Shocking Realizations on What it Means to Disrupt the Fa

A Dafa Disciple in China

PureInsight | September 18, 2013

[] Right after the Minghui website published a May 8, 2013 editorial entitled, “Giving Speeches Amounts to Disrupting the Fa,” I immediately read it over. However, I didn’t think too much about it, figuring that I had nothing to do with what the article was talking about. I kept reading other articles on Minghui, not taking those articles too seriously either.

Later on, one day out of nowhere I suddenly started to cough. I had no clue what was going on. I thought I might have said something wrong so I began to look inward to find my attachments. As a result, my cough improved a little bit. However, I didn’t recover completely. A few days later I ran into a fellow practitioner who I always called “Sister.” She came over to my house to visit me and told me of her sore throat and dry lips. Sister told me that it could have been her hard work making truth clarification CDs that might have caused her suffering. That night at 6pm we decided to send forth righteous thoughts (SFRT) together. Shortly afterward we both began to cough and our SFRT efforts were hampered. Later, after Sister had left, it suddenly occurred to me that over the past few days even though I would cough on and off I didn’t cough at all when doing SFRT. What had happened today? Why was I coughing even during SFRT? Why did Sister catch a similar sickness interference? Was there something commonly wrong with both of us?

Prior to the Chinese New Year, two practitioners from Jilin province came to visit and share their cultivation experiences and understandings. Since everyone was busy around that time, local practitioners eventually managed to arrange for a two-day meeting event to discuss and share with the two guest practitioners. I asked many practitioners to come to the meeting, telling them not to miss this chance. Many practitioners learned quite lot from Jilin practitioners and some even started to idolize them. Almost all the practitioners exclaimed that they had cultivated to such a high level, and some were moved to tears and became very excited.

Now, I have realized I was actually disrupting the Fa in encouraging so many practitioners to come. I discussed this issue with Sister and asked: “Were we actually disrupting the Fa when we asked those two guests to give us speeches?” Sister said she had already talked with other practitioners about this issue and told me that many people had benefitted from the event and the two guests were not undermining the Fa like the Minghui Editorial pointed out. I didn’t say too much after hearing this and I felt that Sister’s words were plausible. Nonetheless, I was not completely convinced. “Let’s look inward following the guidelines of the Fa,” I told Sister.

One day I was discussing this same issue again with another practitioner who then immediately responded that this even was disrupting the Fa. The practitioner was not happy that some of the local practitioners didn’t think too much about the seriousness of this. I also felt like it was a Fa disruption event, but I still felt that somehow, people improved from that particular meeting. I had difficulties in facing the consequences of the event. I realize now that it was my attachment to sentiment that was preventing me from acknowledging the mistake.

Today, I decided to read over the Minghui Editorial one more time and realized that the article had clearly indicated what a Fa disruption event was. The article starts with: “Holding special sessions at which people give speeches to practitioners or traveling around expressively to ‘share understandings’ with practitioners, amounts to disrupting the Fa.” How clear it was! In retrospect, those two guest practitioners were traveling around sharing their understandings with other people. That was exactly what Fa disruption was. When I first read the article I had thought that I was not involved in any of such activities myself, so I didn’t think more about it. As a result, I didn’t pay attention to the words, “traveling around sharing experiences.” How dangerous it was for me to have been badly influenced for so long? Just like what Master says in “Further Elimination of Attachments” in Essentials for Further Advancement: “Saving people is just so difficult, and having them enlighten is even more difficult. More importantly, everyone should carefully examine himself in this light. You all know that Dafa is good, so why can’t you let go of your attachments?”

There is another story that I’d like to share with everyone. On June 7, the Zhengjian website published an article titled, “Deal with Fa Disruption Seriously.” I read through the article and was completely shocked.

