Understandings on Rescuing Detained Practitioners

A Dafa Practitioner in Mainland China

PureInsight | May 4, 2013

[PureInsight.org] After my brother was arrested for practicing Falun Gong, we planned to hire an attorney for him and enter a plea of not guilty. I felt very sad when seeing my brother—who was once young and confident—walk into the trial court wearing ankle shackles and guarded by police agents. My self-esteem, sentimentality, and attachment to reputation were so large that I burst into tears. I asked Master for help, and I was then enlightened that we need to find the root cause of problems instead of simply solving them temporarily.

I thought this over for two hours the next morning and was able to understand the situation better. I came to understand that it is a precious and unprecedented opportunity for Dafa practitioners in my family to assist Master in the Fa-rectification and save sentient beings. How can we not cherish every minute and instead be trapped in sentimentality? The reason we are here forming a family is not to indulge ourselves in sentimentality. Although we came together as a result of predestined karmic relationships, the purpose for us to be here is to validate the Fa together and save sentient beings.

I felt better after thinking this way. When waking up in the morning, I found the three lamps hanging from ceiling were all lit, although one of them had broken down several years ago and I had not yet replaced it. I was even calmer when sending forth righteous thoughts in the evening. I realized that I was rescuing my brother not just for his sake, but to safeguard the Fa from a larger context. Through my celestial eye I saw some armed soldiers came out with swords and stand behind the CCP officials involved in my brother’s case, waiting to see their attitudes towards it. By then, I no longer had hatred but only the compassionate power that dissolved the evil. I sent forth righteous thoughts for an hour and felt many vicious beings were eliminated.

I thought about this even further the next day. Everyone in my family has hoped for a happy life. In particular, our parents wanted my brother and I to both have ideal wives. The reason we could form a family was the result of predestined relationships from past lives. But regardless of our being parents, sons, or daughters-in-law, our purpose of getting together in this life is for cultivation practice and to remind each other to do well, instead of simply leading an everyday life.

I also noticed my attachment to reputation and material interest. I was enraged and resentful when seeing my brother’s huge financial loss after thinking about his great success in the past. When thinking about this further, however, I realized that we needed to stand up after this heavy blow. We needed to let go of all attachments and assimilate to the Fa unconditionally.

Thinking this way, I no longer attributed this incident all to my brother. We should all look within rather than expecting only arrested practitioners to do so. Later, I enlightened that it was important for practitioners in my family to understand this tribulation based on the Fa and to handle it well. On the surface, we are rescuing my brother, while in reality every one of us is fulfilling our own responsibilities.

Soon afterwards, we began visiting the judicial and police offices. Another family member and I went to the agency that persecuted my brother, while other practitioners sent forth righteous thoughts to support us. The whole process went smoothly. However, I had some fears when thinking about visiting the 610 Office the next day. I had been depressed after overhearing from some court officers that my brother would receive a long-term sentence, and I did not sleep well that night.

Early next morning, however, I was enlightened to more principles. Although I appeared to clarify the truth to the judicial and police officers, what I had really been seeking was to get my brother released. This contradicted a Dafa disciple’s mission, and that was why I felt depressed and powerless. With these understandings, I suddenly felt my nervousness and depression vanish, and everything became clear. I entered the 610 Office with compassion, knowing that the persecution should not have started in the first place.

We encountered some unexpected incidents, but all of them were resolved with our righteous thoughts. We improved our xinxing while clarifying the truth of Falun Gong to those officers. I realized that we should do the things we are supposed to do without pursuit. In addition, after we clarified the truth, about 20 people agreed to quit CCP.

Nonetheless, I was attached to sentimentality after learning my brother would still not be released. I thus evaluated the issue again with the Fa-principles and considered how to improve through the tribulation. I knew we all could make it through. But because my sister-in-law was a new practitioner, she treated the tribulation with human notions and blamed my family for my brother’s arrest, even swearing at and hitting my parents. I thus had some hatred towards her. But wouldn’t I have been more sympathetic towards her if she was my own sister? I no longer had negative thoughts towards her after considering it this was.

I had an encouraging dream last night probably because my thoughts were on the Fa. A god associated with the old forces said that it would no longer test me and that I could graduate with diploma at any time. It then left with two practitioners I did not know, saying that it would continue to test them. From this, I enlightened that the old forces are no longer able to test practitioners once we meet the requirements of the Fa.

This was my experience of rescuing my brother. Please point out anything inappropriate.

Translated from: http://www.zhengjian.org/node/116342


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