The Seriousness of Cultivation Cannot Be Neglected

A Dafa Disciple from Mainland China

PureInsight | April 5, 2015

 [] I was exceptionally excited before Christmas this year.

On Christmas day, I invited all my brothers and sisters to come over for dinner, as if celebrating a grand festival. Facing their surprise, I answered: today is Christmas! When I switched on my computer in the morning, I left thankful words and sentences eulogizing Jesus on QQ.

I didn’t think much about my behaviour, just thinking that this was an expression of respect to the birthday of god. When studying Fa in the morning, it was exactly the paragraph “Breeding demons in your own mind” in the sixth talk in Zhuan Falun. “It’s really hard for humans to be unaffected inside. I’ll tell you, this problem is very serious, and a lot of us will run into it later on. I’ve taught you the Law. Whether you can handle yourself the right way is all up to you. What I talked about is just one scenario. When you see Enlightened Beings from other disciplines, don’t let it affect you and just cultivate in one discipline. "It doesn’t matter what so-called Buddha, what Dao, what Deity, or what demon it is—they can’t sway me." When you’re like that there’s definitely a good chance you’ll succeed.” After reading this paragraph of Fa, I felt a shock inside. It was very clear our compassionate Master was revealing something to me: my attitude on Jesus

From cultivating Dafa, I knew that Jesus descended to the world to save people using the part of the principles of the law in his level which he had enlightened to. Jesus spread the culture based on which people can know more about cultivation and god, laid the foundation so that Dafa can widely spread in the world today and save all sentient beings. As an enlightened being, a god, I respect Jesus.

Although respecting righteous gods isn’t wrong, but we should keep an arm’s length with them. How could a Dafa disciple’s heart moved by Christmas? Being so enthusiastic and excited to something not belonging to Dafa, being the same with ordinary people on the attitude towards Christmas. Isn’t this neglecting the seriousness of “No second discipline” in cultivation?

Although I didn’t get attached to Christianity, but fronting Jesus the god, I did gasp in admiration, respect and delight, didn’t I? In that way, as a Dafa cultivator who is refined by the Law all the time and in the evolution of the Gong, isn’t thinking about Christmas bringing in something from another discipline? In addition, isn’t the notion of my “generosity” a kind of human emotion and showing off mindset? I once read “The cultivation story of Milarepa Buddha” , I was deeply moved by his diligence while enduring hardship. Once I was feeling slack and negative in cultivation, I was so worried that I went online and read this story twice, hoping that I could be inspired and encouraged to recover diligence as soon as possible. Later one night I had a very clear dream: I went into a big house with several familiar people. There were many people inside and we sat there waiting for a certain important spiritual person. Suddenly many people rushed out from far away. When getting closer, it can be seen that they were big lamas and jambalayas of Tibetan Buddism. Those jambalayas sat down quickly and orderly and began chanting incantations loudly. It’s a shocking scene. I also felt I was quite familiar to what they were chanting deep inside, only that my memory was somewhat blurry, as if it was quite far away. I knew I shouldn’t be staying with these people so I stood up and left with a few others. When I passed the yard, it was surrounded by very deep water blocking the way, with huge monsters floating up in the water from time to time, prohibiting us from leaving. When we were looking around for a way out, a lady in white appeared from nowhere and drove away the monster in front of us. I realized clearly in the dream that we can get out in the short time interval when the monster was absent.

I had been puzzled by this clear dream for quite a long time, knowing it was Master revealing something to me, but I just couldn’t know its meaning. I often thought about the answer to this dream. One day it suddenly occurred to me: those Lamas were followers of Tibetan Buddhism, I never get in touch with Tibetan Buddhism, how could I… It must be because of me reading the cultivation story!

I had infringed upon the biggest taboo in cultivation, “No second discipline”. When I was attached to the cultivation story of Milarepa Buddha, the esoteric teaching behind the story was instilled into my mind, though superficially I was rejecting them, but it was too late. From then on I never read that cultivation story.

Cultivation is really very serious, even on these minor things which are hard to be aware of, non-conformity to Dafa is not allowed. Thanks to the compassionate revelation from Master waking me up in time! I will always remember the following in Zhuan Falun, “And the same goes for books like The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine, Guide to Nature and Longevity, or Daoist Canon. Even though they don’t have that many bad things, they still have messages of different levels. They’re cultivation ways themselves, so when you read them those things will get added to yours and they’ll interfere with you. When you think that a sentence is good, "All right," it comes over, and gets mixed into your gong. Even though it’s not something bad, tell me, can you practice when other things are suddenly mixed into yours? Won’t you have problems? If an extra component is added to the electronic components inside a TV, what do you think will happen to the TV? It will be busted right away. That’s the idea. And besides, a lot of the qigong books are fake these days, and they have all kinds of messages in them. One of our students was flipping through a qigong book and a big snake sprang out. Now of course, I don’t want to get into details about this. What I’ve been talking about is how problems have come up when our practitioners weren’t able to handle themselves well, meaning, they brought on trouble because their thoughts weren’t proper. I’m spelling this out because it’s good for you to know, I’m helping you see what to do, and how to tell them apart so that problems won’t come up later on. Never mind that what I just said wasn’t worded strongly—make sure you watch out for it. This is often the cause of problems, it’s often where problems come up. Cultivation is just awfully grueling, it’s incredibly serious, and if you get just a bit careless you might fall and be destroyed in a day. So your thoughts really have to be proper”.

This is my personal understanding. Please compassionately correct anything inappropriate.

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