Cultivating to Seek Inwards Is So Good

Jue Juan, a Dafa Disciple in Tangshan, China

PureInsight | April 29, 2015

[] It was the final day of the last Chinese lunar year, everyone was celebrating the new coming year together with his/her family. I was not an exception to that celebration. I brought out Master’s Fa image and burnt an incense stick to celebrate the New Year with Master. I wished Master a happy new year. I wished everything would go smoothly along the way of Fa-rectification. I wished that Master would have fewer worries and more consolations. I sincerely expressed my gratitude towards Master for his merciful salvation.

I then sat down and talked to Master, I wanted to tell my cultivation stories to Master. As a disciple of the Great Buddha, we all know that nothing is accidental in our daily lives. Everything is related to our personal cultivations. I happened to run into an incident recently that helped me improve my xinxing afterwards.

About one month earlier, we started to prepare for the Spring Festival couplets to celebrate the Chinese Lunar New Year. I prepared some couplets myself and was ready to print them out for the public. A fellow practitioner, together with two local coordinators came to visit me and said to me, “For this year’s Spring Festival couplets, we will have to use whatever is already published on the Minghui website; we don’t want to use anything else. The reason is simple because Minghui website is being taken care of by Master so we won’t make mistakes by using the couplets from the website. We are cultivating to a higher and higher realm, it is a very serious issue to decide on what couplets to use. We don’t want to ruin ourselves by using something that is not appropriate as that will fail to save people as well. If you want to use yours, you will have to get them published in the Minghui website first.” After hearing such a talk, my fighting mentality immediately emerged. I complained in my own head, “What? I don’t care what you want; I will just do whatever I want. Ok, so you want to play safe, Minghui is your only resort, but Master has also taught us that his Fashen is protecting us all the times, Master is not only taking care of the Minghui website, he is also taking care of us. Do you manage Minghui yourself? I know fellow practitioners working for Minghui are very busy, they need to read and edit so many articles every day. When I send my articles to Minghui, it usually takes a very long time before I get a notice for publication, and sometimes my articles simply won’t get published at all. If I send my Spring Festival couplets to Minghui right now, it will be simply too late when we start to prepare those couplets after Minghui get my couplets published later on, and so on.” Well, as you can see, what a fighting mentality I possessed at the time!

I immediately realized that something was wrong with me. As a cultivator, I have to seek inwards whenever I run into problems. I decided to negate such a mentality and clean it of. I calmed down and corrected my mentality. I then said to myself: “Yes, it is actually a good idea to use those couplets from Minghui website, we have just one purpose in printing out those couplets to the public, that is, we want to save more sentient beings. As a cultivator, I am walking on the path towards godhood; I will have to follow the requirements of godhood. I should definitely not use ordinary people’s standards; when a god is working on a problem, he will use the best solution to solve the problem; it doesn’t matter who ever happens to have come up with such a solution as long as the solution works the best, he will silently support it and get the problem fixed in a complete way. We should all follow such a mentality.”

I then cheerfully agreed with the fellow practitioner’s suggestion and said, “Ok, we are an integrated unit, we have a single purpose. As long as we can validate the Fa and help saving more people, I will always cooperate.” So we ended our talks in a very friendly way.

From this incident, I have learnt how dangerous it is for people to have developed a fighting mentality due to the influence of the communist party culture in China, I was almost starting to fight with the fellow practitioner that day. Only through one’s personal cultivation can one become more selfless or more altruistic. Therefore, genuine cultivators will have an easy way to resolve potential conflicts among themselves. It is apparent how wonderful once one starts to cultivate oneself.

Later, we selected some excellent Spring Festival couplets from the Minghui website and printed them out for the public. It turned out that people got very interested in our printed couplets, they rushed to us for those couplets. If one didn’t get one from us, that person even felt he was losing face so he would hurry up to a fellow practitioner’s house to get one for himself. If a couplet didn’t contain words such as “Falun Dafa is good” or “Zhen Shan Ren is good”, people won’t be too much interested in them. People are really waking up now.

In China nowadays, many people have been heavily influenced by the fighting philosophy that the evil CCP has indoctrinated to its people at large. Whenever one runs into a conflict, the first thing one does is to fight with the other party, no matter whose fault it is to start with. People are only interested in bringing down the other party. Actually, when a person is full of fighting mentality, such a person is living in hell already as he is constantly fighting inside his own mind. As a cultivator, it’s a completely different story; whenever we run into issues, we will use the standards of the Fa to measure ourselves. We will seek inwards first; we don’t want to start a fight anymore. As a result, our whole body remains calm and happy. This is the difference between a human being and a god. So I’d like to say, “Cultivating to seek inwards is so good.”


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