Feelings after reading “If the Attachment to Showing off Isn’t Eliminated, the Danger Is Great (With a Comment from Master)”

A Dafa Disciple

PureInsight | May 23, 2013

[PureInsight.org] The situation mentioned in the article, “If the Attachment to Showing off Isn’t Eliminated, the Danger Is Great”, is prevalent in our area as well. These people with deviant “realizations” not only spread the evil websites and its statements among others with such “realizations”, but also use various methods to attempt to poison true cultivators. For example, when such people had just begun having deviant “realizations”, they were distributing false scriptures and the locations of evil websites at public mailbox stations. When other practitioners found out, they immediately changed the password of the mailbox stations. Those people would also weave among the practitioners they knew well and forcibly set up the evil websites on the practitioners’ computers. When practitioners had strong righteous thoughts, under Master’s watchful eye, the computers wouldn’t turn on, so those people couldn’t install anything.

The appearance of these people with deviant “realizations” is truly like what Master said: “All such people have deviated from the Fa as a result of their attachment to showing off. There are always some among our students who wish to display their brilliance, to show how learned they are, or how lofty their realizations are. Sooner or later they get into trouble. The evil websites try to ensnare such people.” ▪ If the Attachment to Showing Off Isn’t Eliminated, the Danger is Great (With a Comment from Master)

The people with deviant “realizations” in our region all seem to have had one common characteristic before they incurred this state. That is, I feel, they all liked ‘doing things’. They treated the number of things one did as the standard for whether one cultivates well. They didn’t look inwards when faced with issues and instead, looked outwards. For example, if their car broke down, then they would say, “It’s all because I went to so-and-so’s house. If I hadn’t gone there to do things, the car wouldn’t have broken down.” Under this sort of mindset, they would fail obstacle after obstacle. Eventually, their human notions became too great, so they started thinking, “Am I not still cultivating Dafa!? I’m cultivating Dafa and Master isn’t protecting me. Instead, He’s giving me this hardship, this test, this loss, and He’s inconveniencing me…” Then, once these people began interacting with someone who had formed deviant “realizations”, in the absence of external surface level persecution in this human dimension, they would also go along with those “realizations”. It is quite a pity.

In order to avoid this situation, from the perspective of self-cultivation, one must cultivate oneself in all matters and at all times; look inward; cultivate away human notions; treat every test as an opportunity to improve oneself; and thank Master from the depths of one’s heart whenever one is faced with a test. One should think, “this is Master’s compassion towards me—giving me another opportunity to cultivate away my human notions and improve.” If one truly has such a sincere attitude toward cultivating oneself, one will not be interfered with by the evil and will thus not have the issue of having deviant “realizations”. Whenever I encounter a test or interference in cultivation, I look inwards. As soon as I look inwards, I immediately realize that these tests and interferences were all targeting my human notions. Soon afterwards, I get the feeling that I was not diligent in cultivation and that I was unworthy of Master’s salvation. I also feel extremely thankful towards Master; Master really worried about my cultivation! Of course, attachments such as showing off definitely should not be nourished. No matter how many things one has done and no matter how big they are, one should feel that one has done too little, or perhaps even done nothing. Compared to what other practitioners have done, it isn’t even worth mentioning. Perhaps this is the mindset one should have.

As a whole body, especially in group Fa study, or in coordinating group projects, there must be an atmosphere of true cultivation. When faced with major conflicts, everyone can candidly look inwards to find shortcomings and to cultivate away human notions. If one sees a fellow practitioner with a human notion, one should point it out compassionately. If one sees a practitioner with a major human notion, one should study the Fa with that practitioner and suggest to the fellow practitioner to improve by using Master’s Fa. The body of true cultivators should use the ability to truly cultivate oneself as the standard for judging practitioners, instead of judging by the amount of things a practitioner has done. Let’s try not to mediate the differences at the sacrifice of the principles. With this sort of truly cultivating body, evil will not be able to interfere with us. Seeing side-tracked practitioners develop deviant “realizations” really makes me lament.

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