Experiences of Two Cases of Serious Sickness Karma

Jing Si

PureInsight | August 25, 2013

[PureInsight.org] Early April this year, my husband suddenly became bedridden with a high fever. Then, news media and TV stations started reporting daily on deaths caused by the new epidemic outbreak of the H7N9 bird flu. My husband was very frightened and worried that the big epidemic had begun, and believed that he would be eliminated.

I was gloated over the flu at that time. From the perspective of our mission to save sentient beings, I had not awakened my husband’s divine side, and hence his flu dragged on. Then I had a sudden trembling in my body and coughed terribly all day and night for days, until eventually I lost control of my bladder and had to use baby diapers.

Prior to this, I had booked my flight for a business trip and at the same time wanted to pay a visit to my hometown. On that day, my family asked me to reschedule my flight due to my poor health and would not let me leave. I told them that this flight could not be rescheduled and I knew that if I did, they would pressure me to go to the hospital. Some practitioners have failed such tribulations and have followed the old forces’ arrangements by going to hospitals, resulting in a worsening of the sickness, and they passed away. I thought that Master would protect true Dafa disciples but not ordinary people.

In the book “Zhuan Falun”, Master mentions,

“My Law Bodies will protect you all the way until you’re able to protect yourself, and at that point you’ll be on the verge of going beyond Triple-World-Law cultivation and you’ll have attained the Dao. But you have to act as a true cultivator, and only then will you be able to do that.”

If you choose to go to hospital, you are in the same realm as ordinary people. Matter and mind are basically the same; your physical body would suddenly decline from a godly body to a normal body and your appearance of serious illness would be the same as ordinary people.

Master mentions,

“In such cases there are only two choices: You either go to the hospital and thus give up on trying to overcome the test, or you completely let go of everything, behave like an upstanding and noble Dafa disciple who has no resentment or attachments, and leave it to Master to arrange whether you stay or go. When you are able to do that, you are a god.” [Teaching the Fa in the City of Los Angeles]

On that day, my husband took me to the airport and reminded me to call him if I felt uncomfortable. He told me, if I were to die, it would be better to die in my hometown. I was very calm and held on to my decision. It was a fundamental test of my faith in the Fa and Master.

“It’s a critical test of life and death, then. If a person can’t abandon his concern for life and death, he absolutely won’t be able to Consummate.” [Teaching the Fa at the Conference in Singapore]

After I came back from my business trip, I visited some practitioners who had once been with me in a Forced Labor Camp. We studied the Fa together and they sent forth righteous thoughts for me; my flu got better. The couple told me that I was facing a karmic tribulation and that I had done right by coming to their house. Together we sent forth righteous thoughts. The old forces are using various sickness karma to persecute fellow practitioners. If we are not righteous and firm, we will probably lose our lives by going to the hospital. The couple told me there was a diligent cultivator who one day felt like she had a serious heart attack. Her children begged her to go to the hospital only for observation, not to receive any treatment, and she agreed. She died on the way to the hospital. Cultivation is a serious matter.

Master mentions,

“Having just one single thought be off will make a person falter. So the closer it is to the end, the more serious and crucial the tests will be.” [Teaching the Fa in the City of Los Angeles]

This couple were very steadfast Dafa disciples in that area and each was taking care of a near 80-year-old bedridden mother. Every afternoon, they would go out for truth clarification until midnight, before retiring to bed. During my experience sharing with the couple, I was coughing incessantly. Due to the lengthy period of coughing, my throat was almost too sore to talk, but no matter how severe the discomfort was, I persisted. We felt that the closer to the end of Fa-rectification, the stronger the interference from the old forces. Interference comes in all aspects; aside from direct kidnapping, interference can come through family, manifest in the body—making you busy or suffer sickness karma—come in the form of creating separation between practitioners and all sorts of illusions to disrupt practitioners from working together, and there is also economic persecution. The final aim is to block you from doing the three things—pulling down practitioners from a very high level, destroying them and also their represented sentient beings.

The practitioner couple suggested that I write some related articles to help Master in Fa rectification and also help other practitioners in their enlightenment. After I returned, my cough still did not show signs of improvement. My throat was very sore, I was unable to talk, and every day, besides truth clarification on the internet and distributing Shenyun CDs, I spent time writing two articles on eliminating interference, and righteous thoughts and righteous actions, which were published. Being busy doing the three things, gradually I forgot about my illness, my sore throat recovered, and I was able to talk again.

