The Responsibilities of a Cultivating Couple

Cheng Yu

PureInsight | May 14, 2013

[] In the 2013 Shenyun performing arts show, there is a song called: “Bring with You My Heart’s Wish” sung by tenor Huan Xing. The song goes: “While clouds float across the blue sky, please bring joy to the one in my heart; thousands of years waiting have not been in vain, Dafa was widely spread and I made my predestined connection. I no longer search amidst delusion. Clouds floating away across the blue sky, please deliver my heart’s wish to the one I love. I want to strive with her so we can improve together, and cultivate ourselves together.” When I heard the words, “improve together, cultivate together,” I was moved. I suddenly realized that this should be the standard for married couples to maintain their relationships in the future, and that this should also be the path that Dafa practitioners should follow right now, especially married couples.

The downward spiral of the current society’s moral standard is alarming. There is no bottom line in people’s minds with regards to marriage. People have no scruples whatsoever towards sexual promiscuities and it has gotten to the point that even incest is not looked down upon anymore. Although people in the past treasured the so-called gratitude and love relationship between couples, and, even though they placed gratitude before love, the gratitude that they talked about was very limited. It was just about the gratitude between a couple, and the gratitude one developed towards his parents, or heaven.

Today, Dafa practitioners should definitely not follow the current society’s degenerate notions regarding marriage. Can we also claim that the principles that ancient people upheld with regards to marriage were perfectly good? In my opinion, the so-called gratitude element is very limited, because there is too much sentiment involved. As human beings live in a delusional world, there are so many things for people to become enlightened to. Human beings have no idea why they have come to this world, and they have no idea what the true purpose of one’s life is. As a result, the human world has now reached the brink of total destruction. If a married couple both are cultivators, one very important part of the relationship should be “improve together.” Let’s think a little bit about it. We are extremely fortunate to have received Dafa. We are so blessed by Dafa. That is, Dafa has granted us the opportunity to cultivate ourselves, and to return to our original homes. Heaven is our ultimate destination. So we should be very grateful to Dafa. How do we express our gratitude towards Dafa? A married couple should improve together along the path of cultivation. We should live our lives and show our gratitude in our daily life activities in the human world.

Living in the sea of ordinary people, Dafa practitioners should begin to gradually detach themselves from the lust attachment. In the end, we should completely get rid of it in order to reach a state that is completely void of any human flesh desires. Of course, our Master doesn’t force us to become monks or nuns. If everyone turns into a monk or nun, would there be any future generations? In fact, we are still able to get married in this human world. However, as cultivators, we have to entirely remove our attachment to lust. Isn’t that a contradiction in itself? The answer is, “No.” My own understanding is that the primary reason for sexual relationships in human society is to make sure that humans are able to multiply in numbers, which guarantees the continuation of future generations. Sexuality is not a reason for us to hoard our desires and attachment to lust. However, if we take advantage of marriage and get lost in the world of desires and lust, or even worse, if we try to claim that it is needed to maintain a normal life in this human world, then we are simply making excuses for our own attachments. In my opinion, the statement “maintain a normal life in this human world” is nothing but an extra push to accelerate the ever degenerating moral standards of today’s world.

My spouse and I are both cultivators. Our child is also a Dafa practitioner. We are very proud of our family of cultivators. I got married because my husband and I shared the same faith in Falun Dafa. In more than ten years of our marriage, we have never fought with each other. We have been cooperating very well doing Fa Rectification work. After I read the article titled “Cultivating one’s heart, removing one’s lust” published on Minghui website, I came to realize that cultivators should get rid of the attachment to lust. The Qi of blood and essence is used to cultivate one’s longevity; it’s not intended to be used for the indulgence of the human flesh desires. At the same time, lust is the very first blockage that a cultivator must overcome in order to pass the divide between humanity and divinity. Ever since then, we have got rid of our human flesh desires. It’s been more than seven years now and our family is very harmonious and solid. It is our genuine vow to come to this world to improve together, and to cultivate together in Dafa. This is how we live amongst ordinary people.

There are Dafa couples that show almost no difference between themselves and ordinary people. They fight with each other, and blame each other when running into issues. Each one feels he or she has got enough of the other. These kinds of couples usually interfere with each other’s cultivation. In my opinion, such married couples have not walked well along the cultivation path that has been laid down by Master. They have not learned to look inward. Even worse, some couples are unable to get rid of their human flesh desires; they even try to find excuses from within the Fa. Also, they have not fully understood the responsibilities that they are carrying with them. Every step that a Dafa practitioner takes will be referenced by future generations to come.

Dafa practitioners are cultivators; we are walking along the path to divinity. Each step we take will be referenced in the future. What we do, and how we behave ourselves in this world right now will probably become the standard for ordinary people in the future. My understanding is that, not only cultivators in the future will look back to see how we married Dafa couples have managed to live our lives at the present, but ordinary people, too, will in the future look up to us and follow what we have laid out for them. It can thus be seen, that the moral standard for people in the future will be very high. People in the future will not only live harmonious married lives, they will also have very strict rules regarding sexuality. Sexuality will be used only for the purpose of the continuity of the human race; it will absolutely not be abused by people for the sake of indulgence.

Dafa cultivation is a serious matter. We are living in this special ending period of human society. All the degenerate notions in this world-ending period will come to influence us. If we cannot follow strictly the rules of Dafa, and if we keep making excuses for our attachments, then it will be difficult for us to understand the Fa. As a result, it is quite possible that we may not be living up to the moral standard that the future generations will strive to reach. Master has already presented Dafa to us, we really should cherish this moment, and we really should go beyond the boundary of human flesh desires. I suggest that fellow practitioners ask themselves: “Am I really a Dafa practitioner? Have I truly understood the Fa? Am I truly cultivating myself? Am I completely following Master’s teachings without making a single excuse?”

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