Two Generations, Different Times, Same Encounters, Different Conclusions

Wan Ming

PureInsight | November 12, 2013


1. About My Grandfather

My grandfather had two elder brothers and one younger brother, so he ranked third in the hierarchy. He passed away was aged 83 years in the winter of 1985. At that time, I was a freshman at a college in Beijing. Even though grandfather had died so many years ago, people still tell stories about him in my hometown.

Story one: When my grandfather was young, there were many local bandits in my hometown area. Once, my grandfather’s father was kidnapped by a group of bandits. After learning of the whereabouts of his father, my grandfather went to see the chief of the bandits alone. Grandfather told the bandits that his father was already old and that he himself would like to substitute for his father. He asked the bandits to keep him and let his father go. The bandit chief was moved by my grandfather’s filial piety towards his father and decided to let both my grandfather and his father go home. The bandit chief even handed 300 Yuan to my grandfather as encouragement. Later, grandfather’s family bought some land and built some houses with those 300 Yuan. When Japan invaded China, some communist troops stayed in my grandfather’s village. Grandfather “mingled” with those soldiers for several years. Later, grandfather was very frustrated and exclaimed that those communist soldiers were the real bandits. Grandfather then decided to give away all his possessions to his town folks. He told my father that no one in the family should ever join that communist party. Afterwards, grandfather and his family moved out of his hometown and lived a semi-retreat life. In my early memories, I still recall that grandfather spent his times plowing the fields, reading books, writing poems, telling us stories, etc.

Story two: One day I was visiting a law office to try to see a friend who was a lawyer. A man was also waiting in the guest room. We started to chat and he asked where I was from, what I was called, etc. I told him that my surname was Wu and my grandfather was “Grandpa Wu the third” (My grandfather was the third son). The man jumped and became very excited: “Wow, so you are the granddaughter of Grandpa Wu the third? Grandpa Wu was a very good person!” The man then started to tell me a story about my grandfather. When my grandfather was not busy with his field work, he would go back to his hometown to visit his town folks. Whenever grandfather learnt that a certain family was having trouble making the ends meet, he would sneak to that family and put some money under the family’s door. As time went by, people began to realize who that anonymous helper must be -it must be my grandfather. The man told me some other stories about my grandfather and some of them were not even known to my family! I remember my own family was not doing well around that time. As my grandfather used to own properties, he was categorized as a landlord by the communist regime. Hence, my home was ransacked until there was barely anything left. Nothing but walls remained in the house.

2. About Myself

I was born in October of 1966. Due to my grandfather’s so called “landlord” title, my childhood life was much more “colorful” than my other friends of similar age.

Story one: During that inhuman period of time (Cultural Revolution), my grandfather was categorized as a landlord. As a result, my grandfather would often be dragged by the Red Guards to walk in the streets, facing insults from the street people. When it snowed in the winter, my grandfather was forced to wear a two feet long white hat (a symbol of humiliation) and clean the snow off the roads in the neighborhood so that everyone would notice my grandfather until the roads were clear of snow. People held campaigns to attack those so-called enemies of the state very often during that time. My grandfather was often brought to such campaigns as a target for attack. People would shout loudly “Down with Landlord Wu.” I never said anything. After each of the campaigns, I would hold my grandfather and cry, “Grandpa is a good person, why are they attacking such a good person?” Grandfather would then comfort me by telling me that I was right.

Story two: In 1989, I was a senior college student in Beijing. Right before graduation, the “Tiananmen Square Massacre” incident occurred. I myself didn’t experience that brutal night, though news of student deaths or injuries kept coming in. When I heard the news report where the spokesperson for the State Ministries had vowed that not a single person was hurt that night, I was dumbfounded. How could a government tell such a lie in broad daylight? What kind of regime was that? I was in my 20s then. I was really starting to worry about the future of China and its people. Could it be true that the Chinese people would have to keep suffering? Numerous political campaigns, nonstop crackdowns…; I entered the working class with a very heavy heart.

Story three: In March of 1995 I was introduced by a colleague of mine to Falun Dafa. I started to cultivate as a Falun Dafa practitioner. The happiness that I experienced was impossible for a non-practitioner to fathom. After more than 10 years of cultivation in Falun Dafa, I have been reminding myself of the following words from the book “Zhuan Falun”: “For us cultivators conflicts come up suddenly. So what should we do? If you always keep a compassionate heart, and a peaceful state of mind, when you run into problems you’ll handle them well because it will give you space as a buffer. If you are always compassionate and friendly to others, if you always consider other people when you do things, and whenever you have issues with other people you first think about whether they can take it or whether it will cause them harm, then you won’t have any problem. So, when you cultivate you should follow high and even higher standards.” Both my body and my mind have been sublimated by the power of Falun Dafa.

