Do Not Underestimate Yourself or Overestimate the Old Forces

Shi Po

PureInsight | May 14, 2013

[] There is an article on volume 583 of “Minghui Weekly” titled: “My Understanding on ‘Once your thought is righteous, evil will collapse’.” The author describes an incident about one Dafa practitioner. The Dafa practitioner was once threatened by her husband who held a kitchen knife and violently demanded that she kneel before him for mercy. The practitioner said to herself: “Why? You should kneel before me right now!” Immediately, her husband threw away the knife and knelt on the floor.

I also had a similar experience. One day, I was reading the book “Zhuan Falun” when my wife—who used to be a practitioner but stopped after the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) started its persecution on Falun Dafa—approached me and asked me to stop reading it. At first, she shouted at me. When she noticed that I was not paying any attention to her, she rushed to the kitchen and brought out a kitchen knife. She waved the knife in front of me and threatened: “Do you want to cut me, or do you want me to cut you?” The situation was extremely tense; I didn’t want to think too much about any possible consequences. I thought to myself: “I am being protected by Master; you won’t be able to touch even a single hair on me.” I quietly and calmly reasoned with her: “Look, we’ve been married for so many years, and our granddaughter is already more than 10 years old. Cutting you? I find it unbearable even to just have a thought of beating you. My mouth would remain shut even if I want to fight with you. Why do you think I would want to hurt you?” Upon hearing that, my wife quickly turned around, returned the kitchen knife and stopped bothering me.

There was another incident I’d like to share with everyone. One afternoon around two o’clock, the CCP office unit director at my work unit asked me to go to his office. Upon entering, I found that the work unit’s CCP unit secretary, the chairman of the workers union, an official from the local “610” office and three strangers were there. The CCP director started to introduce the three strangers to me and told me that these people were working at a very large and famous local enterprise; they also used to practice Falun Gong; they had come over to have a discussion with me and that they just wanted to help me.

I understood right then that these people had come to change my mind on Falun Dafa. They must have been invited by the CCP officials in my work unit to try to do these dirty things.

It came as no surprise that I was asked to talk a little about myself. I began to say how much I had benefitted from practicing Falun Dafa; Falun Dafa had cured my illnesses. I then continued to tell my story of going to Beijing to help validate the Fa after the CCP’s crackdown on Falun Dafa. Those people became very impatient with listening to my stories, and they stopped me. They began verbally attacking me one by one without pausing as if they were shooting at me with a machine gun. Lies, unfounded statements, libels, dirty words, snobbish remarks, and humiliating phrases were flying around like crazy.

Two hours passed very quickly. I questioned the CCP unit secretary: “Is this a discussion? What is there to be discussed? This is the same old trick that those ‘red guards’ used to attack the senior government officials during the Cultural Revolution. You are simply lying about this meeting.”

They became very edgy. Another three hours passed. I took a look at my watch, and it was already seven o’clock. I said to them with obvious ease: “I am already hungry. I need to go home to eat dinner now.” I stood up right away and left the office. They felt very awkward and embarrassed.

The next day, I documented what had happened in the meeting and sent the document to every CCP board of commission member in my work unit. I also mailed the same document to some high ranking government officials who were in charge of our work unit.

From then on, those people never approached me. Whenever they ran into me, they would lower their heads to avoid looking at me.

In the poem “What’s There to Fear” from “Hong Yin Volume II”, Master says: “Once your thought is righteous, evil will collapse” (Hong Yin II, “What's There to Fear”). A righteous thought is a divine thought. It is a thought that is in line with the standards of Falun Dafa practitioners; it is the thought that Master has asked us to develop during our cultivation. As long as we hold on to such a righteous thought, there is nothing that we cannot eliminate and nothing that we cannot overcome. Once we have that thought, no one can hurt us. Master mentioned: “Our Falun Dafa protects students from going wrong. And how does it protect you? Our Law Wheel protects you if you’re a true cultivator. My roots are all deeply planted in the universe, and if someone could affect you, he could affect me, and to put it directly, he’d be able to affect the universe.” (Zhuan Falun, The First Talk).

No matter how powerful the evil CCP or the evil old forces may appear to be, they are nothing when confronted with Master and the great universe’s Dafa. They are so trivial and tiny that one can easily crush them with the touch of a single finger. We are Dafa practitioners; we are being protected at all times by Master’s Fa-shen (Law body). Master has already bestowed supernormal powers upon us. The key is whether or not we hold on to a righteous thought. Once a righteous thought is developed, all evil will be destroyed. We are divine beings, while they are just ordinary humans. How can a divine being fear a human being?

Some practitioners become extremely fearful whenever there appears to be some kind of political oppression. They would hide here and there, remain secretive and would not have the strength to do the “three things” (studying the Fa, sending forth righteous thoughts and clarifying the truth of Falun Dafa). Some practitioners would succumb to family pressures or pressures from their work units. They have given up their cultivation and have started to behave just like ordinary people. Some have even joined the evil CCP to persecute fellow practitioners. There are some practitioners who have been tortured so severely that they must be hospitalized. Some practitioners are not walking properly on their cultivation path; some of them have even passed away. Also, some practitioners have been repeatedly kidnapped by the CCP, and their houses have been ransacked. They have been sent to “brainwashing” centers, labor camps or jails. They are undergoing all kinds of tortures. Some have been tortured to death.

Why do those practitioners have to go through such terrible ordeals? I think one very important reason is that these practitioners have not treated themselves as true Dafa cultivators. At the critical moment, they forget Master, they forget Dafa, they lose righteous thoughts, they do not treat themselves as divine beings, they underestimate themselves, and they overestimate the evil and old forces. Evil is just like an elastic spring. If you press strongly, it weakens; if you become weak, it will strengthen.

Dafa practitioners, please start behaving like divine beings. Do not underestimate yourself!

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