The article reads: “In our area, there is this couple of senior practitioners. The couple had helped deliver fake scriptures before when they were being persecuted. On several occasions, this couple had also listened to Fa disrupting speeches given by traveling practitioners. Of course, this couple now practices Dafa diligently. Now, the husband has been experiencing sickness karma for many years, and the wife was illegally detained just last year. Local practitioners helped get the wife out of the detention center. Just recently, however, this couple was harassed at home by local police again. During the past few years, many of those who had developed misconceptions about the Fa kept visiting this couple and spread their own wrong understandings. Every time those visitors met at the couple’s house, the couple would argue with the visitors. Local practitioners realized that it was time for the couple to reveal their prior Fa disruption incidents so as to stop the harassment that kept coming back for the couple. It was simply not a responsible act just to merely acknowledge the mistakes; that was not enough. So I decided to gather some representative articles from Minghui and handed those articles to the couple. I had hoped that this couple would read those articles carefully and start looking inward. A few days later, the couple handed back the articles to me without mentioning a single word. It seemed that this couple might have realized the seriousness of the Fa disruption incidents, but the couple still didn’t want to expose those incidents. There wasn’t much for me to say then, so I said to myself: ‘It’s all up to oneself to get enlightened, it’s simply useless if one doesn’t want enlightenment and relies on others to push through.’ I was surprised to learn that those visitors still kept going to visit that couple even after they had read over the articles I gave to them. Even though the couple won’t listen to those visitors’ distorted arguments, the couple was under great pressure just the same. Later on, I learnt that this couple felt terrible about themselves on this issue.”

I stopped when I read to this part of the article. It suddenly occurred to me that I had also helped deliver fake scriptures. The so-called “Lecture 10” fake scripture was once passed around among fellow practitioners in my area. I was completely fooled by it and I even copied the fake scripture myself and passed it to a fellow practitioner in Jilin province. I am not sure whether that practitioner is still practicing Dafa now.

This incident happened in 2005. I had just returned home from the forced labor camp. One local practitioner was illegally kidnapped and was forced to meet certain individuals who had been hired by the “610 Office” to persuade Dafa practitioners to give up their practice. Those individuals had practiced Dafa before, but they had since developed their own wicked understandings of the Fa after the persecution started. The local practitioner met with those individuals and was told by those people that Master had given a brand new lecture to genuine Dafa practitioners called “Lecture 10.” The local practitioner recommended me to take a look at the scripture as well. I was a little bit apprehensive and also full of curiosity so I agreed. After I read over the scripture, I felt good because what the fake scripture was talking about was exactly what I was attached to. I even decided to make a copy of it myself. Around that time, I needed to go to Jilin province for some business so I passed my copy of the fake scripture to a fellow practitioner who was once sent to the same forced labor camp I was in. That fellow practitioner told me that she didn’t need to read the scripture; she knew how and what to do. I didn’t listen to her and left the copy in her house. It’s been several years now since that incident and I had almost completely forgotten about it. I was shocked think about this incident now that I was reading this Zhengjian article on the same issue. I had not only read a fake scripture, I had also copied and passed it on—how serious a Fa disruption event this is! I had let Master down and I couldn’t even enlighten to the seriousness of this incident after I finished reading related articles that Master made comments on.

In the comments titled, “Whoever Does Evil Bears the Burden” that the Master made to an article published on Minghui, Master says: “As long as you are interested in fake Fa-teachings; as long as you are interested in hearsay; and as long as you have human hearts to disrupt the Fa, you will receive such things and read them. Your human hearts, at any moment, could pull you down and cause you to lose the destiny to cultivate Dafa. For those people who spread and read false Fa-teachings, it’s not just a simple matter of human attachments. Those false Fa-lectures, hearsay and words that disrupt the Fa that you pass off have harmed so many cultivators and caused them to lose their historic opportunity. It is huge sinful karma that no one can pay off. The circulation of those writings among Dafa disciples arises to target these people’s human attachments. And the situation of disrupting the Fa is also caused by these people. Time waits for no one. The next step may come at any time. Looking at your human hearts I find you absurd and I worry for you. You are rather disappointing to me, unable to manage your human hearts. I want to ask such people: Do you know that you are supposed to cultivate? Watch out and take care.”

After reading Master’s comments over and over, I felt my mistakes were very serious indeed. I sincerely hope that the fellow practitioner in Jilin had not read that fake scripture and she didn’t pass it to anyone else; otherwise, I’ve got an ever larger karmic debt.

I decided to publish this article of mine today so that I could acknowledge my wrongdoings and I felt sorry I had not lived up to the great expectations from Master. I hope Master will forgive me. Also, I’d like to expose the evil, I’d like to eliminate all those evil elements within my own field, I want to rectify myself in the Fa, and I want to get rid of all my human attachments. Finally, I’d like to thank Master for giving me hints at the right time. I’d also like to thank the author of the above article published on the Zhengjian website. The article has awakened me, and it has made me realize how serious a mistake I had made.

Master is so merciful; I am extremely thankful to Master for that. At this very last moment of the Fa rectification process, I have still been given this chance to acknowledge and correct my mistakes, to purge all my human notions and attachments of mine. I will do the three things in the remaining time, and I will firmly believe in the Fa and Master. I will walk the cultivation path well.

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