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A Dafa Disciple from Heilongjiang Province

PureInsight | May 27, 2013

[PureInsight.org] I have practiced Falun Dafa for thirteen years. In the past ten years or more, I have been protected and saved by Master’s compassion. Here I have written down some details in bits and pieces to share with everyone.

Venerable Master gives his blessing when Disciples’ thoughts are righteous

Because I work as a shoemaker, I use a particularly potent type of superglue that takes off your skin if you get it on your hands. One time, a customer’s shoe fell apart as he was scrubbing it. Because my glue container had a small tip, it could reach tight areas. The tip was rather long and was prone to springing during use, and as I was working, I got a spurt of glue in my eye. My head spun for a second and then a piercing pain shot through my eye. Immediately I thought, “Master, save me!” With that, I felt the pain rapidly subside. However, tears still gushed forth from my suffering eyes with great pain.

From what I knew of this glue I thought I would certainly go blind. I thought, “Now I’m done for; I’m young, haven’t made much money, and I’ve gone blind.” But, turning my thoughts around, I knew I was a cultivator of Dafa and had Master looking after me; how can I be like others? This was the old forces persecuting me, which I do not recognize. I then saw the customer off. The old forces did not want me to be able to read, I surmised, but read I would.

My sister’s husband came by later. I did not want him to see my condition, so I hastily turned my back to him. Finally, my sister came, and, seeing my reddened eye, knew that I had gotten glue in it. She insisted that we go to the hospital, to which I answered that it wasn’t serious and that I would be fine the next day. That evening, after I had gotten home, my sister’s husband called. He was adamant about picking me up and driving me to the hospital to get my eye washed. I told him that I was okay as I practiced Dafa and was under Master’s protection; I would be okay the next day. He hung up in anger. The next day, I couldn’t open my eye. Looking in the mirror, I saw that it was covered in a whitish-yellow substance. I forced the eye open and washed it with water. I saw that it had no scarring, redness, or marks whatsoever and it was just like normal. I went to work as normal.

Another time I was working with superglue, it again sprayed into my eye. Immediately I recited the words: “The Fa rectifies heaven and earth, the evil is completely eliminated.” I thought, “No problem, I will be fine tomorrow.” Then I thought, “Why wait until tomorrow? I should be fine in a moment.” With this thought, the pain was gone after a short while. This reminded me of what Master said in Zhuan Falun: “We’d say that a good or bad outcome comes from one thought. The difference in one thought leads to different results.”

Experiences of saving people with righteous thoughts

Master has required that Shen Yun be carried out. In 2011, due to various causes, the weather had gotten quite cold by the time the Shen Yun DVDs were finished. Fellow practitioners suggested that we go to remote areas to distribute the DVDs. I thought that since Master had required the work to be done, we should fulfill it unconditionally.

When considering transport by motorcycle, one practitioner said, “The weather is too cold and we won’t be able to get the engine running.” I said, “This is human thinking.” The next day I went to the practitioner’s home. It had been decided that he and two other practitioners would go to an area close by to distribute DVDs, while another practitioner and myself would go to a mountainous place eighteen kilometers away. Because that practitioner had a large motorcycle and had only to travel a few kilometers, while I had just a small motorcycle and a round trip of over thirty, I felt that it was unfair. There was heavy snow and ice on the road after riding just a short distance and a slight lack of care caused me to slip and fall. I got up and tried to start the engine again but it indeed wouldn’t run no matter what I did. We were really worried; what could be done? In the end there was nothing I could do but find a repair shop. The repairman gave it a few kicks and the bike worked again. But my righteous thoughts were after all insufficient. The other practitioner and I gave each other a few glances; should we continue or not? I remembered what the practitioner had said the other day, and thought, “What if the engine really does break on the road, in the pitch black mountains where I can’t find my way home? We shouldn’t go.” I informed the other practitioners, who were still at home sending forth righteous thoughts for us, that we wouldn’t continue. So those two practitioners both went in our place. Travelling back, I was quite gloomy.

Upon self-reflection, it was my attachment of selfishness that was too strong. There is no difference in saving people far away or close by. Being fixated on who goes somewhere far and who goes somewhere close, isn’t this selfish? I did not have enough belief in Master and the Fa. I feared the journey was too long, I feared the dark, I feared the engine not starting, and I feared this and that. Isn’t it all human emotion? I decided that I would go the next day.

With that, I took the motorcycle to the repair shop. The next day I went to retrieve it and was told by the mechanic, “This bike is really beaten up. It needs a major repair.” I asked, “Does it still run? Can it still be ridden?” He said, “It can.” I said that I would continue to ride it. I thought to myself that I would let go of all my attachments and put everything in Master’s hands; if Master wanted me to ride back home I would ride back, if Master wanted me to walk I would walk. The other practitioner was supporting me with her righteous thoughts. We got there without incident and distributed all the DVDs quickly.

When we got ready to return home we spent a lot of time trying to get the engine to start but it wouldn’t run, so we asked Master for help. The motorcycle then indeed worked again and brought us home smoothly. Just as Master said, “When Disciples have ample righteous thoughts, Master has the power to turn back the tide” (Hong Yin Vol. II, “Master-Disciple Grace”)

Looking inward to let go of attachments

Because I didn’t cultivate myself well, the test of family has always bothered me to no end. Every so often another practitioner would tell me, “Your cultivation is abnormal; you don’t take care of your family or children, and your house is unclean.” To this, if you described me as unwilling to clean up the house, I would agree. But if you called me strange I would deny it.

At the time I would even use Master’s words from Zhuan Falun as an excuse for my habits: “When some people say that you’re good, you might not really be good, and when some people say that you’re bad, you might not really be bad.” I even found complaints with that fellow practitioner, thinking that I should be treated more kindly.

Recently I have started to examine myself anew. One habit of mine was that upon finishing dinner and washing dishes after coming home I would push the other household chores to others so that I could read the Fa. Dinner always ended up being prepared by my elderly mother. If I got home late and she said something, I would take it badly, thinking that she should understand my saving people. Regarding my child’s homework, I never paid attention to it, concerned that it would get in the way of studying the Fa. I didn’t like chatting with my husband because I thought it was a waste of time. After self-reflection and a period of cultivation, it was so selfish to be this way, as though there were no husband, no elders, and no child. Now that I have discovered my shortcomings, I will rectify all that is unrighteous in me, so as to not fail Master in his compassionate salvation of us.

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