Just when my illness was showing a favorable change, my husband developed a high fever again. After his fever went down, he coughed seriously, and asked me why he had a relapse of the flu. I replied “it is because you took medicine during your last bout of flu; the illness karma was pressed deeper into your body.”

Master mentions,

“So when you take medicine now, you’re killing this sickness or the virus at the surface. Medicine can truly kill viruses at the surface. Yet a practitioner’s gong is automatically destroying viruses and karma. But as soon as the medicine kills the surface viruses that had seeped over from other dimensions, the virus—karma—over on the other side will know, since everything is alive, and it will stop coming over. Then you feel that you’ve recovered because you took the medicine. But let me tell you that it nonetheless accumulates over there. Life after life human beings are accumulating this stuff. When the accumulation reaches a certain extent, the person becomes incurable and when he dies he’s totally destroyed. He loses his life—forever loses his life. That’s how horrifying it is. So here I’ve explained to you the relationship. [Teaching the Fa in New York City March 23, 1997]

After my husband learned from this teaching, he stopped taking medicine and began practicing the exercises daily. A few days later, he completely recovered from his illness.

One night, a few days later after work, while I was on my way home, suddenly I had a bad cough, my body trembled and I urinated in my pants. Upon arriving home, I measured my temperature with a thermometer which indicated 39.1 degree Celsius. I stayed in bed for one whole day. My husband began to worry. He told me I was already in my 50’s and also my blood-pressure was high. Normal high range was between 200 and 130. If the high fever persisted, it could lapse into a coma. My husband asked me to go to the hospital to get a shot to reduce the fever. Even though I was having difficulty breathing due to the fever and my mind was not that clear either, I shook my head. Right at that time, my father who was over 80 years old, called us out of the blue. My husband told my father of my condition and my father cried right away, demanding my husband send me to the hospital immediately. My father said that he couldn’t bear for the black-haired people to be sent away by the gray-haired. My father knew my character very well and that I would hold on even if I were to die. He asked my husband to convey his message to me and send me to hospital. I told my husband that even if he called the 120 ambulance to come, I would not go; to go to hospital, be put into intensive care, breathe piped oxygen and forcefully reduce my fever—would this help me? I had complete faith in Master and the Fa. Let’s see who’s more powerful, the old forces’ persecution on me or the Master and the Fa? With my firm faith in Master, my husband was moved by my faithful determination at such a critical moment. He then gave in and asked me whether I would take some medicine instead. At that moment, I was fully determined to give up my treatment. My life and death would depend on my Master. So I also refused to take any medicine and kept shaking my head. Finally, my husband agreed to let me be. Then he asked me if I agreed to being covered with a quilt to sweat out the fever, and with this, I accepted. Shortly afterwards, I fell asleep, and before long I began to sweat profusely. The next morning, my husband checked my temperature and found it to be 36.5 degrees Celsius. He immediately informed my father, who was relieved and he marveled at the power of the Fa.

Over the next few days, I felt very weak and didn’t eat anything for a week. Since having the high fever, a smell like a burnt carcass seemed to emit from my mouth. My lips were dry and bleeding, and I had pain in my heart and back, causing me difficulty in standing upright. My husband asked me again to go to hospital for a check-up. I told him the same as before; the way to recover is to learn the Fa and do the exercises of Falun Dafa—could I waste my time not doing so? I kept studying the Fa everyday as long as I was awake; if I could exercise, I would do exercise one. When I felt tired, I would sit down and rest for a while, then continued with exercise two. After a week, I started to eat and could perform some minor house chores. Later, I resumed doing the three things as required by Master.

Master mentions,

“But with the passage of time, that feeling was gradually lost. Human laziness, all kinds of human notions, and the array of chaotic things before you in society all combined to tempt you and interfere with you. Hence the saying, ‘Cultivate with the heart you once had, and consummation is certain.’ Often, people say to me things like, ‘in the past, when I read the Fa my level rose so quickly. And as I read the book, things that would improve my understanding were constantly revealed to me. How come I don’t experience that anymore?’ Then think about this: are you ‘cultivating with the heart you once had‘? [Fa Teaching at the 2013 Greater New York Fa Conference]

The two sudden illnesses that I had experienced made me realize how much I had slacked off in my cultivation, compared to my earlier enthusiasm in learning Falun Dafa. In the beginning, I would study the Fa every day. Wherever I went, I would take along Dafa books—be it on the train, in the train station, waiting room or office—and at any free time I would take the opportunity to study the Fa. Wherever I was, even in busy areas, I would still be able to calm down to study the Fa. Even on the train, I read the Fa, but was later illegally kidnapped by an evil policeman.

