Do You Still not Believe in Gods?

A Dafa Disciple

PureInsight | October 22, 2013

[] My husband and I have accompanied and depended on each other on the road of marriage for over 10 years. As graduated from Department of Civil Engineering at Tsinghua University, he is most definitely an atheist. Sometimes we would by chance run into situations that would prompt the conversation topic: “Do gods exist?” Many years ago he would heatedly question me “If you want me to believe there are gods in this world and that humans have souls, then can you tell me where all the people who have passed away are?” And at that moment I would for lack of a better option, effectively end the conversation with the reply: “Your enlightenment quality is low and you are too deeply lost. Our mindsets are different thus we don't have common language.” But actually, no matter what someone believes in, they have their own reasoning for it. How could the subtleties and principles experienced through cultivation be explained clearly to someone not within cultivation? However now things are not the same, owing to that I now have the extreme fortune of cultivating Falun Dafa. I have had three personal experiences that left him completely at a loss for words. He never again dared to debate.

The first occurred 7 years ago. My mother happened to be at my house, and in the afternoon I developed a high fever. I lay on bed hurting all over and felt very dizzy. My husband immediately got some medicine to give me and my mother secretly threw away the medicine. She knew that my body was pure – my fever was not the result of illness. At night around 8 o’clock, my mother made some soup, which I drank sitting beside the table, wrapped in a blanket. My mother asked me, “Do you know why you have a fever?” I nodded my head. I knew that it wasn’t illness. It was the manifestation of my karma, which I had created myself. By feeling unwell, I was paying back karma. When one does bad things one must pay for it oneself - what is there to grieve about? After finishing my soup, I lay on my bed. Shortly after, I suddenly felt as if I fell into a pond. Water was trickling all over me and my whole body felt cool and refreshing. I called for my mother to come look and just as expected, my entire body was damp and cool. On the morning of the second day I went to work as I normally would, brimming with vitality.

The second incident occurred in 2009. A co-worker wounded someone in a fight, and the day he was taken away by the police was the day he was going to getting married. He asked me to help him, yet there was nothing I could do. Suddenly, heat enveloped my entire body. In the afternoon my teeth started to hurt and at night I developed a fever. Wrapped in a blanket, I cuddled by the bedside. Because of the pain, I had very painful facial expressions. My husband got me painkillers and antipyretics, yet I refused to take them. Because it pained him to see me in this condition and yet I was still so stubborn, my usually gentle husband suddenly flew into a rage. He said that if I refused to take the medicine, then I should get off the bed so that he wouldn’t have to look at my set of dying facial expressions. He yielded so that I could roll off the bed and roll into a different room. At that time my body was aching, and because of my colleague’s circumstance, my heart was also aching. My husband had also never scolded me before, yet now he had come at me all at once. However I wasn’t angry, nor did I feel wronged. In my heart I repeatedly told myself that I had to endure it. I silently walked into another room and lay down. I knew that my patience would bring change, and I thus fell asleep. In the morning, I discovered that my fever had declined, and that my teeth no longer hurt. I went to work as normal.

The third occurred last year around New Year. This time, I brought it on to myself. My husband and I got into a dispute over a trifle. At the time I wasn’t able to control myself and became angry, mutually bickering with him. I clearly knew that what I was saying wasn’t right, but at the time I just did not want to endure it. My husband even reminded me, “By saying these things you are losing virtue.” I became even angrier: “You clearly know this, and yet are still deliberately making me angry.” So I said, “I am willing! I am willing! I’ll give you virtue!” This time I really did it. My throat started hurting during the second year of middle school. The fever that I had separated from for several years also returned to pay a visit. This time it started at noon. Because I had said words against my own conscience, I felt ashamed in my heart. I felt that the fever was timely, as by delightfully enduring it, I wouldn’t be so restless. Although my temperature was over 38 degrees the whole afternoon, the burning heat and aching of my body actually made my heart more at ease. The next day I again recovered my normal state. As for my throat, it continued hurting all the way to work. However, after six or seven days, it too recovered. During these days, I was also continuously reflecting upon myself: the reason I committed this mistake was because I had become lax in my cultivation standard. Whenever I’m in a good cultivation state, whatever anyone says does not move my heart. However as soon as I’m off-guard, human attachments and the attachment of defending oneself would appear, thus my husband’s words affected me.

Whenever my husband again debated with me the subject of “Do gods exist”, my personal experiences rendered him unable to refute. Why don’t I have illnesses? Why do my fevers recover spontaneously? It’s not that I’m a god; rather, the god is the Master that rescued me! I’ve never met Master; I’ve only read his Fa. By acting according to the character standards outlined by him, one can raise one’s realm step by step. From the me ten years ago that had to rest after walking only two flights of stairs; the 20 year old me that was confirmed by doctors to have a forty year old’s heart and physique, to the post-cultivation me who in a year’s time, saw the aggregate of illnesses completely vanished. On the surface I was acting according to character standards, but behind the scenes it was Master doing things, allowing me to gradually improve myself from an entire body of karma and sin. And it’s not only these things; there are other things, but they are too profound to talk about. To be able to reach this point isn’t this an act of the gods? Gods are right by my side; how could I not believe!

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