Rectify Every Single False Principle

A Fa-Rectification Disciple

PureInsight | November 12, 2001

A fellow practitioner was arrested for going to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong, so some fellow disciples decided to send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil forces that were persecuting her, and to help her get out. Days went by, but she never came home. A practitioner with his Celestial Eye open saw that she seemed to want to stay in prison and disapprove of what they were doing. What was the reason? I saw on the Net that some practitioners came back after disciples sent out righteous thoughts, but some didn't.

I was enlightened to a principle from this matter: Not only are there evil forces persecuting this practitioner, there are also false laws and principles of the old universe that are also persecuting her. We eliminated one group of evil forces, but those false laws will create a new group of evil forces to protect these false laws. We could save one practitioner, but other practitioners will then be caught, and we can't get all the disciples in detention out. The objective of a Fa-rectification disciple is Fa-rectification. That includes rectifying all the false laws of the old universe. Disciples have already enlightened to the fact that, 'Good people shouldn't be arrested', 'People who persecute Dafa will immediately receive retribution', 'Evil people will go to prison', 'Evil beings are the ones who should be scared', 'People can't persecute Gods', and other righteous laws. So why don't we, when sending forth righteous thoughts, eliminate evil and also eliminate or correct those false laws, or the high-level old forces behind the false laws? If the false laws are gone, the evil will have no roots. Then there will be many more disciples getting out of detention, rather than just one practitioner or a group of practitioners. A Fa-rectification disciple should bring the most righteous laws to this world. When these laws are established, the evil will evaporate and be gone.

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