Some Lessons from My Mother

A Dafa Disciple in China

PureInsight | April 17, 2015

[] My mother died of sickness karma in December last year when she was 68 years old. The death of my mother left me with a broken heart. Now, it’s been more than one month since my mother left us, I am beginning to calm down. In order to alert fellow practitioners who are also struggling with sickness karma as well as other fellow practitioners who are slackening on their cultivations, I’d like to share my mother’s story here. I hope that we can learn certain lessons from my mother to balance well with one’s family and cultivation, that we can deal with one’s love towards family and one’s own cultivation in a proper way, that we can cherish every moment we have right now to do “the three things” well. We don’t simply want to spend too much time worrying about our own families. I also want to remind fellow practitioners of the importance of Dafa, we must strictly apply the requirements of Dafa to ourselves, we should not ignore trivial tribulations; whenever we run into the slightest Xinxing conflict, we still need to cultivate ourselves seriously so that we can meet the requirements of Dafa.

When my mother was 48 years old, she developed some serious illness and she almost died then. On September 25th of 1998, my mother learnt of Dafa, she was so happy to start cultivation. My mother had a predestined relationship with Dafa, she was a person with good enlightening qualities. Right after my mother started to practice Falun Gong, she began to see deities and also saw Master’s Fashen. Ever since my mother began to practice Falun Gong, she stopped taking medicine and her physical body got rejuvenated so much that many people praised Dafa after witnessing my mother’s changes.

However, my mother didn’t balance well her own cultivation and her daily life; she didn’t take a light view on family and children. She spent too much time helping out the family instead of on solemn cultivation.

My mother lived in the countryside. I often reminded my mother of the importance of Fa clarification to the public as well as saving sentient beings. However, she would always reply, “Hey, I am a farmer. I need to walk a farmer Dafa practitioner’s path well. When the crops are doing well, when our family is living well, that will help validating Dafa just the same.” I didn’t know how to answer her. When my mother finished her own work, she would go to help others and simply didn’t have any breaks. My mother would delay her Fa study until the last minute, and she didn’t study the Fa as thoroughly as her fellow practitioners. She would always wait until she finished her field work before going out dispatching Fa clarification materials. After my mother died, I found several Fa clarification documents at her room that she didn’t finish sending out.

My mother liked to keep the house clean all the times. She could spend quite a lot of times washing bed sheets, brushing the yards, cleaning up the house, etc. My mother didn’t tolerate any dirt in the house; she won’t rest if she found the house untidy. She would keep cleaning up even though she might be already very tired. Yes, as a Falun Dafa practitioner, we should keep clean all the times; however, we should not spend all the times worrying about our tidiness.

My mother had an unconditional love to her children. Whenever her children went to visit her, she would be busy preparing all the foods in the kitchen, the table would be covered with all kinds of dishes. During holidays, my mother would be even busier, she would always take care of everyone, only after her children had left the house would she begin to find times to study the Fa, she sometimes would fall into sleep while studying the Fa because she was just too tired, and her hands were not straight when sending forth righteous thoughts.

My father has a very bad temper and he likes to shout out loudly, especially to my mother. Every now and then, my father would yell at my mother, my mother would get disturbed each and every time when my father shouted at her. When my mother didn’t feel well, she would always tell me: “Look, once I am not disturbed by your father, I think that means I have met the requirements for cultivation consummation.” However, until to the last day, my dad’s temper still upset my mother.

The more I reflect on my mother, the more I see the seriousness of one’s cultivation. Especially those fellow practitioners who are already beyond their predestined life expectances, such practitioners must live their extended lives to cultivate and help saving sentient beings; as soon as such practitioners slacken off, the old forces will use whatever convenient excuses to interfere with one’s cultivation. One might get persecuted as a result of one’s negligence on cultivation.

We also need to treat our vows seriously. My mother had run into two very serious sickness karma before and with the merciful protection from Master, my mother eventually made it. When my mother was experiencing those sickness karma interferences, she would seek inwards and vow to Master that she would go out saving more people later on when she recovered. However, my mother spent most of her times on the family when she got recovered from her illness.

My mother had once been my mentor. She reminded me to practice Falun Gong seriously and that I needed to seek inwards. Now, I am separated from my mother, the secular tie between a mother and her daughter is broken, I am left with many regrets. When my mother was alive, she always asked me to treat my mother-in-law nicely, she told me to treat fellow practitioners nicely. I know how I am going to cultivate myself seriously from now on. I think I have already made certain qualitative improvements in my cultivation. I wanted to tell my mother she didn’t need to worry about me anymore now.

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