Human Hearts and Righteous Beliefs

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PureInsight | November 12, 2001

Until recently, every time I wrote an article for the website I felt hesitant after I finished it. I didn’t dare send it out. I was always afraid that I hadn’t written it well and other people would laugh at it and laugh at me for having the audacity to offer this kind of article for posting. But I realized right away that this was a kind of attachment. Sometimes, I would finish two articles but didn’t want to send both of them out at the same time. I thought that maybe they weren’t well written. I was always afraid of what other people might think about me. This is still fear. Once I realized that, I eliminated it right away. I thought, this is how I understood it so this is how I should write it. What was there to worry about? Was I afraid to expose my attachments? Also, sometimes I was afraid that I had the heart of complacency. Sigh, there are too many human “hearts.”

Human notions are interfering with people at almost every moment. As cultivators, we already know that we need to step out of humanness and break through the notions of humanness. However, some human notions are still deeply and solidly rooted in our minds. It’s not easy to recognize them sometimes.

Master has said in the article “Cautionary Advice” in Essential for Further Advancement, “If you do not change the human logic that you, as an ordinary human, have formed deep in your bones over thousands of years, you will be unable to break away from this superficial human shell and reach Consummation.”

Sometimes I felt my first thought was right, was a righteous thought; but the human notions followed right away. All kinds of excuses arose and they covered up the righteous thought, layer after layer, until it couldn’t be seen. I felt this was also a test for us to see if we could hold firmly to our righteous thoughts. Thus, this is also a part of our cultivation process, this letting go of the human “heart.”

Sometimes I held onto some of the principles that I had enlightened to and couldn’t let them go. I became attached to things that I understood, which ended up hindering me from making progress forward. Because there is a different level Fa at every level, if you become attached to one level, how will you upgrade? The “heart” of showing off also had an effect.

When I come to think about it sometimes, cultivation is very difficult; however, it’s also very easy. Master has already taught the Fa to us. In fact, I think it’s just a matter of righteous beliefs and to what extent you believe in Dafa. If you firmly believe in Master’s words, then nothing can stop you. Just do everything according to what Master says. It’s just like whether or not you believe Master’s law body is always with you; whether you believe sending forth righteous thoughts has effects; whether you believe you are a cultivator, a future enlightened being, and are different from an ordinary person, and so on. I feel there are different levels of beliefs. To whatever extent you believe, that is right where your level is.

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