Every day I listen to one lecture of Zhuan Falun. I feel like I am just finishing an assignment. It is done without care for whether I understood the message, or fell asleep while listening to the lecture. Every day, out of the five sets of exercises, I could only guarantee to do the fifth exercise and did not do the other four sets of exercises. When I first started doing truth clarification, wherever I went, I would talk to anyone. I never had any fear in my heart and only had a strong urge to save people. For quite some time now, I have not done face-to-face truth clarification work. Occasionally, I would spend some time distributing Shen Yun CDs; however, many of those who received the CDs were people I had already clarified the truth to earlier.

Recently, I learned to make telephone calls to clarify the truth, and am using recorded messages. However, I still have no courage to clarify the truth on the phone to strangers. When I was on a business trip last time, I didn’t lose any opportunity to clarify the truth to taxi drivers. Now in order to avoid clarifying the truth to taxi drivers, I rather board buses to the city. It looks like Fa-rectification is coming to the human world soon, and the evil forces are also at their most brutal time. Basically, the Labor Camp system is supposed to be abolished; nevertheless, bigger proportions of Dafa practitioners are receiving prison sentences, compared to Labor Camp terms. There have been reports on the internet that some Dafa practitioners were caught for giving out Shen Yun CDs, and were sentenced to six to seven years in prison. This made me more protective of myself. So I decided that I should be very cautious and secretive when doing truth clarification. Due to my increase in fear, laziness and a perfunctory attitude, the old forces took advantage of my loop holes and wanted to destroy me for not meeting the standards of a Fa-rectification period Dafa disciple, by inflicting me with a sudden fever.

Master mentions,

“And, as you know, there have even been Dafa disciples who’ve passed away. Of course, with human beings, it’s only natural for there to be deaths, right? In any large city plenty of people pass away on any given day. Birth, aging, sickness, and death is the standard cycle for humankind. Then with such a large body of people, with tens of millions of Dafa disciples, it would really be miraculous if no one died and everyone were a diligent, true cultivator who never gave in to laziness. That would break the spell of illusion. It’s precisely because there are people who aren’t diligent that problems come about. But since it’s a body of cultivators after all, the death rate is quite low.” [Fa Teaching at the 2013 Greater New York Fa Conference]

Master also mentions,

“I don’t think too much needs to be said about the importance of this, does it? It is your responsibility to save people, and something that every Dafa disciple must do. You may say, “I’ve cultivated pretty well. I read the book every day, and I do the exercises for a long time.” But I would say that is not the cultivation of a Fa-rectification period Dafa disciple; you haven’t cultivated. And how is that so? Because Dafa disciples are not the monks of the past, who only sought personal Consummation. Dafa disciples have a mission, and that is why you are called ‘Dafa disciples.’ Your goal is not your personal Consummation. It is to lead a large group of lives to Consummation. So you must go and do that.” [Fa Teaching at the 2013 Greater New York Fa Conference]

Recently, my granddaughter also contracted the flu and her temperature went up as high as 39.8 degrees Celsius. In early morning, I helped my granddaughter register at the pediatric hospital. There were four long queues for registration. Each queue even extended beyond the registration hall; even the electric pre-registration window had six long lines of people waiting and the hospital was full of people. Later, I learned that even the hospital administrative officers had been helping out in dealing with the huge amount of patients. It was no doubt that there would be even more patients in the normal hospitals.

Definitely, Fa-rectification is coming to an end, and the next phase will begin. As Dafa practitioners, we have the Fa and Master’s protection and being true cultivators; we are eliminating our karma throughout our cultivation journey and are able to escape the upcoming catastrophe. However, if ordinary people don’t know the truth or do not believe in Dafa, it will be impossible for them to escape the disaster. I sincerely thank Master for His mercy and teachings and I will definitely follow Master’s instructions. In the same way as Master treasures His disciples, I will treasure the worldly people by doing more truth clarification to save more people, in order to fulfill my mission as a Fa-rectification Dafa disciple!

Translated from: http://www.zhengjian.org/node/118965


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