Righteous Thoughts Break Through the Arrangements of Unrighteous Forces

A Practitioner from Mainland C

PureInsight | November 12, 2001

Many layers of unrighteous forces in the vast cosmos have made well-ordered arrangements about everything. These arrangements, made according to their own notions, include our past, present and future. All these arrangements have been recorded in this universe. Through clairvoyance, one can see this pre-existing “script” in a specific dimension. From this perspective, these arrangements can be viewed as a “true material existence.”

Teacher is using their arrangements and systematically rectifying the Colossal Firmament. Their arrangements have helped Fa-rectification to a limited extent. For example, all lives are being positioned, based on their positions in this period, in their places in the new cosmos. Their arrangements also kept most beings in this universe from interfering with and damaging Fa-rectification. These beings can be saved by Teacher. During the persecution of Dafa practitioners, their arrangements served to test Dafa students’ ability to step out of humanness and become true Fa-rectification disciples. On one hand, Dafa disciples are also consummating their own paradises, saving beings and establishing great and mighty virtues by telling the truth. One the other hand, we shouldn’t take the persecution for granted. Actually, Teacher doesn’t accept this persecution.

No matter how high the level of the gods of the unrighteous forces, and no matter how high their realms, their arrangements were made based on degenerate notions. These degenerate notions are themselves to be eliminated. Complying with their arrangements is giving the evil free rein.

A detained practitioner repeatedly urged another practitioner who was actively telling the truth to the public to try to get detained, and said that the detention center was a good cultivation environment. One main reason she thought this way was because she saw through clairvoyance that it had been arranged to happen like that. She also saw that the other practitioner would be placed in the same cell. She thought that since these things had been arranged by history to test them, then all of it was fixed and it was unnecessary to change it.

Is that really true? After studying Teacher’s new articles and sharing experiences with other Dafa disciples, the practitioner who was actively telling the truth came to understand that all beings are to be saved in Fa-rectification, and no one has any right to test Dafa or Dafa disciples. She kept sending forth strong righteous thoughts to eradicate the evil forces that were persecuting Dafa. The evil’s arrangement for her no longer exists. She is now even more active, devoting herself to the force of Fa-rectification.

Teacher has already told us, “Only the future of this undertaking of mine can’t be seen by anyone. There simply was no future before I set out to do it.”(Lecture at the First Conference in North America) “At present, humankind's every day is arranged according to Dafa's needs.” (“What Are Supernormal Abilities”) The unrighteous forces made arrangements for the past, present, and future of the universe. The arrangement for the present is to use the excuse of “testing Dafa” to insanely persecute Dafa disciples. What is happening today was indeed following their arrangements. But with the Teacher’s well-ordered Fa-rectification and the strong righteous thoughts of Dafa disciples, the evil is much weaker than what was arranged historically. In other words, we have changed the present to a great extent, and will definitely change the future that had been arranged by the unrighteous forces. That’s why Teacher has told us “The future of the cosmos that beings at different levels have seen actually does not exist and is an illusion.” (“What Are Supernormal Abilities”)

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