However, in July of 1999, the evil head Jiang Zeming started an all-out brutal persecution attack on Falun Dafa in China shocking the whole universe. Now that 14 years of persecution have passed, I deeply feel the pains and hardships that those Falun Dafa practitioners have been undergoing in China on account of an atheistic totalitarian regime with no transparency whatsoever that has perfected its persecution means against any dissidents.

On 19th July 1999, while I was on my way back home, I was forcefully stopped and taken to a hotel by some workers from my company. I was house-arrested in the hotel for 7 days and 7 nights.

On 27th October 1999, when I got to Beijing to appeal for Falun Dafa, I was again stopped and dragged back to a detention center. I was kept in the center until the day right before the Chinese lunar New Year of 2000. I later realized that I was released after my family signed on a statement indicating that I would not practice Falun Dafa anymore.

On 26th June 2000, I went to Beijing again to appeal for Falun Dafa and I was again thrown into a forced labor camp for one year. During my stay in the camp I suffered both physical and mental inhuman abuses. I was released from the camp on 29th May 2001.

After I got back home from the forced labor camp, I was under constant monitoring by the local security forces. My telephone calls were eavesdropped, I was followed whenever I went out, and security agents kept coming to my house to harass me.

3. Different Conclusions

The generation of my grandfather (most of them are already dead) saw the complete history of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). That generation witnessed how the CCP was founded, how it took power and how it carried out various political campaigns to get rid of any so-called dissidents. The majority of my grandfather’s generation suffered greatly. Even though some of my grandfather’s generation lived their lives to natural completion, many people became fearful as a result of the CCP’s political pressures and layers upon layers of lies. Even right now, many people, children as well as adults in China are still suffering from the CCP. For example, right after the “Nine Commentaries” was published in November 2004, I decided to read certain chapters of the book to my father. I recall that my father locked all the doors and windows and whispered to me to keep quiet. During that period of time when my grandfather was being persecuted, my father had on many occasions written appeal letters to the government in Beijing asking for the release of my grandfather. While I was being illegally detained, I was severely beaten by an evil policeman. After my father learnt of this incident, he wrote a letter to the director of the public security bureau asking for punishments against that evil policeman and the evil forces were really shocked. However, when my father learnt of the systematic exposure of the evil natures of the CCP, he was scared to death. Just like what the “Nine Commentaries” mentions, every political campaign that the CCP has launched so far has always helped energizing its power. Such campaigns have rendered the Chinese people living in fears. The CCP has achieved this goal of suppressing any dissidents by continuously persecuting and killing anyone who dares to say no.

As an ordinary Falun Dafa practitioner, I have realized the true meanings of a life on earth. I am no longer confused by the worldly desires and illusions. I follow the principles of “Zhen Shan Ren” in my daily activities. I have especially realized the preciousness of being a Chinese. Many Chinese people have come to realize the truth behind the persecution. They have come out of their fears and started to spread the truth about Falun Dafa and about the ongoing persecution on Falun Dafa.

Honorable Master Li says in the article “The Ultimate Objective of Clarifying the Truth”: “Falun Dafa is the Buddha Fa. The CCP’s wicked propaganda has instilled the world’s people with lies that slander and defame Falun Gong, and this is meant to incite hatred against the Buddha Fa and Dafa disciples, who are on the path to divinity. This is particularly the case with Chinese people, in terms of the attitude that they show in conversation or when interacting with Dafa disciples. They take the evil’s side. If that is the case, then aren’t the world’s people in danger? In other words, no matter how evil the persecution is, Dafa disciples are still heading towards Consummation amidst the evil’s tests; whereas the world’s people, who have been instilled with the wicked Party’s lies, are the ones who are truly in danger. The emergence of the Communist Party and the CCP’s real goal is to have people hate Gods and Buddhas, to propagate atheism, to instill a philosophy of “struggle,” and to thereby destroy humankind. And this is the reason Dafa disciples are to clarify the truth. The goal is to get rid of the evil’s lies, to enable people to see the CCP’s true face, to clear away the sins committed by people against Gods and Buddhas, and to thereby save the world’s people.”

Even though we are still being persecuted, we don’t give up on saving others, even those who have slandered against Falun Dafa or have helped in persecuting Falun Dafa. This is the great mercy from the Dafa of “Zhen Shan Ren”; this is the reason that Falun Dafa has spread all across the World, and this is also the reason why the evil head Jiang Zeming’s plan to “eliminate Falun Gong in three months” was doomed.

The grand judgment has commenced already. The Chinese people are near the end of their miseries and sufferings. Only when you learn the truth and keep a far distance between yourself and the evil CCP can you be guaranteed a better tomorrow.


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