles of the old universe were about to enter into the final phase of destruction. This was the original arrangement and the limit of wisdom of the primitive gods in the old universe—the Three Realms and all of humanity were about to be thoroughly destroyed.

The Western practitioner understood that according to the arrangements, when the seventh and final seal was opened, the gods would start thoroughly destroying sentient beings on the basis of the contents in the seal. The separations between various dimensions in the universe would be eliminated, and judgments from higher dimensions would begin on Earth. After the judgments, the Three Realms would return to a primitive, empty, dark, and chaotic state. Neither gods nor humans would remain here.

The practitioner said that he then saw Master appear at the top of the universal vault. Witnessed by all gods, as well as by the selfish old forces, Master opened the huge golden seal with His hand signs.

Master announced the contents of the seal—based on the plans of the primitive gods—in public without adding or omitting a single word.

Master then did small hand signs to the seal after reading it, and it changed to something resembling a child’s jigsaw puzzle and dropped to the ground piece by piece. After that, Master reassembled every piece with small hand signs and formed a seal with exactly the same number of words as the previous one but in a different order.

Master then read the contents of the new seal aloud again, and the contents had completely changed. The old forces were very obstinate upon listening, but they dared not get angry or say anything in disagreement. They could not imagine that Master had such great omnipotent wisdom so as to reprocess the seal so that it conformed to their rules but not to their arrangements. Master read the new version word by word according to the rules set by the old forces. According to their own arrangements, the total destruction of the Three Realms and all of humanity would be implemented step by step according to what Master, The Lord Creator, chanted. The big judgment to the Chinese Communist Party evil spirit, the weeding out of bad beings, and the punishment of human beings would be accomplished in three phases.

During concentration the Dafa disciple understood that every day from now on is an extension for sentient beings, borne by Master with enormous suffering and boundless wisdom. In the time ahead, cultivators must mature as quickly as possible and become true Dafa disciples. During the coming series of weeding out of sentient beings, no matter what kind of unexpected things happen and no matter whom they happen to—even if they happen to practitioners we think have cultivated very well—we must not waver in our solid belief in Master and Dafa. We must also continue to save more people.

The above was experienced by a Western Dafa disciple at his level.

Translated from: http://www.zhengjian.org/node/114816


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