Visions during Meditation: San Francisco Fa Conference - Redemption

PureInsight | November 24, 2014


Master’s Grace Is Heavenly

At the 2014 San Francisco Fa conference, after tirelessly traveling the long journey to California, Master taught the great Fa to all beings in the universe. That day while meditating, I knew from Master's hand signs that there wouldn’t be many of these opportunities left.

Every time Master mentioned the Fa principle at Fa Teaching Given at the 2014 San Francisco Fa Conference:“If you can keep going with that same heart you had at the beginning all the way to the end, you will undoubtedly succeed" and waved his hand, when "you will undoubtedly succeed" was spoken, I saw the pitch black and thick substance-like karma on many beings' bodies struck off by Master's energy and instantly disintegrated.

Those beings include: those who failed in the face of the tribulation of life or death or who failed the test to determine whether one can achieve consummation; those who committed wrongdoings and accumulated karma; those who didn’t have a steel will, slackened in cultivation and dropped in xinxing level; those who were once quite good but completely dropped to the bottom; those who are new practitioners; those gods of different levels who once sided with the old forces but have now awakened. Some of these beings were at the Fa conference, some were scattered all over the world, while some were in other dimensions.

They all had one similarity: when listening to Master’s lecture, their god’s side awakened and accepted Dafa to cleanse their minds. Later when studying Master’s lecture, those who respect and have a sincere mind will also be shaken. The energy Master has put in any Fa teaching is enough to recall our righteous thoughts to seek goodness, as long as we study it with our hearts.

Master can discern all thoughts of sentient beings in the cosmos; no thought can escape Master’s eyes. When someone repented from the bottom of the heart and wanted to compensate sincerely and do well, to go back to heaven with Master, Master gave extra grace this time and offered us benefits as big as the heavens.

It is not because we are Dafa disciples that Master should do this for us, or because we deserve that Master do this for us, but because Master is compassionate. A father’s love is like a mountain! Master’s grace is like heaven!

Master Has Raised the Height of the “Pyramid”

At the conference venue, I saw in another dimension that I was in my heaven, which was inside a pyramid, looking upwards at Master. Dazzling energy capped the pyramid, and Master was above the top of the pyramid. He raised the pyramid, and the pyramid became higher immediately. The four sides of the pyramid were endlessly far away from each other. The distance between the sides was really enormous, so I couldn’t feel whether the pyramid had become bigger proportionally. I only saw my heaven raised with the top of the pyramid, and the position of the three realms was raised as well.

The heaven and the earth of the future three realms have changed. The universe is clear and new. Once I achieve consummation, I will become a lamb of the three realms, my position neither high nor low, but at the right spot.

After eliminating our karma this time, Master’s hands didn’t bleed. I was aware more than ever that with Master’s Fa power, no matter how difficult something is, it is no match for Master just moving his small finger. Master wanted to save the creditors and would let himself bleed to pay for our debts. Master treated both parties of the debt fairly, attending to every aspect.

Master is responsible to all beings in the universe, including all Buddhas, Daos, Gods, human beings, animals, ghosts and demons!

Master Cleansed Practitioners' Bodies That Had Been Infected with Virus

I also saw that several practitioners had viruses concealed inside their bodies that would erupt in due time. This seemed like a disaster, but if that person could awaken, like being shocked by a doctor with an electric baton, as long as he could change his mind, the virus would disappear. Otherwise, not only could he not pass the test, but he would also be exploited to test other practitioners.

Epidemic viruses sound horrible. If the number of people who would die from infection were counted by hundreds of millions, the remaining people would be frightened and stunned. Such a horrible deadly virus is actually quite intelligent and microcosmic. Like little soldiers who clean the bathtub, they never hurt good people who conform to Truthfulness, Compassion, and Tolerance. As long as a practitioner looks inward, puts down human thoughts, judges his own words and deeds using Truthfulness, Compassion, and Tolerance with a righteous heart and firm thoughts, any false appearances would disappear. They would be no matter at all.

Some people have been among Dafa disciples, and they have been walking along for many years and done a few things for Dafa. However, they can’t even be considered good people because they committed mistakes against Fa principles and betrayed Dafa. On the surface they had walked back, but that was because the environment had become relaxed, and they didn’t have a firm belief of Master and Dafa in their heart. They can’t even fool themselves, yet they want to fool gods. Some people made mistakes in their personal cultivation and deviated from the principles of cultivation. They disguise themselves again and again and still haven’t changed their mind completely. Those people's xinxing levels have dropped completely; they don’t have a gong pillar above their heads. Were it not for Master protecting them, the old forces would have punished them long ago.

When Master said the words “you will undoubtedly succeed”, those viruses immediately fled out of the bodies of those practitioners all over the world who were sincerely determined to correct their mistakes and do well. Those super powerful little spirits, with the whisk of Master’s hand, went back obediently from where they came. When I looked at the bodies of these people again, after Master said “you will undoubtedly succeed”, their bodies were all cleansed thoroughly.

Master Raised Our Gong Pillars

Afterwards, I saw that the practitioners whose bodies were cleansed by Master and freed from pestilent viruses had the gong pillars above their heads like electric torches suddenly opened by Master. The light pillars rushed to very high levels. How high are their gong pillars? Whose pillar was higher? Who are they? For these specifics, Master instructed me to not tell anyone. I followed Master’s instructions. When people asked me about it, I didn’t tell them or even give them a hint, nor did I pay attention to these situations or think about them.

Those practitioners who accumulated karma by committing wrongdoings had their karma wiped out by Master as if they never committed those mistakes. It is unnecessary for these practitioners to overly self-accuse or feel shameful, as self-accusation and shame are all human thoughts. It is better for them to “face [these situations] bravely, expose them frankly, make up their minds to rectify and remediate what they did”.

