Canadian Parliament Member: Regarding Organ Harvesting, Passivity Is Equivalent to Complicity

PureInsight | October 27, 2014

[] Eason Guttman, an expert of China and writer of the Holocaust, testified to the Canadian parliament about the mass organ harvesting of Falun Gong practitioners on Tuesday, drawing attention to parliament members. Some parliament members said passivity is equivalent to complicity when facing the crime of organ harvesting.

Early Wednesday morning, the International Human Rights Committee of the Canadian Parliament made an announcement to the media at the press conference, condemning the CCP (Chinese communist party) for harvesting organs from Falun Gong practitioners and establishing Canada’s obligation to help stop the crime.

On October 21, Eason Guttman and Damon Noto, representative of DAFOH, testified to the parliament, supplying evidence of organ harvesting from many Falun Gong practitioners.

Guttman said, “Now in each province of China, the police not only take DNA and blood samples from Falun Gong practitioners in jails and labor camps for organ matching, but they also go to Falun Gong practitioners’ homes. In short, what I am telling you here is still happening.”

The solid and detailed evidence from these two has convinced the parliament members and cross-validated the organ harvesting facts from a different perspective with the crime provided by two other investigators, Kilgour and Matas.

Chair of the Canadian parliament of International Human Rights Committee, Scott Reid, said, “The evidence is convincing and has validated what Kilgour and Matas revealed several years ago. This is a critical point. With so much proof, no one can really doubt the nature and scale of this issue. The possibility of denial is gone. This has proved that the issue of organ harvesting has not disappeared.”

Many parliament members said they will take actions immediately to stop the tragedy from continuing.

Canadian parliament member Judy Sgro said, “Astonishing, absolutely astonishing. We must stop such horrible actions. There must be parliament members like us and people who have read this enlightening book because this is unbelievable.”

Apart from the hearing yesterday, members of the Human Rights Committee also invited other parliament members to participate in the relevant seminar to be held on Wednesday.

Associate Chair of the Canadian parliament Human Rights Committee Irwin Cotler said, “If we do not take actions, we would become an accomplice of the crime. Therefore we have obligations. As parliament members, governments and non-governmental groups, we have a responsibility to look into the CCP’s crime and hold it accountable.”

The news conference and seminar were delayed due to the unexpected Capitol Hill gunshot incident this morning.

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