Individual Cultivation and Fa-Rectification Cultivation

A Dafa Disciple

PureInsight | November 12, 2001

Individual cultivation is to cultivate and improve under one’s individual environment, while Fa-rectification cultivation is to cultivate and improve in the Fa-rectification environment.

The Fa-rectification environment is formed at a unique historical period of time. It encompasses all small individual cultivation environments, from the lowest-level human dimension to the small universe, cosmic bodies, and upward to the colossal firmament. In such a gigantic Fa-rectification environment, only Fa-rectification disciples can reach higher realms and return to the highest layer of their life origins. This is the real path of return that Master has arranged for his disciples.

However, Fa-rectification cannot stand alone without each individual’s small environment. What’s different from the past is that, now, every small environment is a sub-environment of the big Fa-rectification environment. They are all encompassed by Fa-rectification and their meanings have gone through fundamental changes.

Because it is cultivation for both individual and Fa-rectification cultivation and there are different contents in the cultivation environments, requirements for cultivators are different. Fa-rectification cultivation demands righteous thoughts, righteous beliefs and righteous enlightenment. It is rectifying everything that is not righteous. It is clarifying the truth, exposing the evil, and offering salvation to people.

It is removing attachments for both individual and Fa-rectification cultivation. If a practitioner stays at home and can’t step forward, holding dear to his individual cultivation environment, even if he finds his own attachments and cultivates them away, this is only a false phenomenon. Even while one might feel good about his individual cultivation, one is still cultivating according to principles of the old universe. This can only lead one to the old universe. One will still be sifted out in Fa-rectification, for he/she hasn’t assimilated to the Fa. Such cultivators cannot enter the new universe. Only disciples who have participated in Fa-rectification in the Fa-rectification environment can truly assimilate to the Fa. Only they can meet the 24K-gold standard of the new universe by abandoning attachments according to the requirements of Fa-rectification and of breaking through humanness.

The cultivation environments have changed. The format and gist of cultivation has also changed. My personal understanding is that whether one is able to truly position oneself to cultivate in the Fa-rectification environment or not is a test between life and death for every Dafa cultivator.

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