Master has silently retrieved the gong pillars to those practitioners who had lost them. Master has always been silently giving us the best and the most. We should take pride and feel confident and optimistic for having Master, rather than feel guilty and shameful.

In a wave of Master’s hand, how many fates were changed! How many celestial bodies were rebuilt! How much abundant graces had been given! If one feels grateful, then one shouldn’t make any more mistakes. If one's conscience still exists, then one should do things well! Master will certainly reinforce us and help us achieve success! Master teaches us the Fa. He says that we will undoubtedly succeed, and then we will undoubtedly succeed, as long as we retrieve our most diligent state of cultivation.

Master Is Fair to Everyone

I said that Master is responsible to everyone. Master does not act for me and not for you; he doesn’t treat me well and not treat you well. Master said in Zhuan Falun, “I distributed my gong to the disciples who were there with me. Each one got one share that was an energy cluster composed of over a hundred supernormal abilities.”

My personal understanding is that Master distributes his gong to us, and each one of us has a share. This means that Master treats us equally well. For example, we all feel full when Master eats as if we were each a cell of Master’s body. Some cells are in the mouth to make sound; some are in the hands to do things, while some are in the feet to walk. This is just an analogy. Perhaps we are three thousand worlds in one of Master’s cells.

This time I saw that Master freely restored the gong pillars to those disciples who had dropped and strengthened their consummation. If they are able to redeem the most precious treasures in their lives as a result of Master’s tremendous benevolence, what they need to do for Master in return is cultivate with the same heart they had in the beginning and cultivate vigorously and diligently.

For those disciples whose gong pillars have reached certain heights, Master did not leave them out either. Master raised the gong pillars of our whole entity, and sent us higher within the cosmos.

Master raised the gong pillars for every Dafa disciple and cultivator across the world. You would not find this extra segment of gong pillar in a thousand years, nor even obtain them in ten thousand years. The raised segments of gong pillars will strengthen us “If you can keep going with that same heart you had at the beginning all the way to the end, you will undoubtedly succeed.” (Fa Teaching Given at the 2014 San Francisco Fa Conference)

The Evil CCP Red Dragon Will Soon Be Beheaded

Master taught the Fa in Chinese, so I did not understand it. I could not understand the Chinese-English translation either. I quietly asked Master in my heart, "Master, I cannot understand. What can I do about it?"

Right away, I heard Master’s booming voice in another dimension. The rough meaning was, “My child, it does not matter. You only need to know that the Evil CCP red dragon will soon be beheaded.”

Giving up the Attachment of Seeing Master in Person

A fellow practitioner used to have an attachment of sitting in the main conference hall at Fa conferences. On the second day of the San Francisco Fa Conference, she requested to sit at the secondary conference hall, but the coordinator said, “There has not been a secondary conference hall for years. Everyone sits in the main conference hall.” She suddenly remembered. Although she sat in the main conference hall at Fa conferences for two years, she forgot all about it. Her mind had gone back to the conflicts of competing for a seat in the main conference hall in the past. She finally gave up the attachment of “seeing Master in person” this time. Master is benevolent. He wisely created this situation to give this fellow practitioner another opportunity and arranged for her to pass.

Master is everywhere in fact. Why don’t we look inwards and cultivate ourselves if we want to see Master? When we cultivate well, we can see Master every day in other dimensions. Master is Dafa. Why don’t we study Dafa if we want to see Master? Don’t be attached to seeing Master with our eyes in person. The attachment must be abandoned. Any attachment that one does not give up might cause trouble.

Master Taught me “Redemption”

I attended the activities of practicing the exercises and spreading the Fa the day after the Fa conference. In meditation, Master wrote two huge Chinese characters “贖回/shu hui/”, which means redemption, in the sky. I realized what Master had done for Dafa disciples all over the world during this Fa conference.

A disciple was going to be killed by demons, but Master redeemed his life; a practitioner abandoned his vow, but Master eliminated the evil consequences and made another arrangement for the person to fulfill the vow. Someone was supposed to gain mighty virtue, but he did not act well and had no mighty virtue. Through Master’s help, this person got another chance to establish mighty virtue. For those people who would never have an opportunity, Master wisely made adjustments for those people to obtain new opportunities.

In Master’s benevolent smile at the Fa conference, Master allowed Dafa cultivators all over the world to redeem the chance that each of us is least willing to lose but had actually lost. Master did not even mention it during his Fa teaching. I would not know about it had Master not taught me to learn the Chinese phrase “贖回/shu hui/” (redemption in English).

Master told me that we had actually also lost the opportunity for Master to teach us Chinese characters in person because the fellow practitioner stopped helping me with the Chinese characters that Master had taught in the last three months in other dimension. We did not cherish the opportunity. Master signaled that he would continue teaching us as long as we act well from now on. Now I will never doubt my capabilities. Master gave me all my capabilities. I will believe in Master, believe in the Fa, believe in Master’s choices, and believe that I will be able to learn Chinese characters well. No matter how deep the meaning is, we will be able to understand it well.

Master also taught me in another dimension how to write articles. I would like to summarize it and share with more people as follows: Each time, one should first send forth righteous thoughts, then cleanse one’s mind and field, eliminate evil, and sit in a clean place with crossed legs and meditate. In a state of tranquility, one can clear one’s mind and thoughts and compose articles.

I am willing to be a pen in Master’s hand and write down the genuine meaning of Chinese characters under Master’s teaching.

The above is my own experience at my level. It is very limited, and I would like to share it with fellow practitioners.

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