The Awe of Shen Yun

A Dafa Practitioner

PureInsight | June 19, 2013

[] I have seen Shen Yun every year. My most favorite program has always been the very first one in the show. I become extremely excited the very moment I see all the gods descending to the human world to help the Great Lord rectify the Fa. The grand formation, the thunderous noise generated by thousands of running horses, and the absolute awe that shocks heaven and earth are spellbinding. The entire audience watches the scene on the backdrop while holding their breath and without a single blink. The grand assembly of gods descends from heaven from the top right corner of the backdrop and moves towards the bottom left corner. Immediately, the scene changes to show a blue globe which then rushes to the very center of the epic show—China. The magnificent history of the human world begins from there.

On the night of February 15, 2013, I was sitting in Australia’s Canberra Theater watching Shen Yun. To my surprise, the very first program was once again the descending of heavenly beings to the human realm accompanied by the Great Lord to rectify the Fa. However, there was no image of gods on the backdrop. The viewpoint of the scene on the backdrop suddenly changed as if the audience were descending themselves. The scene started to rotate rapidly and zoomed in deeper and deeper until in the very end, at the center of the universe, the planet Earth appeared. I was shocked and in awe. Every cell in my body was shocked, every nerve inside me was awed; every molecule inside the cells of my body was shocked, every particle inside my body’s nerves was awed. Every atom inside my body’s molecules was simply shocked and awed.

As the scene on the backdrop continued to rotate inside a yellowish tunnel, and as the universe was evolving, time suddenly seemed to stop momentarily for me; ancient memories opened instantly in my mind.

“Are you one of them?”
“Yes, of course!”
“Are you sure?”
“Why? Of course!”
“Are you shocked?”
“Of course!”
“Are you excited?”
“Of course! How can you explain my tears otherwise?”

I fell into a deep meditative state and then suddenly I enlightened. How fortunate it has been. Incredible. How holy it has been. Incredible.

In the past, when I saw all those gods descending from the high realm, I was full of admiration. I adored those gods completely.

Now, Shen Yun is showing audiences that everyone is actually a participant; everyone feels as if he or she is present in the open battle ground. The noises generated by those thousands upon thousands of running horses, the awe that is shocking heaven and earth—everyone is involved. When the scene stops at the very center of the universe for the Fa rectification, I am simply astonished, shocked and completely moved. I am full of gratitude for the Great Lord’s grace and mercy!

I am surprised, because I am actually one of those accompanying the Great Lord. I am shocked, because I have come to understand the profound meaning of Shen Yun, the significance of Shen Yun’s ability to open up people’s minds, and the very mission that Shen Yun ventures on—to try to bring the human race back to its original path.

I am moved. I start to ask every audience member in my heart, “Aren’t you one of those high beings that have descended together with me?” I’ve spent more than 18 hours in preparation to watch this show; it has cost me more than one thousand dollars in order to see this show. I’ve come to watch the show together with all of you, because we were predestined to meet here tonight. Every minute, every penny is worth it. I just hope that tonight, all of you will connect with me right at this moment. Let’s all show our gratitude towards the boundless mercy of the Great Lord.

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